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Which information system is responsible for capturing, editing, and maintaining sponsor/family demographics?
Which functional area maintains flight/jump record folders?
Quarter inch
An individual’s sitting height measurement is recorded to the nearest
When performing a pulmonary function test on a patient, according to Air Force standards, what is the minimum percentage standard for the FEV1/FVC ratio?
Penicillian admnistered to treat an infection is an example of what category of drugs?
(220) Individuals in a persistent vegitative state retaina. all normal body functionsb. responsiveness to the environmentc. communication through blinkingd. noncognitive function and normal sleep patterns
What maintenance staff function coordinates with support agencies and assists maintenance personnel by expediting all supply transactions?
Materiel Control
what are metric wrenches sized in?
what metal identification system uses a letter designator to seperate metals into 18 diff family groupings
This program runs against the entire IMDS database and reinitializes REMIS
Abnormal growth of the uterine tissue outside of the uterus is indicative of
Increased intracranial pressure
Neurological checks should be performed on a patient with suspected
Which figure in an AFSC identifies career grouping?
The crutch most commonly used for fractures and other short-term disabilities is the
What class of mishap results in reportable damage of $1,000,000 or more?
What type of medication order states that a medication is to be administered immediately and only once?
What is vitamin K neccessary for?
Blood clotting.
Which working group level reviews and approves all Air Force policy and guidance relatingto the technical order (TO) system?
What level of maintenance employs the highest degree of skill and the most extensive support equipment?
The process of breathing is a harmonious interplay of nerve impulses, muscular activity, and mechanical pressure changes, all influenced by chemical changes in the?
how many overload relays must be installed on a three phase magnetic starter?
at what differential pressure must the receiving strainer in the Type 3 system be cleaned?
define electrical current
electrons moving through a conductor
In the operational risk management process, the responsibility for identifying and controlling hazards rests with
a) trainers
b) everyone
c) superviors
d) commanders
b) everyone
During an aircraft inspection, you find a deteriorated insignia decal. What symbol wouldyou use in the aircraft forms?a. Red X.b. Red dash.c. Red diagonal.d. None.
d. None.
Which term is used to describe the measurement of the pathogenicity or ability of the organism to invade host tissues, withstand defenses and cause infection?
A risk factor for heart disease that cannot be controlled is
Which condition is an infection of an eyelash follicle?
Rest is included in which basic human need category?
For accidents involving hazardous materials, where should you park the ambulance and how far away should you remain?
Upwind; 2000 feet away.
Bulging fontanelles on an infant could indicate
head trauma.
What acid-base imbalace is likey to occur when a pt has excessive vomiting, excessive suctioning or ingested too many antacids?
Metabolic alkalosis
Vitamin B6 in food is lost through what process?
How is the integrity of the UMMIPS maintained?
Which type of mission moves mostly airlift mission moves mostly airlift sustainment cargo in which users reimburse the Transportation Working Capital Fund (TWCF)
A)Channel Mission
B)Contingency Mission
C)Air Refueling Mission (AR)
D) Special Airlift M
A)Channel Mission
Tissue that is dead or dying, red, swollen, and bleeding, and has dead interdental papilla covered with a gray-white pseudo membrane, describes which form of gingivitis?
how many basic designs of gate valves are there?
how many microprocessors are in a type 4 system?
when reinstalling a manual valve, which bolts should you insert first?
the bottom bolts
what is the systematic procedure for any job the sequence for work in order of performance?
job phases
how many members are on the incrater repair team?
a disadvantage of using progressive operations on thin materials is the dies
dish the blank
what jig permits you to perfrom machine operations on three sides
channel jig
The maximum circuit resistance within a thermocouple circuit isa. 5 ohms.b. 50 ohms.c. 500 ohms.d. infinity.
a. 5 ohms.
An abdominal evisceration
If organs of the abdomen are protruding outside the body, the patient has
24 months
A toddler is expected to weigh four times the birth weight at age
Stratum spinosum
The third layer of the epidermis is the
What condition occurs if CO2 builds up and mixes with water in the blood stream?
Respiratory acidosis.
A finely ground drug that can be used internally or externally describes a type of medication preperation called a
Where in the heart are the purkinje fibers most complex and elaborate?
Left ventricle
Multipurpose written briefs that provide information, forward items of interest, or summarize problems are...
a. briefings
b. position papers
c. bullet background papers
d. memorandums for record
Multipurpose written briefs that provide information, forward items of interest, or summarize problems are...
c. bullet background papers
What do the first four digits of the NSN represent?
During the task of determining eligibility for space-available travel, where may a dependent of a military member travel on emergency leave unfunded travel when accompanied by his or her sponsor?
B)CONUS to overseas only

material left over after the work is complete (but not enough to return to logistics) we keep in
shop stock
what is a material usually iron that has the ability to become magnetized?
magnetic material
which physical factors are the dynamic factors?
inertia and friction
what is the term for particles of liquid following one another and moving alongside each other?
laminar flow
what is the maximum fill pressure from a R9/11?
