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Terms Definitions
from story Sailing to the Underworld o Mythological figure of the Underworld o Ferried the newly arrived souls of the dead across Lake Archeron to the realm of Hades o Ferried Micyllus, Megapenthes, & Cyniscus in this story
Megpenthes' sin
ries to escape and then argues and bribes Clotho with gold to let him go and they ridicule him for still thinking about gold even though he is dead.
the son of Zeus and the judge of the dead in Sailing to the Underworld. He examines the dead brought to him by charon (after they cross Lake Acheron in the Underworld). He examines people’s cases and then orders them to their next destination. Cyniscus asks him to hear his case about the tyrant. Rhadamanthus inspects people in the nude to check for stigmata to see if they are a good or bad person. The cleaner you are, the less sins you have committed.He sends Micylus and cyniscus to the Islands of the Blessed.
from story Sailing to the Underworld o Markings on one’s back, from being whipped or scolded for bad deeds o During a trial, such as in the story, it helps to tell how good or bad of a person they were during their life time o The dead souls sentenced to land of the Blessed or condemned to hell
Megapenthes' sins
Megapenthes has many stigmata marks and C tells all of his sins as a • tyrant; he admits to the murders committed & public sins but denies the private sins; call bed & lamp as witnesses; he is convicted and condemned for eternity by remembering the life he once lived
Megapenthes' bed and lamp
witnesses in “Lucian Sailing to the Underworld”, Megapenthes has marks on his back from sins (stigmata) and his bed & lamp testify against him
Habrocomes’ main fault:
: In “An Ephesian Tale,” although Habrocomes is the leading aristocrat, the pride of the city and all of Ionia, his greatest fault is that he is narcissistic and arrogant. He thinks not only that he is more handsome than any other man, but even more handsome than Eros. He also denies that Eros is as powerful as everyone thinks, and that people can fall in love only if they want. He even denies that Eros is a god. Thus, at the festival of Artemis, when Habrocomes and Anthia are both there, Eros takes revenge on Habrocomes by stirring up lovesickness and ill-fated love between him and Anthia.
Hippothous is the head of the brigands. He escapes every attack made on his gang of brigands. When he meets Habrocomes, he tells him his tragic story. He belonged to one of the leading families of Perinthus, where he fell in love with a man named Hyperanthes, but lost him at sea when they were sailing in escape to Asia. Hippothous, because he had no means of supporting himself and was distressed at the tragedy of losing his lover, went into brigandage. He started out one of the rank and file but later got together a band of his own in Cilicia that became famed far and wide but was captured not long before Habrocomes came along . In “An Ephesian Tale,” Hippothous’ gang of brigands is captured right when they are about to hang Anthia up as a sacrifice to Ares. They had spent the night roistering after capturing Anthia and the Cilician merchants to whom she was sold by the goatherd, and they spent the next day preparing their sacrifice of victims to Ares. They were captured, however, by Perilaus, one of the foremost men in the land of Cilicia. He killed all of them except for Anthia, some robber captives, and Hippothous, who was able to take his weapons and get clean away.
Leonas is the comptroller (financial controller) and slave manager of Dionysius’ household who also looks after his infant daughter, who has lost her mother early in life. He brokers a deal to buy Callirhoe from Theron for a talent of silver, for Dionysius as a slave concubine, and also to console his grief at the recent loss of his wife.
Chaereas cenotaph--kicks wife in stomach
Chaereas, Callirhoe’s husband, bcomes enraged when he believes that Callirhoe has been cheating on him and kicks her in the stomach. His kick tops her breathing and makes people believe she is dead. As a result she is buried even though she is still alive. The importance is that this event is the main reason that Chaereas and Callirhoe are separated and is the beginning point for their problems.
Aigialeus and Thelxinoe
they were spartans that fell in love forced to marry others so they ran away their love gets Habrocomes thinking of his own lost love
Golden Statue of Callirhoe
• Temple in Ionya • Chareaus saw a statue of golden and was convinced that he was alive • The priest then comes out and tells Chareaus that • Statue is located near the temple of Aphrodite • 1) Confirmation that callirhoe is alive…2) It is supposed to be confirmation as to how beautiful Callirhoe is
Hetaira at Symposium
hetaira was often paid to accompany men to social gatherings like a symposium. The only women found at symposia, in fact, were the flute players and the hetairai. These women, who were usually better educated than Athenian women, provided both social and sexual intercourse
Hermacrate's fame
battle where he represented Syracuse
HAbrocomes and Anthia's Oath
to Egypt, Habrocomes and Anthia pledge that if they ever became separated they would remain faithful. When their ship stops at Rhodes, it attracts the attention of a crew of Phoenician pirates, who plunder it, set it aflame, and take Habrocomes and Anthia captive. The pirates convey them to Tyre. Their captain, Corymbos, falls in love with Habrocomes, and his fellow pirate Euxinos falls in love with Anthia. Corymbos and Euxinos agree to each talk persuasively to the love object of the other, encouraging cooperation. Habrocomes and Anthia both say they need more time to think before deciding. [edit]Book II Afterwards, in private, Habrocomes and Anthia decide that their only acceptable recourse is to commit suicide together. However, Apsyrtos, the chief of the pirate stronghold, is struck by the beauty of the young couple and concludes that they would bring an excellent price on the slave market. He takes them, along with their loyal slaves Leucon and Rhode, to his house in Tyre and puts them under the care of a trusted slave, then goes to Syria on other business.
Anthia's prayer
Anthia threatened to be taken to India… Visits temple of Isis and laments her situation.. Says ive always been f aithful and good in marriage to Habrocomes but im still going to india so far away. Deliver me back to Habrrocomes and if not possible make sure I am forever faithful. She is temporarily relieved but her prayer moves Polyidus so he wants to express his love for her. Then prays to Apis saying she wants to die if Habrocomes does. She then prays to Helias where her and Habrocomes went when they were first wedded and offered sacrifices. Says Helias is neglecting her and offers a lock of hair on behalf of Habrocomes and prays for him. When reunited they pray thanks to Isis
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