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"The Draft"
Battle of Ypres
Once owned Alaska
Agreement to stop fighting
Triple Alliance
Germany and Austria-Hungary
a slow wear-down process
big four
US-wilson, France-clemenceau, Great Britain-george, Italy-orlando
Policy of aggresive military preparedness along with the belief that military force is a solution to international problems
spread of culture, European civilization.
US President during Waorld War 1
A what leads to WWI?
domino effect
Allied Powers
United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Monte-Negro, Serbia, Greece, Romania, Russia
Information such as posters and pamphlets created by gov. in order to influence public opinion.
Ruhr Crisis
France isnt getting reparation placements and march troops into Ruhr valley, demand payment of raparations, sign new agreement and are able to change amount Germany pays France, reduce payment, defuses crisis for a while
payment for damages after a war
pride in one's nation or ethnic group
no man's land
space in between the trenches
great migration
movement of over 300,000 african americans from the rural south into northern cities between 1914 and 190
Zimmerman Note
Message proposing an alliance between Germany and Mexico against the United States
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Leader of Germany during WWI
Woodrow Wilson
28th President of the United States.
Vladimir Lenin
"Father of the Russian Revolution". Leader of the Soviet Union
Western Front
Complex system of trenches and earthworks that ran for 550 miles from the North sea to Switzerland that pitted Germany against Belgium,France,Britain and the U.S.
domination of one big country over another
Russian Empire
Russia, already suffering socially and economically, was torn by a deadly civil war that left more than 5.5 million people dead and large areas of the country devastated.
Agreements between nations to aid and protect one another.
act of assembling and putting into readiness for war or other emergency: "mobilization of the troops"
War Guilt Clause
in treaty of Versailles; declared germany and austria responsible for WWI; ordered Germany to pay reparation to Allied powers
Herbert Hoover
Set up a national food control campaign.
the freedom of a people to decide under what form of government they wish to live under.
Deadlock in which neither side is able to defeat the other.
kaiser wilhelm
grandson of Queen Victoria and Kaiser of Germany from 1888 to 1918
Central Powers; Triple Alliance
military alliance of Austria-Hungary, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire during WWI (both names)
February 15, 1898
Explosion destroyed the USS Maine killing 260 Americans
This would be lower house of russian government, each of the four electoral classes(landowners,townspeople,industrial workers, and peasants) elected delegates who, in turn,chose members of the duma.
Zimmerman Telegram
March 1917. Sent from German Foreign Secretary, addressed to German minister in Mexico City. Mexico should attack the US if US goes to war with Germany (needed that advantage due to Mexico's promixity to the US). In return, Germany would give back Tex, NM, Arizona etc to Mexico.
Committee on Public Information
-George Creel
-singing national anthem
-four minute men, It was headed by George Creel. The purpose of this committee was to mobilize people's minds for war, both in America and abroad. Tried to get the entire U.S. public to support U.S. involvement in WWI. Creel's organization, employed some 150,000 workers at home and oversees. He proved that words were indeed weapons.
A situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible (WW1 was pointless)
Nazis went on a rampase call or night of broken glass
One of the two countries involved in a naval rivalry efore World War 1
Balance of Power
system that prevents any one country from dominating all the others
Royal Air Force
The British air force, Inflicted heavy losses on the German air force because its planes were aided by a newly developed radar and an excellent systems of communications
Sinking of Lusitania
British ship with Americans on it. Germans sank it with a torpedo from one of their submarines. didn't warn the ship first. Angered the US.
Ethnic Group
People who share a common language and traditions
Three Emporer's League
composed of Germany, Russia, and the Austria-Hungary. Failed when Russia and the Ottomans battled over the Balkans, and Russia was too near to Austria for their liking.
David Lloyd George
Prime Minister of Great Britain; he was one of the "big four" at the Paris Peace Conference and a realist
war hawk
one of the members of Congress who favored war with Britain in the early years of the 19th century
name the two battles america took place in at the end of the war
chateau-thierry/ bellow wood
Second Battle of the Marne
French, Morrocan, and American troops supported by hundreds of tanks, threw the Germans back over the Marne
New weapons used in WW1
poison gas, machine guns, tanks, airplanes
Fourteen Points 1918
a series of proposals in which U.S. president Woodrow Wilson outlined a plan for achieving a lasting peace after World War I.
Committee of Public Info
Govt. agency that controlled the flow of information and shaped public opinion about the war with posters.
February Revolution
The next day, a series of meetings and rallies were held for International Women's Day, which gradually turned into economic and political gatherings.
