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Which breathing pattern is characterized by an increase in both depth and rate of respiration and is associated with metabolic acidosis and renal failure?
Who notifies the organization commander of adverse trends in high-priority requirements?
When performing a pulmonary function test on a patient, according to Air Force standards, what is the minimum percentage standard for the predicted FEV or FVC?
Which method of health record documentation is used to chronologically document the entire patient care process?
Which classifications of fracture are considered more serious because a greater blood loss is possible?
Phlebitis is
an inflammation of a vein.
What personnel evaluation is conducted once every 24 months (w/in 48 months for traditional AFRC & ANG)?
what is the symbol for resistance?
organizations below the hq airforce level issue these publications
This program separates file data in DDF-145 records into individual files
The superior portion of the pharynx that contains the Eustachian tubes is the
Which hormone secreted by the adrenal medulla has little effect on blood sugar level?
In which section of the outpatient record is every completed SF 600 filed?
The normal adaptive mechanism used by children when the lose their sense of control is
Which organization authorizes an L suffix on AF Form 422, Physical Profile Serial Report?
The method of parenteral medication administration that involves injecting a drug into a muscle is
IM (Intramuscular)
What is the average body's normal temperature?
Who places official records in electronic file areas?
A. Users
B. Records Custodian
C. Base records manager
D. Functional area records manager
A. Users
What maintenance staff function ensure all required Time-Compliance Technical Order kits and time change items are promptly requisitioned, delivered to main. and actions are accomplished?
Material Control
The visceral and parietal layers form the two layers of the?
what resource conservation and recovery act waste is described as ignitable corrosive reactive or toxic
RCRA characteristic waste
what is a HSV?
a hydrant servicing vehicle.
how is the measurement of apparent power of an AC electrical system expressed
what is the main reason some commercial pubs. needed by the airforce are not included in the T.O. system?
screws used to fasten pulleys and gears onto shafts are also known as
The low- and high-pressure capabilities, as measured in pounds per square inch gage (psig),of the NSU-L75 nitrogen-servicing unit area. 0–300; 300–3,500.b. 0–300; 300–3,600.c. 0–350; 350–3,500.d. 0–350; 350–3,600.
d. 0–350; 350–3,600.
Which condition is an infection of an eyelash follicle?
Which of the senses of orientation is considered to be reliable in flight?
HIV antibodies
The Air Force uses the Enzyme-Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assay (ELISA) and Western Blot tests to detect
Under the skin
The skin symptoms of decompression sickness, such as a skin rash, are believed to be caused by bubbles evolving
Within how many minutes is the recommended interval for reassessment of a stable patient?
15 minutes.
What equipment is essential to have at the postoperative bedside after surgical amputation of a limb?
Your stability increases as your center of gravity moves closer to your
base of support.
How much vacuum must suction units provide when the tube is clamped?
300 mmHG
Which element in base supply would you contact if you had a supply-related problem that youcould not resolve?
Who has a responsibility to provide accurate data to the aerial ports or agencies that enter data into the Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES)?
A)Truck Drivers
B)Individual units
D)Ramp Supervisors

B)Individual units
What conditon may develop as the result of a chronic periapical abscess that causes epithelial cells to proliferate and successfully surround the chronic abscess?
-inflammatory cyst
-developmental cyst
inflammatory cyst
what unit of measurement is used when calculating the inductance of a coil?
how many basic types of across the line motor controls are there?
specify the type of mechanical seals that require proper adjustment by using a locating spacer.
johnston JD
how many ft-lbs should the separator hex nuts be tightened in a PFTU filter/ separator element removal and installation?
10 ft-lbs
who is responsible for ensuring that PPE is provided, used, and maintained?
the supervisor
what is and adverse effect of hardening steels
brittleness increases
Among the first to study the compressibility of gases wasa. Hook.b. Boyle.c. Pascal.d. Charles.
b. Boyle.
Job proficiency
Which of the following is the best example of a factor that is paramount to the success of a mission
Prevent the spread of infectious agents by interfering with the organism’s known method of transmission
Why were transmission-based precautions developed by the Centers for Disease Control?
Which type of shock is caused by a loss of blood or other body fluids?
Which element is not required on a medical order?
Patient's age.
Because you cannot diagnose a fracture, who do you refier to the possibility of one in the field?
PSD, painful swollen deformity
An increase in carbonic acid in the body fluids associated with dificulty breathihg an result in what type of acid-base imbalance?
Respiratory acidosis
One purpose of UMMIPS is to provide a standard method of ranking competing needs accordingto their importance. What is another purpose of the system?
Which command is the US Transportation Command's (USTRANSCOM) single component for air mobility and provides airlift, air refueling, special air mission and aeromedical evacuation services?