20 psi.
how far should jerry cans and other flammable storage containers be stored from open flames or ignition sources?
50 feet
who may reclassify a permit required confined space to a non permit required confined space at the time of entry if testing done before entry shows the space to be free of all hazards?
the entry supervisor
what is the ability of a material to transmit or conduct electricity?
the purpose of dressing a grinding wheel is to
improve cutting action
a defect found in tools manufactured with low grade steel is
uneven tensile strength
Who establishes the semi-annual inventory date for each communications security (COMSEC) account number?a. Director National Security Agency (DIRNSA).b. HQ USAF/SCX.c. Air Force Communications Agency AFCA.d. Cryptologic support group (CPSG).
d. Cryptologic support group (CPSG).
The amount of fluid the MJ–2A reservoir holds isa. 19 gallons.b. 27 gallons.c. 30 gallons.d. 60 gallons.
b. 27 gallons.
Enter your front text here.
Enter your back text here.
3 single and 3 paired cartilages
The larynx is composed of
Patients have legal and ethical rights. Which statement is not considered one of those "rights" when medications are administered?
Choose the method of administration.
How often do you clean and inspect steam sterilizers?
Daily and weekly
Critical information is defines as key questions asked by adversariey elements about pecific frinedly?
Intentions, Capabilities, activities and limitations
In researching for a SME interview, which directive helps determine the mandatory requirements for a career field?
AFMAN 36-2108, Airman Classification
what is rated by the average flow across the cross section of a pipe?
velocity of flow
explain bernoulli's principle
as the velocity of a moving fluid increases its kinetic energy increases. consequently, the pressure it exerts must correspondingly decrease.
what publication tells you how to mark a jp-8 fuel tank for identification?
military handbook 161G
ball valves are a suitable substitute for which type of manual valve?
the nonlubricated plug valve.
a flammable liquid is a liquid with a flash point below
100 F
The most common contamination found in lubricant systems isa. dirt and sand.b. grease and dirt.c. sand and plastic.d. plastic and grease.
a. dirt and sand.
How does the CSSHD use a HUM?
To communicate with field agencies
Protect patients, co-workers and self
Medical aseptic hand washing is done to
What is the first step to perform when a medication is being prepared for administration to a patient?
Verify the order.
(220) An endotracheal tube is useda. for short term treatmentb. on adults onlyc. for long term treatmentd. for children only
a. for short term treatment
What are the resepective purposes of hemostats and rake retractors?
hemostats clamp and occlude, retractors expose and retract tissues
What type of classification decision involves information that is paraphrased or restarted?
a. Original
b. Compiled
c. Derivative
d. Consolidated
What type of classification decision involves information that is paraphrased or restarted?
c. Derivative
When a basic directive is superseded, its supplement...
A. is destroyed
B. is superseded also
C. automatically stays in affect
D. is posted to the new pulication
C. automatically stays in affect
Which tool is provided to the commander on a quarterly basis to review and evaluate maintenance and training effectiveness?
Training Visibilty Ledger from Integrated Maintenance Data System
Which CAMS function provides you with a small volume of data on your terminal screen?
Retrieve data through on-line transaction identification codes
how many hoses does a master meter have and where are they connected?
two hoses; outlet side.
what type of control tubing is used on the type 3 system?
seamless stainless steel.
to be sure of trouble free operation list seven factors you should consider when selecting a motor
physical location, ambient temperature, duty, bearings, voltage, mechanical connection to load, and motor data plate.
what are the two types of thermal overload relays?
bimetallic or melting alloy
what is the smallest current that can be fatal under certian conditions?
1/10th of 1 amp
what type of punch is used to mark a point in metal?
center punch
when writing a draft, what areas should you focus on?
The introduction, body, conclusion, transitions, and support
in aluminum alloys how does the natural PH comapre to artificial precipitation hardening
there is no noticeable diff
The three benefits of the Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP) are improved safety, reducedmaintenance cost, anda. recycling of used oil.b. production of wear metals.c. increased equipment availability.d. increased length of time between oil changes.
c. increased equipment availability.
What is the difference between KFS and KRE files?
IMDS-REMIS=KFS. Vice versa is KRE
When turning a patient, what is the most important precaution to take whether you are pushing or pulling the patient?
Raise the far side rail.
(223) Individual suffering from combat stress should bea. considered illb. isolated from all othersc. allowed to carry out normal activitiesd. allowed to provide simple care for other patients
c. allowed to carry out normal activities
How do carriers differ from individuals who actually develop an infectious disease?
Carriers have the pathogen but present no symptoms.
In researching for a subject matter expert (SME) interview, which form identifies the duties required for civilian personnel?
AF Form 1378, Civilian Personnel Position Description
What types of deficiencies are not reported using AFTO Form 22?
Recommendation for new TOs, embedded computer system hardware and/or software problems, calibrationresponsibility determination, corrections to flight manual publications, preliminary TOs discrepancies, andrequests for changes to SMR codes.
who may authorize an AFJQS to be used as a stand alone document?