Selective Service Act
A law enacted in 1917 that requires men to register for military service
Home Front
The name given to the part of war that was not actively involved in the fighting but which was vital to it.
Espionage Act
an act passed in 1917, a law set heavy fines and long prison terms for anti-war activities.
What was Woodrow Wilson's campaign slogan?
To keep us out of war.
Prince Franz Ferdinand, assassinated by Serbian Gavrilo Princip.
Who was assassinated to start the war and by whom?
old tacics vs. new industrial weapons
main reason for the catastrophic loss of life in world war I
Seized control of the Balkans state of Bosnia in 1908 .
Seized control of the Balkans state of Bosnia in 1908 .
What was the War Industries Board (WIB)?
The War Industries Board (WIB) was a United States government agency established on July 28, 1917, during World War I, to coordinate the purchase of war supplies.[1] The organization encouraged companies to use mass-production techniques to increase efficiency and urged them to eliminate waste by standardizing products.
List 3 main points of Wilson's 14 points.
1) It called for the elimination of some of the factors that had the potential to cause war: trade bariers, secret treaties, and arms races among nations 2)it stressed the importance of self determination 3) it envisioned the establishment of an assosiation of nations that would garuntee the independence of large and small nations alike and keep the future free from war
desert fox
Leader of France
Neutral countires
Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain
to gather for oneself
a deep ocean valley
Central Powers
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire
Territory controlled by another nation.
Alliance System
Defense agreement among nations
VI lenin
leader of russia after 1917
romance languages
french, italian, spanish, portugeses, walloun, romanian
Black Hand
Serbian terrorist group who assassinated Franz Ferdinand
1st modern battleships. Brisish Royal Navy
person who beleives industries should be publicly owned and run by the government rather than byprivate individuals
spanish influenza
the pandemic respiratory infection that spread throughout the world during 1917-18.
East Africa
British, German, Italians claimed land. Ethiopia remained independent.
"blank check"
Germany's promise to fully support Austria-Hungary if war broke out between them and Russia
treaty of versailles
which treaty ended the war?
Calvin Coolidge
elected Vice President and succeeded as 30th President of the United States when Harding died in 1923 (1872-1933). Ended the boston police strike
British Blockade
when Britain blockaded Germany's ports so nothing could get in or out
Russian Revolution
the revolution against the Czarist government which led to the abdication of Nicholas II and the creation of a provisional government in March 1917.
a group that travels with something such as a ship to protect it
Berlin Conference
marked Germany's late coming into imperialism, which led Bismark to establish rules for carving up Africa
Soviet Union
A Communist nation, consisting of Russia and 14 other states, that existed from 1922 to 1991.
Schlieffen Plan
designed by General Alfred von Schlieffenand used to avoid a two-front war against France in the west and Russia to the east
14 Points
Woodrow Wilson's plan for peace. Proposed during the war. Did not punish Germany.Most important part was the League of Nations. Allies rejected his plan (except for the League of nations.
Nicholas II
insisted on taking personal charge of the armed forces in spite of his obvious lack of ability and training
machine guns
weapons that could fire over 100 bullets per minute
Franz Ferdinand
Was the heir of the Austria-Hungarian throne, but was assassinated in Bosnia by a Serbian militant.
ruler of russia when war starts
Czar Nicholas II
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
Germany's announced policy of using U-boats to sink any and all ships headed for Great Britain.
general john. Pershing
He led the American Expeditory force(AEF) which included men from all over the country. these men were also known as doughboys for the white belts they wore tha were cleaned with pipe clay, pr dough.
King Peter of Serbia
Serbia's first constitutional monarch - elected by parliament - in the aftermath of the 1903 military coup that resulted in the overthrow of the Obrenovic dynasty, returning from exile to take his place as King.With the outbreak of war in Europe only a month away, and with Serbia in civil turmoil following the successful outcome of the Balkan Wars - both civil and military authorities demanded that Macedonia be administered by Serbia - in June 1914 Peter passed executive control of government to his second son Alexander (who became Regent) on grounds of increasing ill health
four minute men
gave brief patriotic speeches before stage and movie shows
Sussex Pledge
After the sinking of the passenger ship Sussex, Germany made this agreement, that it would not sink ships without warning so long as the US convinced the Allies to end the naval blockade on Germany
George Creel
Head of the US Committee of Information during World War I
Which countries used a democratic government?
