World Geo- Southwest Asia Test Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Capital of Lebanon
The capital of Syria?
The capital of Israel?
Saudi Arabia's capital is ?
United Arab Emirates capital?
Abu Dhabi
Is the Negev desert in Syria?
What is the Muslim Holy Book
salt flat
When evaporation is increased because of the high winds, chemicals like salt remain.
the removal of salt from ocean water
What is the government of Israel called?
Rub al-Khali
"Empty Quarter" (place where no one comes out) it is vast like the size of Texas and on the Arabian Peninsula (250,000 sq. miles)
Golan Heights
a hilly plateau overlooking the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee; a strategic location that has been the site of conflict in Southwest Asia for decades
Dead Sea
a landlocked salt lake between Israel and Jordan that is so salty that almost nothing can live in its waters; it is 1,349 feet below sea level, making it the lowest place on the exposed crust of the earth
What are some ways water is supplied in this region?
drip irrigation
small pipes slowly drip water just above ground to conserve water
Euphrates River
A river in southwestern Asia that flows through the southern part of the Fertile Crescent.
What agricultural products are raised in the coastal areas?
Fruits, olives, vegetables
Is the Sahara the biggest desert in all of Asia?
What is the main religion in Turkey and Iran?
Jordan River
a river that serves as a natural boundary between Israel and Jordan, flowing from the mountains of Lebanon with no outlet to the Mediterranean Sea,
lots of water
Is the Caspian Sea the lowest point on the earth?
What group refuses to recognize Israel and the Jews in Palestine?
Palestinian Liberation Organization
scarcity of water
water is scarce in southwest asia and hard to find. It is a major problem in the region
How do the Arabs living in Palestine feel about the Jews returning to Israel?
They are upset
How many days did it take the Jews to miraculously gain land from Arab nations?
6 days
What is the lowest point on the earth?
NOT- the Caspian Sea
Where do Muslim trek every year?
To Saudi Arabia for the Haij (pilgrimage to Mecca)
the economic value of oil
Oil is the main export of the region and without it their will be tremendous amounts of poor countries.
What do Muslims follow in order to go to heaven?
The Five Pillars of Faith
Why are the coast lands heavily populated?
They support crops year round and the mediterranean climate is comfortable to live in
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