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Terms Definitions
a government official
-greatest roman poet-Aeneid
the Roman's main god
voluntary resignation of a ruler
What word means:
a plan ?
Pax Romana
Meaning "The Roman Peace".
the belief in many gods
government official who registered the population for tax and voting purposes and enforced a moral code
Church of St. Peter in Rome
Rome shares what sea with Greece?
Septimius' Son, created Baths of Caracalla, Universal Citizenship Decree 212
Baths of Caracalla
public bath and spa
people who worked for their masters and were freed later on
29-year old Carthaginian general and a brilliant military strategist that wanted to avenge Carthage in the second Punic war. Brought Carthaginians through the Alps.
Tarquin the elder
born etruscan mixed-race, etruscans treat him badly, he goes to rome, works hard becomes king's adviser, when king dies, he becomes king w/ support of people and senate, makes circus maximus,
hired foreign soldiers for pay to defend the borders of Rom
What country was Hannibal found in when he was caught by the Romans?
First King of Numidia, helped Romans in 2nd Punic, helps cause 3rd Punic
Roman writer who was disgusted by violence.
Member of an originally Greek school of philosophy, founded by Zeno about 308 b.c., believing that God determined everything for the best and that virtue is sufficient for happiness. Its later Roman form advocated the calm acceptance of all occurrences as the unavoidable result of divine will or of the natural order / The doctrines or philosophy of the Stoics.
Roman Emperor who was the adoptive son of Trajan
an elected leader of ancient Rome who worked to gain rights for the plebeians
the policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies.
Twin brother said to have been raised by a she-wolf.  He was murdered by his brother over the founding of ancient Rome.
Forum of Augustus
Civic centre, temple of Mars, Sculpture gallery, Italian Marble
City state in North Africa that became a power in 300 BC and was Romes rival.
a person of noble or high rank; aristocrat.
A drastic drop in the value of money and coupled with a rise in prices
the first 200 years of Rome when kings ruled
Theodosius II
408-450 By the time he dies, many provinces in Roman Empire have drifted away
also spelled colleseum
a large ampitheater built in Rome around 70 B.C. 
the site of contests and combats for entertainment
held about 50,000 spectators
12 men Jesus had chosen to help Him in his teaching
Rome 753 problems & solving
need women, need good citizens, need protection;so invite sabines to celebrate, steal sabine women, sabine men leave, sabine men come back and right before fighting sabine women say "stop", then merge;
Why was the geographic location of Rome ideal to ruling an empire?
The peninsula of Italy juts out into the Mediterranean Sea, and is centrally located between the western countries like Gaul and Spain, and the eastern Asia Minor.  It was close to Africa and Egypt as well. 
Maria Mancini
Popular parliament.
French humanist-National library
individualism and classical
Denis Diderot
wrote the encyclopedia
Fought for other entertainment
"Mona Lisa" (Da Vinci)
Protestant agrarian communists who believed that after the English civil wars, Charles I's execution land should be made available for the poor to cultivate.
Program of economic/political reform in USSR, decentralized market, open elections, & adoption of freemarket policies
Berlin was located in?
East Germany
10. the taille
Frances chief tax
What is peat used for?
Jean-Baptiste Colbert
financial wizard who advocated mercantilist policy- govt should give priority to building wealth. Royal resources should be put into the navy, manufacturing, and shipping.
John Calvin
French humanist whose theological writings profoundly influenced religious thoughts of Europeans. Developed Calvinism at Geneva. Wrote Institutes of Christian Religion
States in the Balkan Peninsula, including Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, and Yugoslavia
Emperor Claudius
Caligulus's Uncle, 41-54, good emperor, stuttered, limped,adds Britain to Empire, he gave slaves a few rights, sat judge for the people, was poisoned by his cousin and wife who wanted her son Nero to be Emperor
Franz Ferdinand
Heir-apparent to Austrian Emprie assassinatedStarted WW1
International body formed after world war II
"lightning war " German military tactic for quick victory by use of massed airplanes, tanks and mobile infrantry.