A)Air Mobility Command(AMC)
B)Mobility Airlift Command (MAC)

A)Air Mobility Command(AMC)
Which of these is not an active phase of mitosis?
in the type 3 system, what what milliampere signal is sent by the issue DPT when there is 1200 gpm flowing through the issue venturi?
12 milliamperes.
what type packing is used around the valve stems of globe valves?
teflon string
what does the controller have that reacts to excess motor current?
an overload device
how are the three major components connected to each other in a filter/separator water drain system?
by control tubing.
the tendency of an oil to resist flow is known as its
nonferrous tool materials include such materials as
tungsten in carbide form
What is the term used when referring to specific communications security (COMSEC) material other than equipment?a. Aids.b. Entities.c. Supplies.d. Materials.
a. Aids.
Publications are listed in AFIND2 in aa. logical sequence.b. numerical sequence.c. alphabetical sequence.d. alphanumeric sequence.
b. numerical sequence.
Weak pulse
Which of the following is a symptom of cardiac tamponade?
The format and procedures for conducting and recording a physical examination are found in
AFAM 48-133, Physical Examination Techniques.
(219) Define epilepsy.
Epilepsy is a brain disorder in which clusters of nerve cells, or neurons in the brain sometimes signal abnormally.
If a solution has a high pH is it acidic or alkaline?
TO improvement reports should be evaluated against what criteria?
Mission impact, personnel and aerospace system safety, damage to equipment, work simplification,urgency of need for change, labor savings.
After asking a question in an interview
listen to the reply
which type of gate valve should you use in confined areas, such as pits?
non rising stem
how do you operate the magnetic emergency stop switch on the 352AF hydrant adapter?
simply lift the cover.
what must the tie off capacity be for each worker tying off?
5,000 lbs
when constructing circles and arcs on drawings, first draw
the circles or arcs
To create a static seal between two stationary parts in the oil system, usea. wadding.b. packing.c. a gasket.d. a filler.
c. a gasket.
When monitoring computer maintenance as a database manager, your efforts must be directed towarda. requesting hardware and softwareb. updating the capbilities on an as needed basisc. the analysis of unscheduled and scheduled downtimed. technical maintenan
C. the analysis of unscheduled and scheduled downtime
10 inches
The length of a ureter in an adult is approximately
Record mishaps as aircraft flight mishaps when
there is an intent for flight.
(224) What is the WBGT index?
The standard metric for environmental stress.
How do masks protect the wearer?
They prevent inhalation of infectious agents in the air, in dropplets, and prevent pathogens from touching mucus membranes.
When should you use certified mail?
a. When using consolidated mail.
b. When required by law or Department of Defense (DOD) or Air Force directives.
c. When the contents are value and a receipt is needed.
d. When you need to trace communications s
When should you use certified mail?
b. When required by law or Department of Defense (DOD) or Air Force directives.
Who establishes standards and methods for analyzing, categorizing, designing, controlling, producing, and maintaining all departmental forms?
A. Air Force forms manager
B. Air Force Departmental Publishing Office
C. Air Force Departmental Publishing Ce
B. Air Force Departmental Publishing Office
What serves as a unique identifier for tracking maintenance actions for an equipment malfunction?
Job Control Number (JCN)
What is the target audience for the Air Force Training Course?
Trainers and task certifiers
during an annual pressure test, what is used to pressurize a piping system and for how many hours should the pressure be maintained?
installed pumps; 2 hours long
what should you connect, and how, to operate a single phase dual voltage motor on high voltage
run windings in series
what color code is used to identify a raw water subsystem in the harvest eagle?
a green stripe
the position of a line at the start of an angle is known as the
initial line
Wearing dog tags, wristwatches, or other jewelry is expressly forbiddena. during fuel servicing operations.b. during inspection of engine inlets.c. when you’re servicing high-pressure air.d. when you’re working on electrical equipment.
d. when you’re working on electrical equipment.
What are the three general functions IMDS performs?
Updates database, retrieves info from database, reports data to higher head quarters
What classification of drugs are not acceptable for medical use?
Schedule I (LSD, Heroin, & Marijuana).
The primary refrence of everyday Air Force writing is
AFH 37-137, The Tongue and Quill.
What kind of knife is the most common in minor surgeries?
knives with detachable blades
When developing a master task listing (MTL),
keep it as simple as possible
Who has the responsibility to conduct a forms review every 2 years based on the creation date of a form?
A. Major command
B. Base forms manager
C. Office of primary responsibility (OPR)
D. Air Force Departmental Publishing Office
C. Office of primary responsibility (OPR)
The first task in conducting a task breakdown is research, which consist of
yourself, books and other experts.
how are strainers cleaned?
by air pressure or a stream of water from a hose against the normal direction of flow; or in some cases, a high flash point solvent may be required.
what information must be stamped on the fueling pumps service nameplates?
manufacturers name, serial number of the pump, capacity in gpm, pumping head(feet of water), max specific gravity of fluid to be pumped, RPM, and horse power of the driver.
