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industrial working class
payments for war damage
Glorification of armed strength
Italian prime minister; represented his country in the paris peace conference
over there
american patriotic war song
makes alliances with Austria-Hungary and Italy to protect from France; makes a peace treaty with Russia; on good terms with Great Britain
Lenin's Slogan
"Peace, Bread and Land"
the socialist ideology that the proletariat would rise to defeat capitalism and that class struggle is necessary to create change
horrible acts committed against the innocent
Mainly used for photography and surveillance
Triple alliance
1881 alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and italy
trench warfare
the fighting strategy in which soldiers take shelter in a ditch with a no man's land in between them and the enemy
led forced-labor camps in russia; a good behind the scenes political operator; wanted to build socialism at home before spreading it to the world; became leader after Lenin died
Triple Entente
the first name for the Allies
groups of merchant ships protected by warships
Headed by Lenin; Want revolution now; Ultimately victorious because of Lenin
passenger ship that the Germans sank with the u-boats
League of Nations
An international association formed after World War I with the goal of keeping peace among the nations and enforcing the Treaty of Versailles.
the spreading of ideas to promote a cause or to damage an opposing cause
Schlieffen plan
the strategy to defeat France before russia could mobilize; was meant to prevent Germany from being attacked from both sides
the strait that the turks blocked to cut off allies' supply lines to russia
Social Democrats
Much more radical than the social revolutionaries; Want the urban working class to overthrow the czar
June 28th, 1919
Date of the Treaty of Versailles
Italian Front
Allies; Most of Italian don't support war; Occupy British and French troops
Central Powers
World war one alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the ottoman Empire
Call To Power
by Lenin. Progress depends on conflict.
system of mandates
the method in which territories were administered by Western powers after the war and were meant to be held only until they were strong enough to stand alone; really, the territories became colonies
Total War
when a nation puts all their resources into the war
Battle of Tannenberg
Battle between Russia and Germany, one of the first battles of WWI, August 1914; Russia badly defeated and pushed back regaining the Germans easy Prussia, horses and guns.
The Brest-Litovsk Treaty
Treaty where Russia withdrew from the war; 1918
Alsace and Lorraine
the provinces that France had lost in the franco-prussian war
Trans Siberian Railroad
Was the longest railroad in the world when it was built
Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro
New nations on the Balkan Peninsula
June 28th, 1914
Date that Franz Ferdinand and his wife are killed in Sarajevo by a Serbian nationalist
The 14 Points
A series of proposals in which U.S. president Woodrow Wilson outlined a plan for achieving a lasting peace after World War I.
The Greatness of War content
"The sacrifice of nationalities for one anoth
er is nowhere invested wit such beauty as in war."
"Those who preach the nonsense about everlasting peace do not understand the life of the Aryan race, the Aryans are before all brave."
collective security
when a group of nations acts as one to preserve all peace
What Is To Be Done
by Lenin. Workers don't have the conscious to create revolution. They need professionals to mobilize.
The Effects of World War I:
1. An entire generation of Europeans were wiped out
2. This war ignited the Russian Revolution
Trieschke, The Greatness of War
A glorification of war; a surging of militarism that led to WWI
October 1917
Bolshevik Revolution
means workers council
Courbet, Millet, Daumier
conservative against Provisional Govt
Head of the Provisional Govt
Bolshevik Supporters in civil war
industrialization carried out by prison labor
Bolshevik opponents in civil war
When does Lenin die?
in 1924
means Minority, believes working class should wait for Tsar to be toppled by democracy
a hated advisor of the Tsar
War Communism
great requisition from peasants, outlawed private trade, abolished money, completely state controlled economy
study of how history is transmitted
by Lenin to protect the revolution
Balfour Declaration
Britain promises a Jewish state
Who were Duma
They were elective legislative
great general of Bolsheviks, the most likely successor of Lenin
Great Terror
Stalin executes a bunch of people
peasants lives destroyed - forced to go to siberia, state farms or collective farms
Georges Clemenceau
France representative at Treaty of Versailles
Woodrow Wilson
US representative at Treaty of Versailles
Sydney Fay
an american historian, famous for Historiography
Who were three important people who made treaty os versailles?
Treaty of Versailles
Treaty that killed Germany after WWI
Peace land and Bread
slogan of the Bolshevik Party
Who became leader of the communist party after Leinin?
joseoh stalin
Central Committee
A group of intelligencia who see that an armed rising is inevitable
What happen to Nicholas and his family
they got killed
Treaty of Brest Litovsk
ends war with Germany, ignites Russian Civil War
Why the Russian hated Nicholas
because Russian was starving they didn't have food, and Russia Japanese war, Bloody sunday.
Were they successful? Who had the power
No. and Nicholas had the power next
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