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$('#container a');
JavaScript variables are __________________.
case sensitive
ist größer oder gleich (vergleichender Operator) Beispiel (x=5) x>=8 is false
When used within a JavaScript statement, which of the following special characters will create the backspace character? [] \b[] /b[] \n
[] \t
In JavaScript, functions are also called ____________.
JavaScript allows statements to be nested no more than 10 levels deep.
what returns an array containing references to each link in the document.  link references are defined wtih <HREF = "URL">tags.
Returns an array containing references to each anchor reference in the document. 
what is AJAX?
Asynchronous Javascript and XML
Erste Variable ist erste Variable durch zweite Variable (Assignment Operator) Beispiel: (x=10, y=5) x/=y (wie x=x/y) x=2
A teacher is trying to explain JavaScript fundamentals to her students. She picks up a cardboard box. She puts some paper and pencils in the box, closes it and hands the box of paper and pencils to a student. The box is used to store and transport the
Where in an HTML document should one define all JavaScript functions?
Which example below demonstrates how to properly call a function?
[] MyFunction<>[] MyFunction( )[] MyFunction {}[] MyFunction[]
MyFunction( )
Joey wants to create an effect that has an image change colors when a user places the mouse pointer over the image. Which event handler should Joey use?
JavaScript does not require all three parts of the for statement's constructor to be specified, but if they are omitted a(n) _________ must be included for any missing part.
The "+=" assignment operator can be used to combine strings as well as numbers.
The alert() method can be used throughout code that you think may have problems to print out the values of certain variables while the code is executing.
What is an often-used window object property that refers to the text string displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window
Assign an anonymous function to a variable.
ist nicht gleich (vergleichender Operator) Beispiel (x=5): x!=8 is true
What is the maximum number of cookies that a domain can store on a user's computer?
You are using a variable in your JavaScript. Which data type should you use if you are looking for a true or false value?
Which of the following is a JavaScript way to comment out multiple lines of text? [] //[] <!--...-->[] /*...*/[] ;[] *
The "+=", "*=", and "%=" operators are all examples of __________ operators.
The first part of a for statement's constructor is used to __________ the expression.
The counter used to control a for statement's loop must be initialized elsewhere in the program before the for statement is defined.
A procedure is called a function in JavaScript.
Selectors always (appear) to return an array of elements, so you need to index the one you want and you can then just call the ordinary method on it e.g.
$('#someid')[0].innerHTML('some text');
Which JavaScript method should you use if you want to determine whether a value is a type of numeric data?
isNaN ( )
If a program is having errors and the problem cannot be located in the JavaScript code itself, the error may be in the HTML code.
How do you access an element in the DOM by its class name from javascript?
plus 1 Beispiel: (wenn y=5) x=++y x=6
The JavaScript object model divides objects into what 3 groups?
browser, language, and form field
Use the http-equiv attribute to change the http header. Set the http-equiv value to "refresh" and the content value to how many seconds before the redirect and which url to go to e.g.
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content ="15; url = http://www.w3.org/" />
Methods of the history object
navigate a user's browser back and forth between previously visited web pages.
Which data types can variables store in JavaScript?
Numbers, strings, Boolean, or Null.
$(document).ready(function() { ...});
[Quotes around document seem to be optional - don't know why examples always leave it out though.]
The ... of common javascript tasks. e.g iteration and array ....
The simplification of common javascript tasks. e.g iteration and array manipulation.
A JavaScript "for" statement is _________________.
used to repeat a group of statements for a given value range
When a hypertext link is clicked, the click event is executed and the link's associated __________ is opened.
URL or uniform resource locater
jQuery('some html I can't be bothered to write out');
[The utility functions I've read claimed are actually just 'methods on the jQuery function', but that implies that $() is actually a constructor for an object not a method, and that there is a default object $ that is always present. Although I suppose they could be static methods if Javascript supports this.]
You want to ask a user if he or she wants to submit a form. What JavaScript method should you use in your code?
confirm ( )
At what point can a JavaScript programmer populate a custom object's properties with information?
After creating an instance of the custom object and declaring a variable.
var myvar = { first: "bla", second: "de", third: 1010 };
Define and initialise two Javascript string variables on one line. Then a number and a string on the same line.
Which is NOT a feature of Java? [] It uses static binding.[] It is interpreted on the client.[] It is object-oriented.[] It is compiled on a server.
It is interpreted on the client.
1. The basic jquery library provides easy ... to the ... of the page.
Easy access to the parts of the page.
What is a css/jQuery pseudo-class and give an example.
They are part of css3, not widely supported in browsers byt jQuery gives you access to them anyway.
Which statement is true about the line of JavaScript code below?
var colors = new Array(7)
The maximum number of values that this array can hold is 8.
var mystring = "bla";s[2]; - will give you the 'a', they are zero based.
You can also use the string charAt method e.g
Jerry is exploring the use of cookies and needs to know the limitations of cookies. Which of the below statements is true about the limits of cookies?
A user can store no more than 300 cookies on his or her hard drive.
What are two ways that can be used to refer to a form object?
name and its index number in the form elements array
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