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un timbre
il lago
to cry
il bottone
la faccia
to grate
to bark
il tasso
level; rate
willingly, gladly, absolutely
il telefilm
TV mini-series
on all sides
Hatred of Jews
instrument for measuring
un quartier résidentiel
residential neighborhood
mangiare sano
to eat well
constituo, constituere, constitui, constitutus
Classical Mediterranean civilizations regulated their societies with an elaborate legal framework and not a strong centralized bureaucratic state.
the act of conspiring.
avoir l'air
to seem, to appear
Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a U.S. government agency that establishes minimum health and safety standards for workers
an addition to the Constitution
palindromic (mirror) addition of nucleotides complementary to the coding sequence after it is cleaved to make the hairpin loop by RAG 1/2. after the endonuclease randomly cleaves the hairpin, repair enzymes do p-addition.
to go out, be extinguished
to be amazed, gape
stupeo, -ere, stupui
Word part meaning self, separate, distinct
Nation whose independence is limited by the control of a more powerful country
Saint Simon
utopian socialist, imagined society could be replaced by a rational and harmonious society led by elite philosophers and scientists, members of Utopia would follow "New Christianity"
to supply, to furnish, to provide
relational DBMS
represent data as two-dimensional tables (called relations) which contain data on an entity and its attributes
suggesting an unhealthy mental state or attitude; unwholesomely gloomy, sensitive, extreme, etc.:
Je crois que...
I think / believe that...
Sweat glands found throughout the skin that help cool the body
Location, size, shape, direction of fibers, number of heads, action.
Diseases caused by Rickettsiae are most likely transmitted via
Build a medical word that means excision of a vertebra
In the somatosensory system there are no third-order neurons in the cerebellum.
Arrangement of desks in straight rows facing the teacher; "Great Books curriculum; Structured, standardized routine; Eurocentric View of the world; Train intellect; Conserve society; Teacher was an authority; derived from Realism/Idealism
adjusting prices to allow for differences in customers, products, or locations
segmented pricing
Data administration
responsible for the specific policies and procedures through which data can be managed as an organizational resource
to make foul, dirty, or unclean; pollute; taint; debase.
vapor pressure
- equilibrium between liquid and gas phases in a closed container
- gas exerts a pressure aka vapor pressure
- high vp= evaporates quickly and easily aka VOLATILE (and visa versa)
- high vp = low bp (and visa versa)
The tissue is reddened and may blister, as in cases of sunburn; involves the epidermis and perhaps a portion of the dermis
sexual selection
theory proposed by Charles Darwin that states that certain evolutionary traits can be explained by intraspecific competition
dollar diplomacy
policy of building economic ties to Latin America in the early 1900s
What percentage of the Nations income was provided by the taxes
90 %
The three primary levels of neural integration in a sensory system include all of the following except the ________.
effector level
training where an individual work with committee on its regularly assigned duties and responsibilities; person developes skills in working wiht others and learns through activities of the committee??
committee assignments
setting the promotion budget at the level management thinks the company can afford.
affordable method
Information Systems Literacy
A broader understanding of information systems, which encompasses an understanding of the management and organizational dimensions of systems as well as the technical dimensions of systems
the flag of a country, army, troop, etc.
what was Anonymous IV considered as?
the original "great book"
founder effect
genetic drift that occurs when a few individuals become isolated from a larger population, with the result that the new population's gene pool is not reflective of the original population
Disease that is not caused by a fungi. It's caused by a protozoan
The projection level of the brain does not include the ________.
basal nuclei
progenitor cells
cells that have lost the capacity for self-renewal; committed to their cell line.
when Israel gave to the lord for the tabernacle some the the items they bbrought were jewerly fabrics silver bronze and wood
bounded by a plasma membrane but have little or no internal membrane organization
prokaryotic cells
formal charge
- charge that the atom would have if all atoms had the same EN
- FC= # ve - # unshared e - 1/2(shared e)
disadvantages of unstructured interview???
1. no systematic coverage of info
2. susceptable to personal biases of interviewer
advantage- more relaxed interview atmosphere
What font size should be used for online headings?

Sans Serif font
when did Leoninus live?
12th to the start of the 13th century
phase of Org. D - sharing diagnostic info with ppl affected by it and helping them realize the need for change??
intervention/education - outside consultants working with individuals or emplyee groups
Prohibits discrimination on basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin.Affirmative action program includescollection & analysis of data on the race and sex of all applicants for employment.non-discrimination clause in manuals.use of
DHHS EEOAffirmative Action Plan – I
What does the EEO say about recruitment??
what does it advise to avoid?
all recruitment procedures should be analyzed & reviewed to identify and eliminate discriminatory barriers
avoid recruiting through employee referral and walk-ins
What happened within the courts in the High Middle Ages?
courts start really supporting the arts
Key to improving quality & controlling costs is cooperation, not alienation.
