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phony war
Iron Curtain
Royal Air Force
Hmm... I wonder...
French collaborationist government established in 1940 in southern France following defeat of French armies by the Germans.
Anti Semitism
discrimination against jews
Pearl Harbor: Location
Oahu, Hawaii
Audie Murphy
Most decorated hero WW2.
Decoding device used against Germany
tensions b/w japan and usa
The systematic extermination of millions of European Jews, as well as Roma, Slavs, intellectuals, homosexuals, and political dissidents, by the Nazis and their allies during World War II.
Munich conference
Meeting of Chamberlain (Great Britain), Daladier (France), and Hitler to divide up Czechoslovakia
collective farm
farms run by the government
collective farms
farms run by the government
Market Garden
Bernhard Montgomery's plan; Paratroop behind enemy lines to secure bridges to open path to Germany
important islands from which B-29 bombers could make round trip bombing raids on Japan
japanese attack german naval base
pearl harbour.
Il Duce
title of Mussolini; the Leader
a policy of nonparticipation in international economic and political relations
tehran, iran
big three first conference at....
Five-Power Treaty
5-5-3 battleship ratio between U.S., Britain, and Japan
Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain
5 Totalitarian governments
Allied Strategy
(1) Defeat Germany first because Germany was a greater threat to the Western Hemishpere, most of our allies were in Europe - taken over or threatened by Germany-, Germany's war potential seemed greater. Germans seemed more powerful and aggressive than Italians and Japanese. (2) Demand unconditional surrender - don't let the axis powers surrender with any terms. They must surrender and the Allies will tell them what they will do to them.
groups of ships that were escorted across the Atlantic by warships for safety
leader of communist party in soviet Russia. Almost as bad as stalin.
Final Solution;
final solution of the Jewish question-murder of every single Jew-had begun-mass arresting, and trafficking of Jews to the concentration camps-mass killings occurred as well in the gas chambers
"lightening war"; massive and fast air bombing used by Nazi's.
Potsdam Conference
Allies' meeting in Potsdam, Germany, to plan the end of the war
Operation Overlord
(aka: D-Day); allied invasion of France from England directed by Eisenhower. Troops= 3 million British, American, and Canadian soldiers. it was a top secret mission. false messages were sent out to the Germans to make them believe the invasion was taking place somewhere else in France........
the systematic killing of an entire people.
the capital city of Bavaria, Germany. It is the third largest city in Germany.
General McArthur
commander of the U.S. Pacific forces
great naval invasion took place in France
people who believed that their own country should not become involved in relations with other nations,especially alliances
Leaders who ruled their nations by force. Hitler/Mussolini
Invasion of Poland
Germany invaded, breaking their agreement, so Britain and France declared war, starting World War II
Munich Pact
Hitler (Germany) signed ____ with Britian and France which gave Germny Sudetneland and accepting demands to avoid conflict - appeasment (Between Germany, France, & Britain)
Grand Alliance principles
win in Europe first, unconditional surrender for Germany, aid to Russia and Britain
Neutrality Act? Goal?
forbade the president from selling arms, making loans, or any assistance to any nation at war. Goal- to keep the U.S. at peace
Vichy France
The part of France that was unoccupied.
Night of Broken Glass, Nov 9, 1938: Nazis killed or injured many jews & destroyed many jewish properties
panzer division
strike force of 300 tanks and accoumanying forces and supplies, armored columns
"Arsenal of Democracy"
Franklin Roosevelt's phrase for the U.S. role in WWII as a supplier of war materials to Great Britain.
battle of the atlantic
longest military campaign; German U-boats attack US ships-> allied ships to stop trade and supplies
a secure position, a firm basis for further (D-Day)
Where was the invasion of Normandy launched from?
Great Britain
One of the costliest battles of the war - Russia takes over.
fall of france
surprise,brittish in forces in france to retreat to the english channel.they were trapped,poeration dynamo.
V-E Day
victory in Europe when the Germans surrendered
Winston Churchill
The British Prime Minister who choose to fight rather than surrender when he said, "We shall fight whatever the cost may be...We shall never surrender!"
