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Terms Definitions
The destroyer
kidnapped Sita
What is Dukkha?
Ancient mystical documents.
second islamic dynasty
Hindu goddess of death
Diety may exist,but unsure
local place of worship
"original inhabitants", the indigenous people of India. Also, known as "tribals" or "scheduled tribes."
Brahma Samaj
reformed Hinduism -more western-emphasis on women's education
Lao Tzu
the founder of Taoism
i believe; implies an option
The greatest American revivalist
Billy Graham
Secular Wisdom: Non-Revelatory
based on human observation/experience
(the cure) - the eightfold path
wisdom; this is considered by Theravada Buddhists to be the prime attribute of enlightenment.
The god of fire in hinduism
the overcoming of the normal limitations imposed by the human condition.
"Dicipline and school of thought discussing the mystical aspect of Judaism. "
Which nation took Israel into Exile?
jordan river
sacred to christianity and judaism
in Pure Land Buddhism, the heavenly Buddha of the Western Paradise; called Amida in Japan
elephant god of prosperity and remover of obstacles
Brahma's consort who bestows the power of widsom, speech, and learning.
the way of life sacred to Muhammad
Perfect and complete knowledge that is Jain enlightenment; liberation from samsara
The special military order founded by Gobind Singh was called the________
"imam (Imam)"
"Spiritual leader who leads prayer during Islamic gatherings."
Baptism by John the Baptist
All Cept. Acts
Sanatana Dharma
The eternal way of religious duty.
Forbidden foods are known in Islam as
Allahu akbar
"God is most great" A frequent expression in Islam
There is _______ ______, not every religion can be _______. There are inconsistencies. ___________ does not equal truth. 
"objective truth"
A highly ascetic order of Jain monks who wear no clothes 
axis mundi
common to many religion, an entity such as a mountain, tree, or pole that is believed to connect the heavens and the earth, and is sometimes regarded as the center of the world; cotton wood tree of the plains Indians Sun Dance
Jains, unlike the Theravada Buddhists,__
glorify Mahavira's extreme austerities.
Bahkti Hinduism
Loving devotion towards a deity or guru
Westminster Confession of Faith
Presbyterians, Opposed the 39 articles
_ was the warrior god of the Aztecs
What day of the week is the primary day for public prayer in a mosque?
Raja Yoga
one of four paths to liberation; the path of psychopysical exercise, which uses eight yogic disciplines to descend through the four layers of the self; physical body, conscious mind, and the infinite self. 
What is the book of Helaman most like?
Our day
Prodigal Son
Luke only, God as incredible love for sinners
_ was the term coined by St THomas More which meant "no place" and was usde to describe a religious society, heavily influenced by Divine Revelation, in which goods were held in common.
____ Members of this religion practice Christian Science as established by Mary Baker Eddy who advocated spiritual, prayer-based healing.
Church of Christ, Scientist.
karma marga
"the path of works" one of the three paths to salvation, emphasizing performing right actions according to dharma
What is faith?
Faith is truth, and its affection for truth “I know how to help people”Affection for truth is willingness to change
What is a caliph?
People who take over in the Sunni branch. Succesors are leaders of the entire Muslim community.
What is the desire of the 3 Nephites?
Bring souls to Christ
Kingdoms and heavens and societies in heaven
1 Heaven2 Celestial, Spiritual3 Celestial, Spiritual, Natural…4 56
According to the Shi'ites, what are the proper successors of Muhammad called?
Imams-name of the proper successors used in Sunni Islam too.
Under what natural circumstances does a persons thought most accurately reflect his will?
When he is by himself, in private
Who is his major nemesis? Who is King during this time? Etc.
• Major nemesis: Jezebel, Baal worshipper, wife of Ahab• Ahab is kind during this time
The Eight Steps of the Eightfold Path
(1) right views (2) right intent (3) right speech (4) right conduct (5) right livelihood (6) right effort (7) right mindfulness (8) right concentration
What do you have to have to have thinking?
You must have willing or affection
What is the two pronged purpose of the Book of Mormon (according to President Ezra Taft Benson)?
1) Bring you to Christ2) Expose the enemies of Christ
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