1920s and The Great Depression Vocabulary Flashcards

Terms Definitions
aid for needy
Federal Emergency Relief Administration: combined cash relief to needy families with work relief
Too much money in economy
failed to meet loan payments
makeshift shantytowns that sprung up during the Great Depression; named for President Hoover
The process of selecting investments with higher risk in order to profit from an anticipated price movement.
relief programs
programs to help the needy
Long-term causes:
1. underlying domestic economic troubles, 2. weakness of the international economy
Relief Program
government program to help the needy
people bought stuff using this which was one of the reasons for economic concern during the 1920s.
General Motors auto-body plant
did first sit-down strike
deficit spending
government practice of spending more than it takes in from taxes
Dust bowl
Parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas that were hit hard by dry topsoil and high winds that created blinding dust storms; this area of the Great Plains became called that because winds blew away crops and farms, and blew dust from Oklahoma to Albany, New York.
Herbert Hoover
31st President of the United States
Bank Holiday
stops withdraws to inspect banks' soundness
Charles Coughlin
A radio priest who was anti-Semetic and anti-New Deal. He catered away some support from FDR.
Harlem renaissance
a period in the 1920s when African-American achievements in art and music and literature flourished
Hoovers tactics
Volunteerism, work it out on their own, get businneses involved, private organizations in charge of direct relief, legalizing gambling, "Good Neighbor" policy. Limited role, humanitarian.
unemployment insurance
program that gives payments to people who have lost their jobs until they find work again
stock exchange
a place where shares in corporations are bought and sold through an organized system
Jesse Owens
young track star from Ohio State University who broke for world records and won 4 gold medals for America
Rural Electrification Admin. (REA)
promote modification of electric systems in rural areas. electricty to 90% of america by 1951 no monoplokies for uttilites
Mary Mcleod Bethune
United States educator who worked to improve race relations and educational opportunities for Black Americans (1875-1955)
The brain trust
a group of economists that surrounded FDR
Who was President at the beginning of the Great Depression?
Herbert Hoover
Results of Prohibition
Speakeasies - place to drink alcoholic beverges
Bootleggers- smuggled illegal alcohol/promoted crime
Social Security system
System established by the 1935 Social Security Act to provide financial security, in the form of regular payments, to people who cannot support themselves
The new Deal
FDR's strategy to end the depression by trying many different employment projects to put out-of-work americans to work in government organized groups. Relief, Recovery, Reform
Election of 1920
Warren Harding (R) promised "return to normalcy" which won him the election
Women got to vote (women suffrage)
Republican leadership
1. business
2. social stability
3. economic growth
First New Deal
Established to serve the "three Rs" Relief for the people out of work, Recovery for business and the economy as a whole, and Reform of American economic institutions (Roosevelt)
Civilian Conservation Corps
New Deal program that hired unemployed men to work on natural conservation projects
The Dust Bowl
In the 1930's A series of major sandstorms that buried houses, destroyed farmland and killed livestock
Migrant worker
a person who moves from place to place to find work
Court Packing
Where FDR tried to add more members to the Supreme Court to pass his programs.
What was a "Hooverville"?
a makeshift shelter of the homeless during the early years of the Great Depression
Election of 1924
Coolidge (R) vs John W Davis (D) vs Robert LaFolette (progressive) Coolidge won and LaFolette received 5 million votes
Social Security Act
Set up a system of pensions for the elderly, unemployed, and people with disabilities. Its goal was to prevent another Depression. The Social Security Administration still exists today.
first 100 days: the new deal
The first executive driven relief and recovery actions taken by FDR during the Depression after his inauguration in 1933.
What was the Social Security Act (SSA)?
Set up a system of pensions (retirement) for the elderly, unemployed and disabled
What is meant by "buying on credit"?
the buying of goods and services with a downayment and equal payments and interest t be paid on an installment plan
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