The objectives of the maintenance data documentation system includes
a) calling, saving, and reviewing base level data
b) calling, storing, and retrieving base level data
c) collecting, saving, and and reviewing base level data
d) collecting, storing,
d) collecting, storing, and retrieving base level data
A barometer is designed to measure pressure ina. pounds per square inch (psi).b. inches of mercury.c. relative humidity.d. ounces of air.
a. pounds per square inch (psi).
With injuries in and around a joint, make sure that the splint immobilizes the
bone above and below the injury
Why do pt's undergoing a colonoscopy normally require sedatives?
The endoscope is inserted farther into the colon than most pt's would be able to tolerate without sedatives
Who does the office of primary responsibility (OPR) submit an AF IMT 525, Records Disposition Recommendation, to?
a. Records manager (RM)
b. Records custodian(RC)
c. Command records manager(CRM)
d. Functional area records manager (FARM)
Who does the office of primary responsibility (OPR) submit an AF IMT 525, Records Disposition Recommendation, to?
a. Records manager (RM)
Who has full control over Sharepoint site when establishing a collaborative site?
a. Owners
b. Members
c. Approves
Who has full control over Sharepoint site when establishing a collaborative site?
a. Owners
what are the main components of the RURK?
an open bed trailer, collapsible fabric tank, air compressor, four consolidation containers, and a variable number of supplemental containers
when performing a roller swaging poeration, make sure you center the bearing and
make sure the bearing is square with the hole before you press it
What measure would you take to prevent the build up of static electricity?a. Ground the electrostatic discharge sensitive (ESDS) device.b. Check the relative humidity level.c. Disconnect the circuit from the device.d. Turn the power switch to the off posi
a. Ground the electrostatic discharge sensitive (ESDS) device.
Explain the concept of an event oriented system
Data is entered to update the database as the result of an activity that occured in the maintenance enviornment. Data retrieval dictated by a functional user
You are administering a tablet or lozenge buccally to a patient. To do this properly, you would place the medication
between the upper molars and the cheek of the patient.
How do you prime the administration set?
Allow a small amount of solution to run through the tubing to eliminate air bubbles.
When preparing the DD Form 2131 at a minimum, in how many copies will you complete and how are they distributed?
A)One copy; to the passengers
B)Two copies; one to the passenger and one for the destination station
C)3 copies; one accompanies the aircra

C)3 copies; one accompanies the aircraft to its final destination, one for the station file records, and one to the aircrew
how is the control valve leveled?
place a small level across the top of the valve from front to rear and from side to side. bend the valve bracket until the valve is level both ways.
what happens to the 58AF-3 and the 58E-47 valves when a type 4 system is placed in the pantograph flush mode and the pumps are started?
the solenoid on the 58AF-3 is energized to close the main valve, and the solenoid on the 58E-47 is energized, allowing the valve to open at 75psi.
when it comes to confined spaces what is the fire chief responsible for?
to provide rescue support for confined space entries according to local agreements; review and approve non routine entry permits that are not contained in an organizaltion MEP; evaluate confined spaces for flammable, explosive, or oxygen enriched atmospheres when permitting entries that are not covered by an MEP; and be a member of the CSPT.
Explain the two audience concept as it applies to communication
Every communication has a sending and receiving audience. The sending audience is the group we represent, while the receiving audience is the group whom we are communicating
The most outstanding characteristic of a liquid is itsa. rigidity.b. usability.c. ability to compress within its container.d. ability to conform to the shape of its container.
d. ability to conform to the shape of its container.
What type of info do you gather on scene sizeup?
Mechanism of injury, number of pts, need for additional help/recources
What type of memorandum for record is an in-house document to record information that would otherwise not be recorded in writing?
a. Brief
b. Official
c. Explanatory
d. Separate page
What type of memorandum for record is an in-house document to record information that would otherwise not be recorded in writing?
d. Separate page
When are Senior NCOs required to have on-the-job training records?
When they are retraining status, or as directed must have OJT records when their skill level DOES NOT commesurate with their grade and duty AFSC
at what pressure does the brooks valve relieve excess nozzle pressure, and what dictates the brooks valve set point?
55psi, setting the air sense on the HSV at 65.
always park a vehicle so that it is visible from the cockpit and with the
driver's side door closest to the aircraft
explain the purpose of the grease in a lubricated plug valve.
to seal and lift the plug slightly, making it easier to operate.
when selecting a mounting saw band for friction sawing on the contour machine, select a
dull band and mount it with the teeth upside down
how is fuel moved by the rotary vane pump?
fuel entering the pump is moved by the vanes and is then compressed or forced out the discharge.
The person in charge of a bed to a strecher transfer should be positioned
at the head of a the bed on the stretcher side.
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