Britain, France, America
Rosie the Riveter
a fictional character that became a symbol for all women who worked for the war effort
battle at tannenberg
which battle did the russians launch on the eastern front where they lost humiliatingly and 1/2 of their troops were killed
Loyalty to ones nation, whether real or imaginary.
What is nationalism?
Five Year Plan
Stalin's economic policy to try and rebuild the Soviet Union after WWII
Treaty of Lausanne (1923)
1923): Republic of Turkey: Allied powers officially recognized the Republic of Turkey in agreement.
Georges Clemenceau
Frenchman who led the writing of the Treaty of Versailles; wanted to punish Germany
Otto van Bismarck
Founder of Germany, ruler before World War 1
red cross
During WW I, the American Red Cross faced an unprecedented national need for its service
Belief in peace and refuse to fight in wars.
What is another name for the Triple Alliance?
Central Powers
a war debt - in this case, the French war debt from Franco-Prussian war (5 billion gold francs) - also in this case, the german war debt for WWI
Death of Archduke Francis Ferdinand:
Serbian group named BlackHand wanted Bosnia to be apart of Serbia so they planned to murder the Archduke in Sarajevo so that Bosnia would become mad at AH. Serbia was blamed and given an ultimatum. Started the war.
Archduke Franz
` Was really the main reasons the Word War started he was assinated him and his wife *
Increased casualties of World War 1
-Industrial Revolution (number of people and technology increased)
-It was a world war, everyone was involved
league of nations
a union of countries formed in 1919 by the treaty of versailles to uphold peace security and promote settlements by arbitration
What did the allies emphasizie as propaganda
Allied propaganda emphasized the German evasion of neutral Belgium and included horror stories of German atrocities
name the allies and what is another name for them
triple entente-britain, france, russia, LATER italy
What did Germany have to do according to the Treaty of Versailles?
accept full responsibility for the war, pay the Allies reparations, agree with the creation of the League of Nations, it stripped Germany of colonies, took away territory on Germany's borders, and limited the size of Germany's military
Who were the world leaders present at the WWI peace conference?
President Wilson, David Lloyed George, and Georges Clemenceau
How did the allies respond too Germany after the war?
Great Britain wanted to make Germany pay financially for starting the war. France wanted to see Germany pay there reparations and loss of territory. Italy expected to recieve those lands.
america was singing two songs on their victory march to britain
hail hail the gangs all here and over there
Italy, Germany, Japan
Axis Powers
Axis Powers
Germany, Italy, Japan
long march
The 6,000-mile (9,600-kilometer) flight of Chinese Communists from southeastern to northwestern China. The Communists, led by Mao Zedong, were pursued by the Chinese army under orders from Chiang Kai-shek. (789)
Reasons US entered war
-unrestricted submarine warfare
-Zimmerman note
-Idealism - Wilson's 14 Points - war to end all wars
Allied countries
US, USSR, Italy, France, Britain
extreme nationalism and racismIt began in ITALY, Benito Mussolini made it popular.
prime minister of Japan; takes over
The name of the British passenger liner sunk by a German submarine and claimed more than a thousand lives.
Clark Airbase attacked, POWs taken to prison camp on the Bataan Death March
Zyklon B
organized a camp system throughout Europe, would now use gas to kill Jews (Poison Gas, whats the name?)
Causes of WWI
1) Nationalism (Germany & France, Pan-Slavism)
2) Militarism
3) Imperialism & Global rivalry
4) Decline of the Ottoman Empire (The Armenian Massacre, The Balkan "powder leg of Europe"
Fourteen Points
the war aims outlined by President Wilson in 1918 made it a crime to say, print, or write almost anything negative about the government
an economic and social system in which all resources are owned by a government led by a dictator
Reinhard Heydrich
Chief of SS, Wannsee conference was held by this person.
Revolution of 1800
Jefferson is elected / Federalists lose office
Cost of Living
the cost of essential things to survive
Paris Peace Conference
The peace conference that decided the terms of WWI peace and Treaty of Versailles. (1919)
One of the beaches @ the attack of D-Day Suffered the worst.
5th Step to War
In support of fellow Slavs, Russia mobilizes its forces along German and A-H borders
the "Big Four"
Italy, France, England, and the U.S. 4 powers who met at Versallies to discuss peace
Major goal of the Meiji restoration
Strengthening Japan, making it rich and powerful.
Liberty Bonds
A war bond sold in the U>S. to support the allies in WWI
Shell shock, trench fever, trench foot
Name at least three diseases caused by life in the trenches
We were able to trade with both sides, so the economy did very well
How did WW I impact the US economy?
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