15. Junkers
the nobility or landed aristocracy.
representatives are elected and make choices for the country, goes with capitolism
a hereditary German title, equivalent to marquis, ranking above a count, originally associated with a count over a march or border area
an economic system based on open competition in a free market, in which individuals and companies own the means of production and operate for profit
lay investiture
the feudal ceremony of investiture performed by a person who is not a member of the clergy
Top colonizing European countries
France, England, Portugal, Spain
Great leader of the Ottoman Empire-led his forces to gates of Vienna but failed to conquer it-left poor heir
French philosopher who was a leading figure of the Enlightenment in France. Principal editor of an encyclopedia that disseminated the scientific and philosophical knowledge of the time (1713-1784)
Huldrych Zwingli
"brought Christian reform to Zurich, called the mass, the Lord's Supper. Organized a formal military alliance of the Protestant Swiss town. Died on the battlefield defending the state."
Ignatius Loyola
Spanish mercenary soldier who started the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits.
Who was the early Christian humanist who translated the Greek New Testament into Latin?
24. Paracelsus
beleived that the chemical reactions of the universe as a whole were produced in human beings on a smaller scale
seperate section of a city where members of a minority group are forced to live
End of Thirty Year War
Peace of Westphalia
the first two Greek letters of Christ's name.
created the Armada to invade England
Philip II
Virgin Lands Campaign
1953-56 - Khrushchev launches campaigns for peasants to start farming un-farmed areas which works well initially, but single-crop planting destroys the soil and so peasants must move elsewhere
Charles V
Hapsburg dynastic ruler of the Holy Roman Empire and of extensive territories in Spain and the Netherlands.
Modern Devotion
centered in the Netherlands, led by the Brothers of the Common life, which encouraged religious life outside the clergy
the quality of being the same in quantity or measure or value or status
Power Loom
replaced weaving by hand with the machine
Immanuel Kant
Professor in East Prussia, argued that if serious thinkers were granted freedom to exercise their reason in print, enlightenment would surely follow. He said that Frederick the Great was an enlightened monarch because he allowed this.
Christian Humanism
a movement that developed in northern Europe during the renaissance combining classical learning with the goal of reforming the catholic church
Protestant Reformation
a second generation of reformer who worked on building a systematic doctrine. Worked to create enduring protestant churches.
Exsurge Domine Bull
(1520) - papal bull excommunicating and rejecting Luther
Jethro Tull
Inventor of the seed drill, which deposited seeds in rows instead of scattering them all over the land
6. absolutism
meant that the sovereign power or ultimate authority in the state rested in the hands of a king who claim to rule by divine right.
Painter : Madonas and Frescoes at the Vatican
Who were Jesuits?
Members of the Society of Jesus.
Sun Yat Sen
Founded the Kuomintang (a Chinese nationalist party.)Later succeeded by Chiang Kai-shek.
Armada Catolica
the Spanish fleet that sailed against England
What was declared as the "first official language" of Ireland in 1937? What is it also known as?
Irish, Gaelic
Who was Diana?
The Roman goddess of the hunt.
Gregory Potemkin
He was the love of Catherine the Greats Life. He was intellectually compatible, managed the military for her and remained her trusted advisor and lover until his death 17 yrs later. It is rumored that they secretly got married.
Battle of Agincourt
when Henry V launched a full-scale invasion of France and crushed the French at Agincourt; right before Burgundy started its rise; French, English and Burgundy fight for control over France
Mary Tudor
She was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. She was the kings first child and was the heir to the throne after his first son Edward VI died. She took control and tried to reverse the protestantism that had arose. This was a very bloody process, earning her the nickname, "Bloody Mary." After her death, Queen Elizabeth I reversed it again, and the Puritans could come back, since they had to flee to escape Mary.
Anne of Cleves
Henry thought she was bad looking-but friends later
Ninety-five Theses
A list of issues that Martin Luther had with the Catholic Church
Peace of Alais (1629)
confirmed Edict of Nantes, ended religious warring, and established toleration for Huguenots
Columbian Exchange
the exchange of goods and ideas and people between Europe and the Americas
43. Factory acts
limited labor for children between the ages of nine and sixteen to twelve hours a day; the employment of children under nine years of age was forrbidden
What is the name of the first inhabitants of Australia
Aboriginal Peoples
28. National Convention
wanted to draft a new constitution, abolish the monarchy and establish a republic
Chernobyl Disaster
A nuclear power station near Kiev, in the Ukraine. In 1986 a reactor malfunctioned, resulting in large amounts of radioactive material being released into the atmosphere. The effects locally were devastating and were felt as far away as the Britain.
