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Upton Sinclair
Legislative Branch
Makes laws
Other reformer
Horace Mann
rags to riches (respectability)
american born slave population
Panic of 1837- Depression
Van Buren
Blackbeard's real name was....
Edward Teach
John F. Schrank
tried assassinating Roosevelt
*Practice where British kidnapped American sailors to serve on their ship*British claimed that Americans were citizens of England*Major cause of War of 1812
Proposition 187
Prohibits illegal immigrant from health care and other program
This Portuguese navigator was the first European to sail around the tip of Africa and thus opened the Eastern coast of Africa to subsequent Portuguese traders.
Thomas Nast
political cartoonist responsible for bringing down "boss"
The Liberator
antislavery newspaper founded by William Lloyd Garrison
black panther
this militant african-american party used guns and violence to fight the police brutaly in the late 60's
coureurs de bois
independent french fur traders
American president during the Spanish-American war
William Mckinley
Casablanca Conference
January 1943 conference between FDR and Churchill that produces Unconditional Surrender doctrine
method of watering crops by channeling water from rivers or streams
The settlement founded in the early 1600s that was the most important for the future United States was
north pacific totem pole
signiged with natural object
the business cycle might best be described as
A Unbroken business expansions
B expansion followed by recession
C a long period of depression
D Wide unemployment
Jefferson :
1. Protect states' rights
2. Belief in the common man
3. Farming is most important
4. Strict constructionist
Social Security
A relief for widows, handicapped people, and retirees
Al Capone
gangster who became rich selling illegal alcohol
homes made out of ice and snow
belonging to the first or highest class
Edmund Andros
governor of the dominion, colonists disliked him for raising taxes without consent and abolishing the Massachusetts general court
New France
Todays Canada, grew slowly, only 15,000 came in 100 years, They came for fur, and got along the best with the NA since they used them for the fur trade
Betty Friedan
First president of the National Organization for Women in 1966
a member or supporter of the Federalist party
canidate that recieves the backing of his home state rather than of the national party
Favorite son
Imperial Crisis
Attempts by the British government to tighten regulation and increase taxation of the colonies triggered a series of crises. American colonists began questioning their relationship with Great Britain as they resisted efforts at more rigorous regulation.
National Road
One of the first major improved highways in the US to be built by the federal government. Construction began in 1811 at Cumberland, Maryland. Plans were made to expand the road but construction stopped when funding ran out.
Proclamation of 1763
Englishmen can't go west of Appalachian Mountains, but people already had charters
How did the settlers in the Middle colonies mainly make their living
Code name for the allied invasion of France on June 6, 1944
freedom summer
young northern students try to get blacks registered to vote, meet with resistance
Concurrent powers
certain powers belong to both state and nation government (power to tax)
de lome letter
Spanish Ambassador's letter that was illegally removed from the U.S. Mail and published by American newspapers. It criticized President McKinley in insulting terms. Used by war hawks as a pretext for war in 1898.
o Fourteen Points
President Woodrow Wilson's plan for peace after the war
Plessy v. Ferguson
supreme court ruling that segregation is legal and didnt violate 14th amendment
Gettysburg Address
Speech given by Abraham Lincoln which captured the spirit of liberty and morality ideally held by citizens of a democracy. That ideal was threatened by the Civil War.
Lowest level of New Spain society - those of mixed or Indian blood.
Committees of Corr.
Groups that kept leaders throughout the colonies informed of British policies, actions
What did the War Hawks want?
war with Great Britain
Conservative policies of Harding
Warren Harding awarded cabinet and governmental positions to political supporters. The practice proved to have dire consequences. Long-time political cronies abused their offices for personal gain. Harding's passive style of leadership almost certainly contributed to their wrongdoing.
John Jacob Astor
American fur trader and financier, he founded the fur-trading post of Astoria and the American Fur Company
Chinese Civil War
Mao Zedong, communist, has support of the people, and American sends three billion in aid
Oliver Hudson Kelley
started the Patrons of Husbandry, an organization for farmers
Free-Soil Party
Formed in 1847 - 1848, dedicated to opposing slavery in newly acquired territories such as Oregon and ceded Mexican territory. Nominated Martin Van Buren in the 1848 election.
Alvin York
American hero of WWI; captured 128 men single-handed
jane addams
was the first American woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In a long, complex, career, she was a pioneer settlement worker, founder of Hull House in Chicago
City in Russia, site of a Red Army victory over the Germany army in 1942-1943. The Battle of Stalingrad was the turning point in the war between Germany and the Soviet Union.
.Where did the USA drop the first atomic bomb
Hiroshima; Japan
2nd Amendment
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Protects the right to keep and bear arms
a condition in which one cant seem to move
National Recovery Administration (NRA)
businesses give workers more $$; give workers more money and convince them not to go on strike
william howe
he bought a lot of troops to long island
A grant of land made by Spain to a settler in the Americas, including the right to use Native Americans as laborers on it
What problems did the American settlers see with Mexico's response to Edward's action?
without immigration their settlements could not grow and higher prices for goods.
This began a 12-year economic slump that affected all the Western industrialized countries and that did not end in the United States until the onset of American mobilization for World War II at the end of 1941.
The Crash of 1929
United Farm Workers
latin, created a boycott to not buy california grapes because of the mistreatment of latin grape workers
The War Industry Board had the authority to...
regulate all war materials/all business in America.
free of religious restrictions
What was the main purpose of the Maryland colony?
Battle of Verdun-
 Longest battle of WWI  War of attrition: wear out your enemy until they surrender  Germany wanted to take Verdun because it would hurt French pride  Unsuccessful, France held them off  No tactical or strategic advantage achieved, wounded army of both sides badly
Why didn't government spending work?
Hoover wasn't willing to spend very much
What were the indian wars?
made up bitterness of Indians -- sand creek colorado (massacre of 400 native americans)
John Cabot ( Giovanni Cabato)
1497 - ( sailing under the sponsorship of the English- who were in search of the north west passage a water route to the orient ) became the first europiean ( besides for the Vikings more then 4 centuries earlier ) to reach the mainland of north American - he claimed it for England.
In 1781, what two people were able to organize the government's finances and set up an army supply system?
Robert Morris and Haym Salomon
what george III said about the colonies after the tea party
"we must master them or totally leave them to themselves and treat them as aliens"
Because they knew they could take it back.
Why did Spain give Florida to the British?
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