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you-singular feminine
you-singular feminine
you-plural feminine
feminine noun
the story
Unlawful sexual intercourse; fornication or adultery. A criminal offense in Islamic law for which the Quran prescribes three possible punishments: stoning to death, whipping, or exile. It must be established by the testimony of four adult male witnesses of established character and integrity
preached against christianity
Elijah Muhammad
oldest sub-school
live in africa
urf/custom as source of law
19th century, Egyptian, elite. Educated in Paris.
Huge proponent of education for both sexes as a way to better Egyptian society. He believed education was the first and most important tool with which to repair the country after colonialism.
Wrote The Sincere Guide for the Education of Girls and Boys in 1873
is the Quran gendered?>
yes-addresses men
1. adultary
2. sexual intercourse outside marriage
3. sodomy
shi'ite school of jurisprudence
all sons of imams are imams
Torah, Gospel, Qur'an
Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Valorization of the warrior, conflicts typically settled by fighting, which also is expressed as the preference, one of the critiques in Sultana’s Dream, militarism caused by patriarchy
Moroccan family law during colonial gov’t, hadith-based interpretations which classified women as minors, takes precedent over current constitutional laws that grant women equal rights
Louis Farrahan
- recreated NOI
- discriminatory views
- created gap between 2 groups (most stayed with Mohammad)
5 legal judgements
obligations, desirable, undesirable, neutral, proscriptions
Leila Ahmed
wrote A Border Passage: Explores issues of conflicting identities and navigating them to develop personal identity. Ahmed is motivated by a desire for self-discovery
Muhammad Abduh
faqih, religious sciences and student of most famous muslim reformer, al Afghani, mainstream movement and exiled many times when Britain in control-colonial hypocrisy. Focused on inner decay of Muslim society, criticized Muslims for letting their standards slip. For him, maslaha (social well being) meant justice for all; called for reforms of legal code and customs: reinterpretation to stay with the requirements to have maslaha in a modern period. Took Quranic values and applied them to the present, which would include women-an example is that he sees polygyny as oppressive in modern day. His critiques sounded similar to the critiques used to justify colonialism so many people reacted negatively
Asma Jahangir
a leading Pakistani lawyer, advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, President Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan and a human rights activist, who works both in Pakistan and internationally to prevent the persecution of religious minorities, women, and exploitation of children. She was the UN Special Reporter on Freedom of Religion or Belief from August 2004 to July 2010. Previously, she served as the UN Special Reporter on Extrajudicial, Arbitrary and Summary Executions. She is also chairperson of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (first thing they recognize her as)
Mehranqiz Kar
Prominent Iranian lawyer and human rights activist and author. One of the most celebrated activists in the history of women’s movements in Iran. Recognized as a Scholar at Risk through an international network of universities and colleges working to promote academic freedom and to defend the human rights of scholars worldwide. In 2002, Laura Bush gave her the National Endowment for Democracy's Democracy award
Faezeh Hashemi
Female athlete and feminist. Iranian journalist, women rights activist, former member of Iranian parliament, and daughter of former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. In 1993, she oversaw the first all-women Islamic games in Tehran. In the games, she respected and observed tradition: women were to wear headscarves even if they did not do so at home and no males were allowed in the events that women could not fully cover, such as swimming. Muslim women came from 24 different countries
Malcolm X
combined orthodox Islam with groups that represented intrests of Blacks
-emphasized politics
combined orthodox Islam with groups that represented intrests of Blacks
Malcolm X
blood lineage
extremly important, cannot take name when adopted because blood line must remain pure
Apologist Framework
1. reanalyzing the Quran
2. reject wester style feminism
3. women's position in Islam dictated by a fundamentalist misinterpretation of Quran that subordinates women
orthadox inerpretation of Quran encouraging acceptance of all races and genders
W Deen Mohammad
religious tax taken from rich- anyone, man or woman, whose wealth reaches legal limits (nisab) and that is not used for 12 months
Who is Khadija?
1st wife of the prophet
Ayatollah Khomeini
Led the 1979 Iranian Revolution to overthrow the Shah. Religious/authoritarian leader
Zainah Anwar
prominent writer and teacher of the Muslim Brotherhood and the founder of the Muslim Women’s Association. The daughter of an al-Azhar-educated independent religious teacher and cotton merchant, she was privately tutored in Islamic studies in the home in addition to attending public school through the secondary level, and she obtained certificated in hadith, preaching and Qur’anic exegesis
called messenger of Allah chosen to unite Black under Islam
Elijah Muhammad
1. religion is both a religion and
black nationalism movement
2. longest movement of AA in the US
Sufis and religious authorities
1. certain peope become enlightened
2. guidence of scholars/masters
an idea is...
the subjective rendering of an objective fact
most explicit explanations in the Qur'an
obligatio and proscription
"hijab verse"
The Quran has a number of references to hijab, none of which concerns women's clothing, but rather a spatial partition or curtain
S. Syed Ahmed Kahn
pioneered modern education for the Muslim community in India by founding the Muhammedan Anglo-Oriental College, which later developed into the Aligarh Muslim University. Have to cooperate with the British to push for your rights, but contradicted the traditionalist view. Hated by the greater community. His work gave rise to a new generation of Muslim intellectuals and politicians who composed the Aligarh movement to secure the political future of Muslims of India. One of the most influential Muslim politicians of his time, Sir Syed was suspicious of the Indian independence movement and called upon Muslims to loyally serve the British Raj
used to argue can have anal sex, women cannot refuse sex
used to argue can have anal sex, women cannot refuse sex
Sunnis and religious authorities
1. certai people become trained
2. anyone can become this
3. approachs infallibility
succession of the prophet....
was political and religious leaders who called themselve Khlifat rasal Allah
Taha Hussein
Blind author of Call of the Curlew who is credited with reviving Arabic literature. He championed Egyptian (vs. Arabic or Islamic) nationalism, and promoted education as a means for the cultural revivificaiton of Egypt
the revalations of the Qur'an
1. happened in fragments
2. was mediated by angel Gabriel
3. began when prophet was 40
Qadaiyyah is a theological position believing in what?
free will and personal responsibility
Jesus and Muhammad according to muslim scholars
are both prophets and messengers
Women’s Islam vs. men’s Islam
This is oral, peaceful, loving and of the family/home. This is, political, authoritarian.
2 approaches to studying feminism in Islam
1. Apologist Framework
2. Anaysis of Islam and Women
Qur'an's commitment to social justice meant that....
it taught that slaves and mastershave shared humanity
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