The country today that is what is left the Ottomah empire is
a member of any of the nomadic tribes on the Syrian borders of the Roman Empire
Martin Luther
He was a member of the German upper class that was originally going to become a lawyer. He was studying to become that when he witnessed a severe Thunderstorm, and he made a deal with God that if he survived he would become a Monk. His monastic studies only lead to a more discontented feeling, so he then tried the remainder of his life to find how to please God, since he didn't believe that the rituals of the church were enough. He taught Theology and studied the texts in his search for revelation. He wrote the 95 Theses and posted them on the door of the Church and challenged them to a Theological debate. He was a major leader in the reformation movement and because of this, he was important. He made a great commotion with the Church, and was eventually going to be excommunicated at the Diet of Worms in 1521.
Spanish Armada
a huge fleet of ships sent by Philip II to crush the English one and for all.
Who fought against each other in the Hundred Years' War?
England and France
38. "I think therefore I am"
Descartes doubting his own existance
Quines són les noves idees (ismes) que sorgirien després de la restauració?
Socialisme (en detriment d'explotació), Feminisme (en detriment de masclisme), Nacionalisme (en detriment de raça), Positivisme (en detriment d'objetivitat) i Liberalisme (en detriment de raó). Tot un crit a la IGUALTAT.
Putting Out System
work was contracted by a central agent to subcontractors who usually completed the work in their own home.
Who was Dio Cassius?
Roman historian that wrote about Rome beginning to decline.
Duke of Parma
In charge of the Spanish army in the Netherlands at the Time of the Armada-his letters indicate doubts
Why do people wonder whether the Industrial Revolution was a good or a bad idea?a) they missed the old ways of farmingb) it brought terrible hardshipsc) it created a middle classd) the cost of railroad fares fell
b) it brought terrible hardships
48. Casper David Friedrich, J.M.W. Turner and Eugene Delacroix
painted landscapes and nature, used light and color to suggest natural effects, fascinated by the exotic
21. Catherine II the great
an intelligent woman who was familiar with the works of the philosophes, could not afford to alienate the Russian nobility
Consequences of the Scientific Revolution
Rise of the scientific community – Royal Society of London (1662) – Academy of Royal Sciences (1666)The modern scientific method.A universe ordered according to natural laws.
The Glorious Revolution of 1688 was significant because
it established the primacy of parliamentary government
Què és la llei d'administració local (1909)?
Es una llei que prometia més independència a nivell de municipis però que es va a quedar en no res.
John Kepler’s laws of planetary motion
showed that the planets orbited the sub in elliptical, rather than circular, fashion
17. Dialogue on the Two Chief World Systems
Ptolemaic and Copernican, unlike most scholarly treaties, was written in italian rathan than latin, making it more widely available to the public
The Spanish Armada aimed to crush the Dutch Revolt in 1588 by:
ending English involvement through an invasion
In theater, when did scenes move from the church to the outdoors?
Medieval Drama (10th century to 15th century)
What impact did the new technology used in World War I have?
Their use made it easier to kill and wound many more soldiers
cuban missle crisis?
English rock band
communities outside the cities
"overlord" or "one with power"
the preservation and careful management of the environment and of natural resources
provide navigation, flood control, electricity, fertilizer, and development in tennessee valley. provided more jobs
Simon Bolivar
1783-1830, Venezuelan statesman: leader of revolt of South American colonies against Spanish rule.
an assembly of representatives from all 3 social classes, in France
A derogatory term applied to Northerners who migrated south during the Reconstruction to take advantage of opportunities to advance their own fortunes by buying up land from desperate Southerners and by manipulating new black voters to obtain lucrative government contracts.
