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Sewanee Chapter
Mark Meyer
Roanoke, VA
Michael Conklin
Baltimore, MD
Hugh Osteen
Georgetown, SC
Jordan Rothschild
Baltimore, MD
Taylor Irwin
Nashville, TN
Hampton Mauzy
Sewanee, TN
Max Jones
Roswell, GA
Matt Lightfoot
Memphis, TN
Will Law
Jacksonville, FL
Ben Hamel
Houston, TX
Scott Willis
Colombia, SC
Yates Marr
Charlotte, NC
Hurst Renner
Lancaster, PA
Nationals CEO
Wynn Smiley
Joe Irby
Lexington, VA
Kegan Burgess
Versailles, KY
Jeb Bryan
Smyrna, TN
Alec Peter
Denver, CO
Robert Waterhouse
Charlotte, NC
Carter Pearson
Franklin, VA
ato publication
the palm
Joe Garvey
Hickory, NC
Jack Smith
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Corey Allen
Gatlinberg, TN...i think
Pete Spring
New York, NY
Ben Cleveland
Fort Worth, TX
Kalain Workman
Johnson City, TN
Will Morgan
Boca Raton, FL
azure and old gold
Date of ATO national founding
location of founding
Virginia military institute
# of stones in propylon
How are sonobuoys activated?
Saltwater battery activation
National Chaplain
Rev. Comforted Keen, Central Florida '71
What is the most important factor affecting the speed of a sound in seawater?
The OTPI system works in conjunction with what other aircraft system?
If the detectable strength of the magnetic field source has a given value at a given distance and the distance is doubled, the detectable strength of the source at the increased distance will then be how much of its former value?
When maintenance is performed on or near the magnetometer head, what type of tools must be used?
Sound waves in seawater travel how many times faster than sound waves in air?
DICASS sonobuoys operate on the same principle as what other type of electronic system?
The CGA performs what function?
Calculates compensation data
What does ACC stand for?
Aircraft Controlling Custodian
founders of ATO
Otis Allan Glazebrook, Erskine Mayo Ross, Alfred Marshall
Angles of change in the Earth's natural magnetic field in the east-west direction is known by what term?
Variation angle
What component of a helium magnetometer detects the energy level changes of the helium atoms and produces an electrical output?
The infrared detector
On a dipping sonar system, what component generates and transmits sound energy into the water?
The transducer
Any magnetic field may be defined in terms of what number of axial coordinates?
An EER sonobuoy is typically used in conjunction with what other sonobuoy for long-range detection?
A sonar transducer can be compared to which item?
What component or components of a helium magnetometer detect the energy level changes of the helium atoms and produces an electrical output?
Infrared detector
A LOFAR sonobuoy uses what type of hydrophone?
Which type of sonobuoy provides water temperature data?
BT sonobuoy
The fault indicator on the detecting set control labeled 3 indicates a failure in what component?
The magnetic detector
The signals between the magnetic detector and the amplifier-power supply are transmitted through what type of cable?
A single coaxial cable
What are the two reportable codes assigned for SE end items?
R & S
What do the first four digits of an NSN represent?
When electrons are excited to an energy level that is higher in energy and longer lasting in duration, this energy state is known as what type of energy state?
Metastable energy state
Which of the following sea floor surfaces has the least amount of signal loss?
Smooth and hard
The Compensator Group Adapter (CGA) serves what purpose?
Computerizes the compensation calculation
In addition to active and passive sonar modes, a dipping sonar provides what other information?
Communications and water temperature
The natural spin axis wobble rate of a particular atom is referred to by what term?
Larmor frequency
What do the 5th - 13th digits of an NSN represent?
The ECA of the AN/ASA-65 sends compensation currents to what component?
MAD boom compensation coils
What are the three magnetic fields relative MAD compensation?
Transverse, longitudinal, and vertical
Dipping sonar systems use what type of sonar detection?
Active and passive
The ARR 84 sonobuoy receiver is used in the SH-60 series helicopter for what reason?
Accommodation of weight restrictions
What is an FSC?
The first four digits of the National Stock Number; the first two identify commodity group and the last two identify the class within the community group.
How many helium absorption cell/IR detector pairs are contained in the detector element?
Six (6) absorption cell/IR detector pairs
Who is the only authority who can tailor IMRL to a quantity greater than the computed allowance?
Primary Support Equipment Controlling authority (Primary SECA)
Sonobuoys equipped with an EFS system have what capabilities?
Selectable channel, life, and depth settings
What distinct advantage does a dipping sonar have over a sonobuoy based system?
Operator control of the search depth
What do positions 5 & 6 of an NSN represent?
National Codification Bureau Code
What are the two main factors that affect the velocity of sound in seawater?
The temperature and salinity of the water
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