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E = mc^2
Cloud Model, Discovered Neutron
When was the nucleus discovered?
discovered nucleus because + charges repel +charges
Dalton's Atomic Model
Ball and hook model
the emission of rays and particles from an unstable nucleus
James Chadwick
Confrimed the exsistance of neutrons- 1932
Chadwick Model
modern atomic model; cloud surrounding nucleus with neutrons
have more than 4 electrons on their outer ring; BORROWERS; negative
atomic spectrum
the pattern of frequencies of EMR emitted by the atoms of an element (fingerprint)
Thomson Model
*The electron
* Atoms are made of positively charge pudding-like material w/negatively charged electrons spread throughout
beta decay
The release of beta particles in the nucleus.
What is an electron?
subatomic particle that carries a negative energy
Ernie Rutherford
1911, finds that an atom has a small, dense, positively charged nucleus. Electrons move around the nucleus, "solar system model"
Whose model is a sphere that can't be split?
Democritus' atomic model
Helped update the image of what an atom looks like—not a ball and hook and Discovered the first subatomic particle (the electron) - atoms are not the fundamental particles of matter
How Thompson's model improved on Dalton's
mass of proton
Billiard Ball, Indivisible Atom
Discovered radiation, Rock & Key
electrons move in orbits around nucleus;studied H atoms noticed electrons changed energy levels
in the nucleus, positive charge, cannot leave atom easliy
quantum model
Represents the location of electrons as general and indefinite , with electrons being present in cloud-like orbitals
Uses a cathode ray to discover electrons which have very small mass and, assumes protons
Discovered the Electron. He put a current thru a cathode ray tube creating a glowing stream which is the cathode ray.
Where are protons and neutrons located?
in the nucleus
principal quantum number
An integer that specifies the quantized energy level of an atomic orbital.
Wave (Electron Cloud)
*Electrons have NO definite path.
*It is impossible to determine the location of electrons.
law of mass conservation
matter cannot be created or destroyed
What is a proton?
subatomic particle with an electric charge
Dalton's "___" theory was disproved by ___.
Core Envelope
J.J. Thompson
J.J. Thompson + William Crookes
discovered the electron, in 1897, "plum pudding atomic model"
The area where most of the mass of an atom is located is...
the nucleus
The Law of conservation of matter and the Law of definite composition (in a pure chemical compound)
Evidence Dalton based his model on
5 electrons need...
...two shells
neutron characteristics
no charge, neutral particles
in the nucleus, neutral charge, cannot leave atom easliy
radiocarbon dating
method that finds age of once-living material by measuring its carbon-14 content
atomic mass
The total mass particles in an atom
Aufbau Principle
Electrons occupy the orbitals of the lowest energy first.
chain reaction
a nuclear change that occurs when an unstable nucleus emits neutrons, which cause other nuclei to split and release neutrons, which hit other nuclei and continue the reaction, releasing a tremendous amount of energy
total of 8 outer shell electrons...
...needed to form a compound
___ Pudding model said that atoms had ___ particles. Therefore there must be ___ particles to hold the ___ together.
positively charged
negatively charged
What was the effect of the discovery of radioactivity on understanding of atoms?
atoms are neither indivisible nor immutable
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