Marquis de Montcalm
French Commander defended Quebec
For Tocqueville, the most striking condition of American society was its
INF Treaty
Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, 1987 agreement between US and USSR that eliminated some weapons systems & allowed for on-site inspection of military installations.
instrument used to determine latitude by measuring the position of the stars
Heydrich was assassinated in this town
a group of revolutionary russian marxists who took control of russias government in november 1917
Energy Crisis
Many Arab countries created embargo against U..S. for support of Isreal in Yom Kippur War, then the Iran Revolution caused U.S. to not have enough oil supplies for energy
Xia Dynasty
First Chinese dynasty; no written records
the country that used direct control in their imperialistic policies
Sumerian writing made by pressing a wedge-shaped tool into clay tablets developed around 3000 B.C.E.
John Dickinson
"Penman of the Revolution", Militia officer during American Revolution, President of PA and DE
Native farmers known as the "vanished ones" that built complex irrigation systems to farm the desert
joint stock company
a company (usually unincorporated) which has the capital of its members pooled in a common fund; transferable shares represent ownership interest; shareholders are legally liable for all debts of the company
a powerful group that conquered Gaul, the region we now call France
hunter gatherers
nomadic groups whose food supply depends on hunting animals and collecting plant foods.
This day was originally called Armistice Day. Today it is called:
Veteran's Day
Genoese Merchant Ship
A ___________________ arrived in Sicily carrying the plague
Generation Gap
a cultural separation between parents and their children
St. Dominic
founder of the dominicans, emphasized the importance of learning
the title of the ancient Egyptian kings
Carrie A. Nation
A temperance advocate famous for vandalizing saloons and smashing barrels of rum (ect.) and letting them run over the floor.
Russo-Japanese War
russia and japan wanted korea and japan attacked russia they were winning but wanted out. made japan a major power
Jiang Jieshi
headed Kuamintang in 1925 when Sun Yixian died, son of a middle class merchant
Marc Antony
One of Caesar's generals, Falls in love with Cleopatra, He and Cleopatra declare war on Rome in 31 BC which they lose, member of second triumvirate.
Indian Removal
the nineteenth century policy of the government of the US to remove Native American tribes living east of the Mississippi River to lands west of the river
Hindus and Muslims
two groups working toward Indian Independence
Harper's Ferry
where John Brown attacked a federal arsenal.
in the middle ages, a noble who usually was given a fief by his lord in exchange for loyalty
Plan of Union
inter-colony assembly to create laws for all colonies. (Was never accepted by colonies)
Articles of Confederation
This document, the nation's first constitution, was adopted by the Second Continental Congress in 1781 during the Revolution. The document was limited because states held most of the power, and Congress lacked the power to tax, regulate trade, or control coinage.
Common Sense
a pamphlet by Thomas Paine, published in 1776, that called for separation of the colonies from Britain
Benedictine Monastery
This founding of this monastery in Cluny, France began church reforms.
A group of people with something in common, such as a topic of study, a belief, or an area in which to live
Bus Boycott
Led my MLK (Martin Luthing King) protest for deseggrigation.
a political unit with its own govt., humans started to focus on politics
system in which the people as a whole rather than private individuals own all property and operate all businesses
scorched earth policy
Burning live stock and crops to prevent the enemy from living off the land
Great Schism
began with election of a French & Italian pope
Battles of Saratoga 1777
Start of Revolutionary War, turning point, America vs. British/Indians, fought near Saratoga, NY 18 days apart
Spanish American War
took place in Philippines and Cuba, Cubans got rid of Spanish, the Maine was blown up, war, America became a world power, yellow journalism
who was the organizer of the KKK?
William Joseph Simmons
Renaissance Period
Time when the focus on the classics (Greco-Roman History) sparked an eruption of creativity. Artists like Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphel were prominent during this period.
King Philip
Also known as Metacom. Leader of the Native Americans who kept attacking settlers in New England. After he was killed, his head was displayed on a pole for 25 years
This man ruled at the high point of Mughal empire. He waged a relentless campaign to push Mughal presence into southern India.
Edith Cavell
An English nurse that was captured by the Germans who helped POWs escape. She was executed. Yellow Journalism took this and made into a major story
Chattel slavery
ownership of human beings; a system of bondage in which a slave has the legal status of property and so can be bought as sold like property.
no mans land
Area between the trenches in World War I, dangerous area..
Amendment 7
Right to a trial by jury in civil cases with a claim of more than $20
What were they looking for when they stormed the prison?