Policymakers have failed & must return to a commonsense approach to policy development by including those providers who are on the front lines of medicine.
why did the giver of an offering place a hand on the animals head before slaughtering it
the giver was placing his or her sins on the animal
al hotel
la enfermeria
egg omelet
potato pancakes
food storage
pastry chef
red zinfandel
lot 205
used in risotto
1 quart
4 cups
4 Tablespoon
1/4 cup
Akwa meji
The arms
similar to braising
jagged edges
grapefruit spoon
hate, bad, wrong
Pinot Noir?
Cherries, Raspberries, smoke
cornstarch and cold liquid
all purpose knife
chef's knife
wide bottom straight sides
pears melons plums
summer fruits
A single-cell, independently repicating microorganism that lack a membrane-bound nucleus..most are harmless, some even beneficial but some are harmful in the form of foodborne illness
Black currants, Cherry, Cedar, spices
indicates high level of skill
liquid remaining after removing raft
makes varieties of ice
ice machine
used to open cans
can opener
Vegetable station; Prepares single vegetable dishes; Specializes in dried bean & peas; May also prepare egg dishes
large with oval head
soup spoon
heat leaftovers to internal temp
(adj.) easily made angry, bad-tempered
small overheated broiler primarily used to finish or top brown foods
Cook by direct heat from above
OSHA requires restaurant and foodservice operations to report any accident resulting in death or the hospitalization of three or more employees to be reported within how many hours of occurrence?
8 Hours
meat served in own juice
au jus
machine that makes coffee automatically
coffee maker
remove foam from soup or stock
Assistant; Assists station chefs to learn station & responsibilites; Apprentice
fruits that cant tolerate frost
tropical fruits
made from thick glass or ceramic
non-cellular particle that consists of protein aor nucleic acid which must replicate in another cell...food can be contaminated by a food handler through "shedding' contaminated water, seafood, cross-contamination
contains general information about employment related to company
employee manual
Found in macaroni, potato, chicken, and tuna salads - preventative proper hygiene and hand washing
an organism that always produces offspring with the same form of a trait as the parent
combination of potager and legumier chefs
aluminum cookware
commonly used lightweight, conducts heat well (soft, cannot use for acidic foods, discolors light colored foods)
5 Tequilas?
Patron (Silver, Espeicial), 1800, Jose Cuervo
This is the legal responsibility that one person has to another
State of mind that reflects one's attitude
sauce made with milk and white roux
Moral and legal crimes. Client is creating his own osogbo.
forward part of knife including knife point
roast meat at low temp
slow roasting oven
food is dropped through feedtube pulled along metal worm and cut as food is forced through grinder plate
meat grinder
precise scale used to measure weight
digital scale
amount of item served to a guest
Fry station; Prepares all fried food items
japanese style breaded and deep fried veggies
charcoal and hibachi grills should only be used outdoors because they emit
carbon monoxide
general attitude toward a person on basis of judgements unrelated to abilities
Found in the intestinal tracts of animals and infects 1/3 to 1/2 of all chicken - preventative thoroughly cooking meats
idaho potatoes: standard baiking potatoes. best for frying. long with rough reddish brown skin and mealy flesh tend to fall apart when boiled.
russet potatoes (Burbank)
A service or product provided to guests for their convenience, either witth or without an additional fee.
balance scale
two tray, free weight counterbalance system
An appliance for extracting juice from fruit or vegetables.
short-order cook
responsible for quickly preparing food to order in smaller operations
long handled flat perforated disk tool used to remove foods or impurities from liquids
area chef
responsible for a specific facility; ie: banquet chef
what kind of bacon do we use?
wright's peppered
To-Go order checklist?
plastic silverware, check order w/ food prepared, olive topinade in plsatic cup, bread, butter(request)
cooking in more than one step
multiple stage technique
This detector uses a small electric current to detect combustion particles from smoke, heat, or flames. What is this detector called?
Ionization detector
softened butter flavored with lemon juice and parsley
maitre d'hotel butter
long stick like machine that mixes within food
immersion blender
small knife used to cut grooves lengthwise
channel knife
weight that is greater then what is healthy
what additional toppings are available on a hamburger?
cheese, bacon, jalapenos
attracts customer from one place to another
competetive advantage
number of people who leave company in a given time period
description or statement of what is to be achieved
A grand sauce made from brown stock ond brown roux is
given coating of vitamins and minerals to compensate for loss in milling.
enriched rice
A mark of respect and distinction that describes a professional cook who has reached the position through hard work and didication to quality.
chef knife
all purpose knife used for chopping, slicing and mincing - rigid 8-14" blade is wide at the heel and tapers to a point at the tip
food mill
hand operated mechanism used to puree and strain food simultaniously
china cap
a cone shaped strainer made of perforated metal
Julienne (JOOL yen)
Cut into very fine strips (e.g. vegetables).
