A.P. World History Study Guide Flashcards

Terms Definitions
a safe heaven
us enters ww one
Otto von Bismarck
______ united Germany.
calvin coolidge
silent cal, roaring 20s
The Lyceum
The school that Aristotle created
forbidding the sale of certain materials to a country
Brain Trust
Group of advisers under FDR
Refusal to trade with foreign countries.
____________ nd  ____________ were the leaders of the War Hawks
Clay andCalhoun
Roman politician and general who wrote the first history of Rome. As censor he attempted to restore simplicity to Roman life
son-in-law of Augustus who became a suspicious tyrannical Emperor of Rome after a brilliant military career (42 BC to AD 37)
to recede from, to leave willingly, and to surrender
Old regime
the political/social system of France before the Revolution; a monarchial system resting on privileges and on an old and rigid social order based on the conception of estates;
first king of the Franks, started Frankish Kingdom, First Germanic king to convert to Christianity
A person who believed all people should live in peace and harmony; accepted different religions and ethnic groups
persons of European descent who were born in the Spanish colonies
believing your culture is superior to another
An ancient city of northern Crete near present-day Iráklion. The center of a Bronze Age culture that probably flourished from c. 2000 to 1400 B.C., it is the traditional site of the labyrinth of Daedalus and the palace of King Minos
king of upper egypt who united upper and lower egypt
Abraham Lincoln
The president of the United States/ Union who was elected in the election of 1860. He signed the Emancipation Proclamation.
Jonathan Edwards
America's Great Awakening was begun by ______.
pilgrimage to Mecca, made once in a lifetime by Muslims
What was the Proclomation of 1763?
Prevented western settlement.
What was St. Petersburg used for?
Trade with Europe
People who went to California during the gold rush were known as...
Forty Niners.
a critic of the Sophists. Used a question/answer format. Believed all real knowledge is already present in each person. Questioned authority-got in trouble. Accused of corrupting the Athenian youth and sentenced to death. Taught Plato
alexander graham bell
U.S. scientist, born in Scotland: inventor of the telephone.
info that can be used to prove or support
In 1942 Secretary of War Henry Stimson declared most of the West Coast a military zone and ordered all people of Japanese ancestry to evacuate to
Internment Camps
Which important gains in women's rights were attained in the post-revolutionary era?
***do not rid coveture****
What was the first political party to introduce the idea of using government to improve daily life?
populist party
Which side was fighting to defend its homeland in the Civil War?
The South
Slave rights
the right of the slaves to make its own decisions.
Freedom Ride
A ride made by civil rights workers to desegregate public facilities, such as bus terminals or lunch counters.
A Boston merchant who brought all the stages of cloth making together in one mill.
Francis Cabot Lowell
Regular & Secular Clergy
monks and nuns who belong to religious orders/monks and nuns who do not belong to religious orders (no vows)
British advantages in war against colonists?
strong govt and authority, powerful navy, competent army, pop of loyalists.
Battle of Bull Run (Manassas Junction)When? City and State? Main US general? Main Confederate Generals (2)? one other fact? who won?
July 21, 1861; Manassas Junction, Virginia, North Gen-Irvin McDowell, South Gens-PJT Beauregard/Joseph E Johnston, General Thomas Jackson held firm and was nicknamed Stonewall Jackson, Confederates won
What was the Middle Passage?
A voyage that brought slaves to the West Indies and the to North and South America
Explain why the Russians were allowed to enter Berlin, Germany first.
the agreement made at the Yalta Conference
Which president was in office from 1829-1837? List one event from this era.
Andrew Jackson, Indian Removal Act of 1830
How many states and people were in the United States during the Civil War?
22 million people and 23 states
/ 43

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