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Terms Definitions

ocean currents
la penisola
the peninsula
der Staat
state, country
Top Eastern European Earners
hurricane in indian ocean
Political and administrative districts in Switzerland
Vertical migration
Migrating north or south
number sustem that locates meridians
That area where the atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere function together to form the context to which life exists; an intricate web that connects all organisms with their physical environment.
country in North Africa located between Morocco and Libya
Green Revolution
involves two main practices; introduction of new higher yield seeds and the expanded use of fertilizer
Negatives of Tourism in Nepal
Environmental Degradation
Cultural Loss
What is also known as meridians
1. Height in Sky2. Overall form
Holy river in India for Hindus
Industrial Revolution
A conjuntionof major industrial technology that transformed the process of manufacturing goods and delivering them to markets- 1750
the basic urban necessities like streets and utilities
A representation of one thing onto another, such as a curved 3-dimensional surface (like the earth) onto a flat 2-dimensional map.There are 3 major types cylindrical, conic, and planar.
Where did national claims to adjacent water originate?
What delineates property lines adopted in places where settlement is regulated by law, land, surveys, crutial in emplimentation?
Cadastral System
Cultural hearth

site of innovation origin of cultural diffusion
In what way does Austria's economy differ from Switzerland's? a-Austria depends largely on Specialized industriesb-dairy farming is important in Austriac-many of Austria's industreis require skilled labord-Austria mines iron ore
Triangular Slave Trade
An efficient triangular trading pattern adopted by a number of European countries at the height of the 18th century slave demand. Ships left for Europe with cloth and other trade goods, used to buy slaves. Slaves and gold were then transported from Africa to the Western Hemisphere, primarily to Caribbean islands. To complete the triangle, the same ships then carried sugar and molasses from the Caribbean on their return trip to Europe.
The outer part of the earth, consisting of the crust and upper mantle, approximately 100 km (62 mi.) thick.
tidal bore
tides with a pronounced wave front
What is the capital of New Hampshire?
External economies
cost savings that result from circumstances beyond a firm’s own organization and methods of production
is a seasonal migration of livestock between moutains and lowland pasture areas
the part originally from living matter
organic matter
Numbers that refer to the horizontal grid lines.
historical map
a map that shows information about past events and where they occurred.
What do the territorial size, shape, and relative location make up?
Territorial Morphology
MH- Which climate type has two distinct seasons, one wet and one dry?
Tropical Savanna Climate 
Water Table
at the top of the saturated zone
Metamorphic rock
Rock that formed when igneous or sedimentary rock were subjected to great amounts of heat and pressure from within the earth. CHANGED rock.
Sustainable Development considers three important factors because:
1. Environmentally sound decisions-to not harm the environment or deplete natural resources2. Economically viable decisions-consider all costs; including long term costs3. Socially equitable decisions- reflect needs of society to ensure costs and benefits are shared by all groups.
The creation of flat areas on moutain slopes for the purpose of farming.
Lines of ____ are drawn in a north-south direction.
Composite Cone
are formed by eruptions that vary between a mixture of lava flows and pyroclastic materials. Mt. St Helens
Economies of scale
cost advantages to manufacturers that accrue from high-volume production, since the average cost of production falls with increasing output
intensive subsistence agriculture
form of subsistence agriculture, in which farmers must expend a relatively large amount of effort to produce the maximum feasible yield from a parcel of land (ex: wet rice and wheat)
Cone-Bearing; a type of tree that is able to survive long, cold winters, with long, thin needles rather than leaves
a foolish, boring, or stupid person; a jerk.
physical map
a map which shows features of the earth's surface
SW-What is it called when a farmer grows only enough to feed himself?
subsistence farming
Types of coral reefs
Coral atoll: a ring-shaped structure ->once the top of a volcano sinks below the water surface, the reef surrounding a now landless lagoon
 -ring is rarely unbroken
 -ring consist of a string of closely spaced coral islets separated by narrow channels of water 
Barrier Reef: a prominent ridge of coral that roughly parallels the coastline but lies offshore, with a shallow lagoon between the reefs and the coast.
Fringing reef: a coral reef built out laterally from the shore, forming a broad bench that is only slightly below sea level, often with the tops of individual coral "heads" exposed to the open air at low tide
original purpose of varna
line of demarcation between conquerers and conquered
Centripital Forces
Forces that unite and bind a country together -- such as a strong national culture, shared ideological objectives, and a common faith.
Horst Topography
A raised block of the earths crust that has remained stationary while the land around it has sunk or has been crushed by a mountain range against it
compact state
A state that posses a roughly circular shape from which the geometric center is relatively equal in all directions.
third aggricultural revolution
part of the three types of agricultural revolutions.
total fertility rate
the average number of children that would be born to each woman if during her childbearing years she bore children at the current year's rate for women that age
Five Pillars of Faith
The five obligations all Muslims must fullfill.
India in acted what population policy in 1970?
Forced Sterilization of Men
Nature Preserve
Lands that are set aside for plant and animal wildlife
Space-time Compression
the reduction in the time it takes to diffuse something to a distant place, as a result of improved communications and transportation system.
group on one side of a border wants to be unified with "their" people on the other side of the border
What did South Africa do in 1990 that sparked a major change?
withdrew from Namibia
What is a region?
An area on Earth distinguished by a combonation oh physical and cultural charactersistics.
HDI scores are based on measures of life expectancy, educational attainment, and personal income. Highest and lowest score?
Highest: North America, Australia, parts of South America
Countries: Iceland, Norway, Canada, Australia, Iceland, (U.S. 15)
Lowest: Africa, parts of Asia
countries: nigeria, lesotho, uganda, angola, temor-leste, togo, sierra leonee
Medium human development: turkey, domina, lebanon, peru
What process does rain go through?
water vapor to liquid water (clouds) to precip
What is a Liteary language?
it is a linguage that cam be written as well as spoken
Why has female infanticide been on the rise in modern India and what is the government doing to combat this?essay
Female infantile has been on the rise in india because the females families do not want to have to pay large amounts of money for when their daughters get married. the government is trying to make this illegal and has had service groups go over to houses to make sure these children are ok.
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