Moist Heat
Use hot liquid or steam to cook food.
All aisles in serving and dining areas should be at least how many feet wide to meet the fire code requirements?
4 feet
5 classic sauces that are bases for all other sauces
grand sauces
food guide that serves as a tool to help people put dietary guidelines into practice
plants that exist both above and below ground
root vegetables
How long can you safely store ground beef in the refrigerator
1-2 days
E.coli 0157:H7
Found in ground beef and in the intestinal tract of animals/humans - preventative washing hands after bathroom usage and cooking meat to 160 F
A server wheels a cart to a guests table, mixes, dresses adn plates a salad, and then serves it. this is an example of what type of service?
A major American rating resource that rates properties with a five star system.
Mobile Travel Guides
new american cuisine
a late 20th century movement that began in california; stresses the use of fresh locally grown seasonal produce and high-quality ingredients simply prepared in a fashion that preserves and emphasizes natural flavors
steam kettle
similar to stock pot except they are heated from the bottom and sides by steam circulating between layers of stainless steel
list the ingredients of eggs benedict.
canadian bacon, english muffin, poached egg, hollandaise sauce
Pincer (PAN say)
Pincer la tomate: To add tomato paste to ingredients while sautèing, cooking until it darkens. This adds flavor, & texture to the finished dish.
How often should hoods and ducts be cleaned by a professional contracter?
Every 6 months
Ire elese arubo
Goodness at the feet of the elders. Obatala and Olofin involved. Those with gray hair are to be respected because good advice could come from them.
soak an item with combo of wet and dry to provide flavor and moisture
most effective way a manager can can rate and evaluate performance
performance appraisal form
carbon steel
alloy of carbon and iron - soft enough to be sharpened easily, corrodes and discolors easily
dining room manager
maitre d'hotel or maitre d' - trains all service personell, oversees wine selections, organizes seating chart and may also seat guests, works with chef on menu
Paysanne (PIE zhan)
(Lit: peanut, rustic) A cut used as an aromatic garnish.Vegetables are cut into thin triangular or square shapes.
list the 7 available salad dressings.
ranch, honey mustard, 1000 island, maple vinaigrette, bleu cheese, light ranch, light italian
bird's beak knife
aka "tournee" is similar to a paring knife but with a curved blade; used to cut curved surfaces or tournee vegetables
Béchamel (BAY shah mel)
White sauce made from milk & a white roux. One of the basic sauces of classic cuisine, named after Louis XIV's Maiter d' Hotel, Marquis de Béchamel.
Only B/C extinguishers containing the dry chemicals sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate should be used on what type of fire?
Deep Fat Fryer Fires or grease fires.
Sell by date
The last day a food product is to be sold: allows for short storage time in consumer's refrigerator
Calabash Seafood Dip $9.95
Shrimp, bay scallops, lump crab meat, and bay seasoning, in a tantalizing combination, baked and served with warm pita chips.
A bordelaise sauce is a derivative of
Espagnole with red wine and parsley added.
How do you carry a knife safely?
Point down,on side of leg, sharp edge towards you.
Do these mixtures change as you go up in the atmosphere??
they stay constant from the surface of the planet up to the top of the troposphere.
integrates production and distribution under single ownership
corporate VMS
planning implementing and controlling the physical flow of materials, final goods, and related information from points of origin to points of consumption to meet customer requirements at a profit
Marketing logistics
different level of intermediaries between company and customer that work together to make the product available
channel level
conflict between intermediaries about who should do what and what rewards they should receive
channel conflict
An organized collection of comprehensive data about individual customers or prospects, including geographic, demographic, psychoographic, and behavioral data
customer database
Identifying key competitors; assessing their objectives, strategies, strengths and weaknesses and selecting which competitors to attack or avoid.
Competitor Analysis
suppliers, distributors and customers who work together to improve the performance of the entire system
value delivery network
independent firms at different levels of production and distribution join together through contracts to obtain more economies or sale impact then they could achieve alone
Contractual VMS
Traditional brick-and-mortar companies that have added online marketing to their operations.
Click- and- mortar companies
Determines what benefits target customers value and how they rate the relative value of various competitors' offers.