Guns and ammunition
Samuel J. Tilden
Democrat who ran for president in 1876 and won the popular vote, but fell one vote short of electoral votes
Hull House
This house, set up by Jane Addams, was a settlement house for the New Immigrants. It was in Chicago and the most prominent settlement house.
What were similarities and differences between the Ottomans and the Safavids
Both started out as religious movements,
Differences were that the ottomans were Shia muslims and the Safavids were Shi'te muslims
safety valve theory
if a city was too crowded, the people could move west from the east into new developing cities
Saint Francis of Assisi
a member of a wealthy Italian merchant family who founded the Franciscans (10.2)
What was a notable French document which stated "all men were equal"?
Declarations of the Rights of Man
On Mansa Musa's pilgrimage he..
caused value of gold to fall and had replicas of the Masques he saw.
All courts. But Supreme is the Ulitimate.
Who has the power of the judical review?
Triple Alliance
Hindu religious writings
Southern Europe
mild and sunny
The production, distribution, and usage of goods and services
extreme Catholic party; strict opposition to Huguenots; could recruit and pay for large armies; They were supported by the Pope and the Jesuits
Macedonian general who accompanied Alexander the Great into Asia
chinese philosopher and teacher; confusoinism golden rule
first European to sail to India
Jane Addams
founded Hull House in Chicago.
Andrew Carnegie
A Scottish-born American industrialist and philanthropist who founded the Carnegie Steel Company in 1892. By 1901, his company dominated the American steel industry.
Baron von Steuben
Nineteen-Organizational genius who turned raw colonial recruits into tough professional soldiers
Joseph Pulitzer
other yellow journalism guy
started Pulitzer prize
prize for the base of the statue of liberty
Emma Ward
Early advocate of woman's education
British soldiers were attacked all along their retreat back to Boston
Melting Pot
word describing America's people and culture (Volunteer organizations tried to help immigrants blend into the "melting pot" of American society.)
political system in which nobles were granted the use of lands that legally belong to the king
huge tombs for pharaohs built by ancient Egyptians
Sherman Anti Trust Act
outlawed formation of trusts
"Common Sense"
Book written by Thomas Paine pro-independence, published anonymously in 1776, Biblical references swayed people, 100,000 copies sold!
William Jennings Bryan
Democrat fundamentalist; sought to prohibit the teaching of Darwinian evolution in public schools
Right to organize settlements in an area
Thomas Aquinas
scholastic who wrote Summa Theologica where he examined Church teachings in the light of reason. said faith and reason exist in harmony
Treaty of Portsmouth
agreement that ended the Russo-Japanese War. Theodore Roosevelt was asked by the Japanese to mediate the conflict and reluctantly he invited representatives from Japan and Russia to negotiations at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Later that year an agreement ended the war and won Roosevelt the Nobel Peace Prize of 1906.
Great Britain, France, Russia, and later Italy
Allied Powers
A small, fast spanish or portuguese ship of the 15th-17th centuries.
What possibly had the greatest impact on American society in the 20th century?
Roman emperor who divided the empire in two and oversaw the eastern part
A.D. 11-67 Follower of Jesus who helped spread Christianity throughout the Roman world
the number of cities and people in them greatly increased
amount of land the lord kept, about 1/3 of his total land
a sharp division, as of a population or group, into opposing factions
world bank thresholds
world bank established a uniform standard for assessing global poverty. not fitting for america. rock bottom threshold fro the absolute poverty.
Triangular Trade
Manufactured goods from Europe to New World and Africa. Slaves from Africa to New World. Rum, clothes, tools to New World
edict of worms
declared Martin Luther an outlaw within the empire and his works were to be burned and luther himself captured and delivered to the emperor
Probably the best writer whose subject was puritan New England was
Nathanial Hawthorne
the mansion of the lord of the manor
Sacco & Vanzetti
convicted of robbing convenience store and killing owner and his guard. Jury and judge were prejudiced in some degree against them because they were Italian, atheists, anarchists, and draft dodgers. Died in electric chair 6 yrs after origianl conviction.
New Imperialism
second wave of empire building whose focus was colony building in Africa and Asia
Matthew Perry
American who took navy ships into Japan
scare into submission--> own industrial revolution
Napoleon Bonaparte
became president of France and later declared himself emperor.
