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from story Sailing to the Underworld o Mythological figure of the Underworld o Ferried the newly arrived souls of the dead across Lake Archeron to the realm of Hades o Ferried Micyllus, Megapenthes, & Cyniscus in this story
Megpenthes' sin
ries to escape and then argues and bribes Clotho with gold to let him go and they ridicule him for still thinking about gold even though he is dead.
the son of Zeus and the judge of the dead in Sailing to the Underworld. He examines the dead brought to him by charon (after they cross Lake Acheron in the Underworld). He examines people’s cases and then orders them to their next destination. Cyniscus asks him to hear his case about the tyrant. Rhadamanthus inspects people in the nude to check for stigmata to see if they are a good or bad person. The cleaner you are, the less sins you have committed.He sends Micylus and cyniscus to the Islands of the Blessed.
from story Sailing to the Underworld o Markings on one’s back, from being whipped or scolded for bad deeds o During a trial, such as in the story, it helps to tell how good or bad of a person they were during their life time o The dead souls sentenced to land of the Blessed or condemned to hell
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