Customer value analysis
the logistics concept that emphasizes teamwork, both inside the company and among all the marketing channel organizations, to maximize the performance of the entire distribution center
integrated logistics management
system when a company consists of producers, wholesalers, and retailers that work together because someone has the upperhand.
vertical marketing
A vast public web of computer networks that connects users of all types all around the world to each other and to an amazingly large "information repository."
carry a few product lines with may assortment within those lines. ie; Tiffany & Co
specialty stores
Giving a limited number of dealers the exclusive right to distribute the company's products in their territories
Exclusive distribution
channel has one or more independent producers, wholesalers, and retailers that all try to maximize their own profit at the expense of the system
conventional distribution channel
contain one or more intermediaries ie; producer, to retailer, to consumer
indirect marketing channel
A company whose moves are mainly based on competitors' actions and reactions.
Competitor-centered company
A retailer that buys at less- than regular wholesale prices and sells them for cheap. ie; factory outlets
off- price retailer
A Web site designed to build customer goodwill, collect customer feedback, and supplement other sales channels, rather than to sell the company's products directly.
Corporate Web site
little pg.2
applied the force
white blood count
A capacitor can block...
Gastrointestinal Series
mass divided by volume
kVp accuracy should be
+/- 5kVp
an instrument to measure weight.
an oily, thick, flammable, dark-colored liquid; used to make oil and gasoline
A general hypothesis or statement about the relationship of natural quantities that has bee tested over and over again and has not been contradicted. Also know as principal.
Efficiency of heat engines
e=1-Qc/Qh or e=W/Qh
What does DNA stand for?
deoxyribonucleic acid
high level, motor clumsiness, family history, more males
Momentum is directly porportional to what?
solid inner layer of the earth
physical power or strength possessed by a living being:
The force of attraction between all objects in the universe.
Brownian motion
the peretual random movement of microscope particles suspended in a fluid medium.
which produces greatest density?
20mAs 70kVp 6:1 grid
organic compound
a covalently bonded compound that contains carbon
Substance formed from two or more elements
Where is the oceanic lithosphere destroyed?
subduction zones
includes distance and direction of the stopping point to the starting point
Which is given first; latitude or longitude?
force that occurs between any two objects
an adequate or abundant amount of such power
form of an element having a particular number of neutrons in the nuclei of its atoms. Different isotopes of a particular element have the same atomic number but different atomic mass numbers.
Wave Front
The crest, trough, or any continuous portion of a 2-D or 3-D wave in which the vibrations are all the same way at the same time.
closed circuit
is one in which charges are flowing
Respiratory System:
- keeps blood supplied with oxygen
- removes CO2
- plays role in acid- based balance pH
ohm's law states that the current equals ____ divided by the resistnace.
voltage difference
a group of atoms that are held together by chemical forces; a molecule is the smallest unit of matter that can exist by itself and retain all of a substance's chemical properties
solar energy
passive & active solar heating heats homes & water photovoltaic cells make electricity
SI-Einheit Stromstärke
A, gibt an, wie viele elektrische Ladungen in einer bestimmten Zeit durch einen Leiter bewegt werden
biomass energy
the chemical energy stored in living things.
What occurs when atoms link together in new ways?
chemical change
Polarized Light
Light that vibrates in only one direction.
Intensity (138)
Amount of energy in a sound wave.
What are the steps a scientist takes to test a hypothesis called?
an experiment
Focal Point
For a converging lens, the point at which a beam of light paralle; to the principal axis converges. For a diverging lens, the point from which such a beam appears to come.
_______ in the air increases the speed of sound in air
water vapor
Thermal Conduction
the transfer of energy as heat through a material
the extent to which a sound can be heard
ionic bond
a bond that forms when electrons are transferred from one atom to another, which results in a positive ion and a negative ion
when gravity is the only force acting on an object, the object is said to be in
free fall
scientific method
is a series of steps that scientist use to answer ? and solve problems.
winds are an example of what kind of currents?
What causes a feather to fall more slowly than a r
Air resistance
atomic number
number of protons in the nucleus of an atom.
step up transformer
a transformer with a >1 turn ratio; current is increased from primary to secondary
compound machine
a machine made of more than one simple machine.
metric system
decimal system of units based on the meter
Food is an example of which form of energy?
chemical energy
What factors increase braking distance?
poor brakes, worn tyres, ice, wet weather, anything that reduces friction between road and tyre
neutralization action
the reaction of an acid and a base to form a neutral solution of water and a salt
a process in which the atoms of one or more substa
chemical reaction
What is a Valence electron?
An electron that is found in the outermost shell of an atom and that determines the atoms's chemical properties.
How do you calculate the efficiency of a device?
Useful energy (divided by) Total Energy
What happens as energy spreads out?
It gets more and more difficuly to use for more energy transfers.
3a. what role does saliva play in the mouth?
It contains enzymes that start to break up starch molecules
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