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Diogenes of Sinope
Terms Definitions
Hetaira, successful and fairly wealthy hetairria • Mother tells corina to become like Lyra
is the ideal hetairria shes beautiful and rejects other lovers• Breaks stereotype, hetaira are evil, unfaithful, look out for themselves only • Bacchis rejects wealthier men, prefers Menecleides • Bacchis so virtuous o Aristocratic man would’ve married her
Phryne and Praxiteles
he most famous hetaira - suitor #1- sculptor -city needs a new statue of Aphrodite - he sends in a plan for a naked statue, this had never been done - city agrees - Phryne is model, nude, just before taking a bath, holding peplos - suitor #2 - painter - saw her after bathing in the sea, mesmerized - paints a picture of her as Aphrodite “Aphrodite anaduomene” coming out of the sea(myth that is how Aphrodite was born) - suitor #3 - Phryne charge with capital punishment - hires a great speaker to defend her - he makes a judicial speech, realizes he is getting no support - in epilogue has her show her breasts - she is acquitted - builds a gold statue of the goddess in tribute to Aphrodite - Diogenes(cynic) says that it was paid for by the lack of self control of greek men
Minimum is the optimum
the slogan on the cynics, who advocated the “simple life”The minimum is the optimum- Living life the simplest way is the fastest and easiest way to virtue. Things such as wealth are seen as evil and to live virtuous you must get as far away from evil as possible. Become closer to the gods. You can easily bare losing everything because you have nothing to lose.
Diogenes and Simple Living
• Born 404 B.C. • Father Hikesios was a banker • Ran away from Sinope (birthplace) • Studied under Antisthenes as a cynic philosopher o Believed in the simple life → virtue • Sold as a slave → paidagogas Cynic philosopher, captured by pirates, made to be a padigogos to Xeniades’ sons; he is “without a city, without a house, deprived of his native land, a man who destitute, a wanderer, and living from hand to mouth”; does not use a cup for drinking but his hand as a child was seen doing; by living minimally there is nothing to lose
Anaideia and Alcidamas
• cynic term, • meant to do things others would not dream of, : shamlessness; to get the attention of people, cynics often acted like dogs, Diogenes in CratesAlcidamas mooned everyone at his symposium • breaking social conventions • term to describe the obscene behavior of cycnics
rich man in a Lucian dialogue, envied by Micyllus for his good fortune, in the end of the story, to show the evils of wealth, he is found having homosexual sex with a slave and his wife having sex with a magiros; an aristocrat and host of symposium
Micyllus' dream/rooster
: poor man (shoemaker) in Lucian, goes to Eucrate’s symposium, has a dream that Eucrates dies and gives him all his money but is awoken by his rooster, they decide “which is more blessed: The poor or the rich? Rooster-poor: 1. war- aristocrats likely to be a general and die 2. Peace- assembly taxes the rich 3. Health- rich eat too much, poor are tough and strong, fight off colds Micyllus-not convinced, rooster has a magic feather which allows them to look into the lives of the rich they go to house of simonenes –sitting alone, miserly counting his money, worrying slaves are stealing it, go to Eucrates’ house see him having sex with a man
Hermes psychopompos
guide of souls... God associated with gymnasium and young men • escort in the underworld, gathers dead people and brings them to their fates
Callirhoe and baby in her arms
pregnant with Chareas but gets taken to Dionysus marries him to cover up baby, has him raise the baby
Structure of Ethopoiia
PRESENT PASTFUTURE imitation of someone through speech. 3 types Involves a well known dead person but a made up disposition (ethos). The dead person ceases speaking, action buut no character or everything invented. Clear, concise, flowery, unrestrained not complicated grammar or figures of speech
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