Pan-American conferences
1933: the US decided never to intervene in the affairs of Latin American countries 1936: FDR pledged to submit future disputes to arbitration and warned that if Europe attempted to commit any aggression against us, a whole hemisphere would come together for our safety and mutual good
policy of supporting neither side in a war
Election of 1944
Year in which Republicans nominated Thomas E. Dewey for president and John W, Bricker (an isolationist senator) for vice president. Democrats renominated Roosevelt but changed vice president to Harry S. Truman. Roosevelt won with sweeping victory. 4th term for Roosevelt.
In August of 1939 a Non-Aggression Pact was signed between Hitler and Stalin. A secret protocol stated that USSR would get part of Poland and Baltics as well as Bessarabia. Soviets to stay out of war between Germany and Poland or Germany and Western democracies. This Pact stupefied the world - especially since Communism and Nazism were such ideological opposites. This Pact was also recognized as a signal for impending war...
it was felt that a stronger Germany would prevent the spread of this to the west
A union of association of nations set up to further the common intersests of its members.
What was D-Day? Goal?
when Americans, British, and Canada invaded France to liberate the prisoners
Tripartite Pact, 1940
Alliance of Japan, Germany, and Italy for World War II
cold war
a war fought with propaganda and money rather than with soldiers and weapons
Those who believe in a U.S. policy of involvement in world politics.
Pearl Harbor
base in hawaii that was bombed by japan on December 7, 1941, which eagered America to enter the war
Benito Mussolini
takes over italy in 1919, fascist. has italy invade albania, africa, and ethiopia...trying to control the mediterranean
the name for the system of gov't in which people are seen as valuable only in how well hey serve the state. A theory in which imperialism, militarism, and war were considered "good"
How many were executed (under Stalin)?
6 to 10 million
Nuremberg Trials
post war trials of world leaders for crimes against humanity
national socialists
The nazi party headed by Hiltler in Germany
Wolf Pack
The term wolf pack refers to the mass-attack tactics against convoys used by German U-boats of the Kriegsmarine during the Battle of the Atlantic and submarines of the United States Navy against Japanese shipping in the Pacific Ocean in World War II.
In the invasion of N. Africa the allies did not received help from N. African French. Appealed to the then Vichy political leader, Darlan, who assisted by assuming control. However, he was assassinated. There then followed some competition for French leadership. A French Liberation Committee was established in Algiers. CHARLES DE GAULLE moved up in status as leader of the Free French.
Scorched Earth
A soviet policy that had citizens burn any land that was about to be captured before retreating from it
Italy and Germany declare war on the US
December 11th, 1941
may 8, 1945
date of V-E day - VICTORY IN EUROPE!
Afrikaner National Party;
Emerged as the majority party in the all-white South African legislature after 1948; advocated complete independence from Britain; favored a rigid system of racial segregation called apartheid.
auschwitz, dachau, buchenwald, treblinka, belsen
five of the 19 most notorious concentration camps
Battle of Stalingrad
a major battle during World War 2. Nazi Germany had fought the Soviet Union for the city of Stalingrad, which was located in southwestern Russia.
Battle of Britain
Battle lasted 57 nights, led by Hitler using Blitzkrieg tactics, Britain never gave up
- Camps used by the Nazi's to kill and contain the Jews
Third Step to War
Hitler occupies and annexes Austria in 1938
arms buildup, stores military in Rhineland
How does Germany violate the Versailles Treaty?
Office of Price Administration (OPA)
created to fight inflation by freezing prices on goods. raised taxes to reduce consumer demand
Four Freedoms Speech
A speech by FDR that outlined the four principles of freedom (speech, religion, from want, and from fear) This helped inspire Americans into patriotism.
December 1941; August 1945
The US was in World War II from _____________until ______________
What promise did MacArthur keep in the Pacific?
He returned to the Philipines
"a few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent"
Oppenheimer's words about the Trinity Test
what were tattoed onto the arms of immates
a idenifcatation nummber, that is what they would be called
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