This "special unit" was used by the Nazis to murder people in Russia
Carlisle commission
The Carlisle Peace Commission was a group of British negotiators. After the British defeat at Saratoga, sent a commission to seek a negotiated settlement with the Continental Congress. Congress replied insisting on American independence.
Charles Martel
political advisor and war leader for the Frankish king; earned his nickname from his skills in battle; grandfather of Charlemagne, father of Pippin II
Belief that every word of the Bible is literally true.
Mandate of Heaven
in Zhou Dynasty, believed that royal authority came from heaven
Alexander I
the czar of Russia whose plans to liberalize the government of Russia were unrealized because of the wars with Napoleon
Amendment 8
Right to fair bail; no excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishment
North Atlantic Trade Organization
a military alliance of democratic states between America and western countries of Europe which was founded in 1949
Punic Wars
A series of three wars between Rome and Carthage (264-146 B.C.); resulted in the destruction of Carthage and Rome's dominance over the western Mediterranean.
What were the two levels of administration in the Qin Dynasty?
provinces and countries
War of 1812
when the british government ordered a blockade of the Chesapeake and Delaware bays.
u.s. constitution
The government of the United States. A set of principles (guidelines) that describe the duties and powers of the government.
Iran Hostage Crisis
a group of Iranians overran the American embassy in Iran's capital of Tehran and took 52 hostages
land grant
gift of public land to an organization or an individual
declaration of pillnitz
the promise by Austria and Prussia to protect the French monarchy
Battle of the Bulge
in December 1944, Hitler ordered a counterattack on Allied troops in Belgium, but it crippled Germany by using up reserves and demoralizing its troops
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
alliance between the U.S. west europe and canada to defend against the USSR
black codes
laws passed to keep af. ams. in slave like conditions
ICBM (Intercontinential ballistic missiles)
Could travel thousands of miles and strike targets accurately.
purchase goods from stores that maintain decent wages and conditions
Under the leadership of Florence Kelley, the Nation Consumer League advocated for consumers to
What is the code of Hammurabi?
harsh rules, class inequality, and buisness property
66. What was the Commercial Revolution? What were some of its more significant effects?
expansion of trade and business; increase size and # of towns (trade), town life (filthy but free), decreased power of feudal lords, increased power of burghers
Why did the Spanish take the farms and ranches?
Unable to feed army
The Tariff of 1828 "Protective tariff"
to make the imports more expensive. It was raised to expensive level. But eventually the prices were lowered.
70. How did the Renaissance spread?
they spread with the trade and end of plague
to nullify
capital of nepal
emporer son of vero
bull run
a small river.
Islamic Experience
ottoman decline-western intrusion-diverse islamic responses
coup d'etat
forcible overthrow of government
Robert F. HOke
North Carolina general
aristocrats; fought for aristocrat freedom for them to run the show
ancient Greek historian remembered for his history of the Peloponnesian War
General Sherman captured Atlanta, and said he was going to fight civilians and troops. Atlanta was devastated after th fires and looting of the city. The victory at Atlanta helped the North support the was once again, and they elected Lincoln as President for a second term.
Limiting communism to areas already under Soviet control.
year Napoleon invades Russia with mercenaries
in ------ raleigh sent john wight?
over seasettlements ruled by home countries
Social Security Act
provided for federal-state unemployment insurance
Largest concentration cap in Europe; 25 square mile complex, designed for the exterminatedion of 12,000+ Jews/day Synthetic Rubber plant within complex (Monowitz)
Declaration of Independence
signed on July 4, 1776
the language and culture of enslaved africans in the south
Loyal Warriors that acted as a bodyguard for lords in Japan; meaning "one who serves."
a state with supreme and absolute power within its own territory and can decide its own foreign and domestic policies
people that were persuaded by John Smith to provide food
cache of ritual objects in Israel
trees that keep their leaves all year
the refusal of workers to perform their jobs until employers meet their demands
people born in spain. controlled land, wealth, and power.
"living space." The Nazi plan to colonize and exploit eastern Europe.
Shay's Rebellion
the uprising of farmers to protest high taxes and heavy debt
In 1700 the population of the colonies stood at how much?
16th Amendment
law that allowed Congress to levy taxes based on an individual's income.
Night of Broken Glass, Nov 9 1938 night when the Nazis killed or injured many jews & destroyed many jewish properties
a series of rulers from the same family
Camp David Accords
The first signed agreement between Israel as a Arab country, in which Egyptian president Anwar Sadat recognized Israel as a legitimate state and Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin agreed to return the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt
a plitical group that was for the ratification of the constitution
eerie canal
(Gov Clintons big ditch) canal between lake eeroe and the hudson river; shortend expense adn time of transportation (20x faster) cities gre along canal, food price reduced. Farmers were unabke to compete in rock soil of east, so went west on canal .
legislative branch
The branch of govermemt that makes laws
property seized from onse side in a war that becomes the property of the other side
triangle shirtwaist company fire
march 25, 1911
mostly female, jewish+italian immigrants
fire breaks out, first floor collapses, women locked inside, 146 die
great impact on public conscious, leads to passing legislation for workplace regulation
spurred International Ladies Garment Manufacturing Union
This group of people took control in Italy and adopted Roman ways.
Grand Alliance
William III revived the Grand Alliance and initiated a massive land war against the combined might of France and Spain. They wanted to prevent the unification of the French and Spanish thrones. The Grand Alliance also wanted to parition the Spanish Empire so that both Italy and the Netherlands were ceded to Austria.
Magna Carta
1215, John is forced to sign, "feudal document" that specified the kings limits as leige lord and the nobles rights as vassals, balance between nobles and kings
charles II
this monarch's reign was known as "the restoration"
Homestead Strike
1892 - strike in PA against Carnegie Steel
Battle of Britian
the English\Nazis air war which to pave the way for the German invasion of Britian
Nellie Wakeman Fellowship
A $4,000 award jointly sponsored by the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE) and the KE Foundation.
Dalai Lama
leader of Tibet in exile; considered a terrorist by chines goverment
Killing Nurses
The name giving the nurses with whom no child ever survived.
Spindletop Hill
The Lucas gusher which struck oil in 1901 and tripled oil production in the US overnight, making it a dominant oil producing company.
Bay of Pigs
where US attempted to crush Castro's troops and failed
progressive era
time period from the late 1800s to 1920s that saw reformers attempt to solve the problems of society caused by urbanization and dustrailization
Describe Jefferson Davis as leader
litte attention to economy, lacked initiative on the homefront issues
Jonathon Edwards
"Sinners in the hands of an angry God" believed in the salvation through good works and the need for complete dependence on the Gods grace and lurid details of the landscape of hell
neutrality acts
1935- US will stay out of any euro war1937- not sell or traffic weapons to beligerants no US citizens can be on boats with beligerents..
what did douglas keep telling lincoln?
to use african american troops
Marbury Vs. Madison
It formed the basis for the exercise of judicial review in the United States under Article III of the Constitution. This case resulted from a petition to the Supreme Court by William Marbury, who had been appointed by President John Adams as Justice of the Peace in the District of Columbia but whose commission was not subsequently delivered. Marbury petitioned the Supreme Court to force Secretary of State James Madison to deliver the documents, but the court, with John Marshall as Chief Justice, denied Marbury's petition, holding that the statute upon which he based his claim, the Judiciary Act of 1789, was unconstitutional.
Declaration of the Rights of Man
Document that gave everyone equal rights
Mobilize / Mobilization
To prepare a nation for war,to move a nation's army into position for war
Plato's metaphor of the cave
philosopher could go out of cave and see light, met god outside the cave...That the transcendent immaterial God would take human form was blasphemous
The ming dynasty came about when
The Mongols were pushed out of China
What happened at the battle of horseshoe bend?
Andrew Jackson attacked and killed 550 creeks- men, woman, and children
Basic Principles in Constitution. Definition:
Plan of government that establishes its structure, powers, duties, and the relationship between the government and the people."The Supreme Law of the Land" ( Article VI, Section 2) 
What is Hinduism and where did it come from?
it is modern, dates to circa 500BCE and there is no single founder. it developed through an explanation of the Vedas, 4 collections of sacred writings produced by Aryans during early stages of settlement in India.
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