AF career field manager
during tank cleaning, when should you remove heavily contaminated clothing?
immediately, but leave the area first
explain the limited inspection of a gate valve.
operate the valve periodically. check for leaks adjust the packing gland if needed, lubricate the gear housing, and inspect for visible external damage.
The basic postflight inspection is peformed to
a) prepare the aircraft for another flight
b) determine the flight status of the aircraft
c) prepare the aircraft for the first flight of the day
d) determine if the aircraft is suitable for another flight
d) determine if the aircraft is suitable for another flight
The methods used to cool brushless alternating current (AC) generators area. blast air and ram air.b. engine oil and blast air.c. blast air and generator oil.d. generator oil and engine oil.
b. engine oil and blast air.
What must you start a new AF Form 1041?
First day of every month.
Why is a clean-shaven face important to continued worldwide duty?
to be able to wear protective equipment without comlication
Who is responsible for preparing and coordinating on all proposed replies to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requestor?
a. Office of orimary responsibility (OPR)
b. Initial denial authority
c. Disclosure authority
d. Freedom of Information Act
Who is responsible for preparing and coordinating on all proposed replies to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requestor?
d. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) manager
If a lack of training capability cannot be resolved at the base level, how do you forward this problem to MAJCOM?
By using an AF Form 2096, Classification/ On the Job Training Action
What is the highest-level element in a  basic web document?
a. Body
b. Head
d. Close
What is the highest-level element in a  basic web document?
before cleaning or adjusting a power tool you must
disconnect the power tool from the power source
what purpose do the compensating windings in a repulsion start induction run motor serve?
to improve the power factor during the starting peroid.
what are the 5 functions of the 90AF-8 refueling control valve?
pressure reducing control, nonsurge, pressure relief, excess flow shutoff, and emergency shutoff.
a type 3 operating storage tank level indicator servo compartment must be listed for use in what?
class 1, division 1, group D.
on compound dies, with slower working speeds, the ability to use scrap materials is and advantage because scrap materials
offset the cost of operating the machine
The basic units of a hydraulic hand pump system are thea. pump, actuator, filter, and priority valve.b. pump, actuator, shutoff, and metering valve.c. reservoir, pump, actuator, and metering valve.d. reservoir, pump, actuator, and manual shutoff valve.
d. reservoir, pump, actuator, and manual shutoff valve.
why must the DECC and the DBM devote special attention to both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance?
to insure uninterupted flow of information
(218) explain the four main types of neuropathies.
Peripheral can cause either pain or loss of feeling in the toes, feet, legs, hands, and arms.Autonomic causes changes to the organ systems like the digestive, sexual responses, and perspiration as well as the nerves that serve the heart.Proximal neuropathy can cause pain the the thighs, hips or buttock that may lead to weakness in the legs.Focal neuropathy results in the sudden weakness of one nerve or a group of nerves causing weakness or pain at the nerve site.
What is the minimum number fot times ROM exercises should be performed?
3-5 times per exercise usually at least 2X a day.
You have acquired a bad safety habit of walking while spotting.  It is important for you to eliminate this poor and unsafe work practice because:
A)new people can learn work habits by observing your performance
B)your supervisor will embarrass you in f

A)new people can learn work habits by observing your performance
how can you determine whether the drive of the machine is at fault?
disconnect the motor from its load and rotate the rotor shaft of the motor by hand to determine whether rotation is free.
What is a clique? describe one advantage and one disadvantage of a clique within an organization.
The information of a clique is the direct result of our social instinct to band together in groups. A clique can bind people together by enhancing unit morale. However, a clique can also take on a life of it's own and become independent of organization objectives
Which statement is not a good lubrication tip?a. Heat lubricants to make them easier to apply.b. Never apply lubricants to a corroded surface.c. Force grease into fittings until new grease is evident.d. Filter all oils procured in containers larger than 1
a. Heat lubricants to make them easier to apply.
If droplet precautions are in effect, when should you wear a mask?
When you are working within 3 ft of the patient.
What type of record is created when the Air National Guard (ANG) is creating the records and the federal emergency management agency gets involved and federal dollars are put towards the emergency?
a. State only
b. Federal only
c. Personal only
What type of record is created when the Air National Guard (ANG) is creating the records and the federal emergency management agency gets involved and federal dollars are put towards the emergency?
b. Federal only
Before a trainee can be awarded the 5-or 7- skill levels all core tasks must be identified:
A)in the CFETP and other duty position tasks identified by the supervisor
B)by the supervisor and other duty position tasks identified by the CFETP
C)by the com
A) in the CFETP and other duty position tasks identified by the supervisor
if your defueling one aircraft while another aircraft is being refueled, where does the defueled fuel go in a type 3 system?
it goes into the hydrant loop and then either to the other aircraft connected to the system, which are being refueled, or to the 58AF-9BPCV and into the operating tanks.
the pythagorean theorem bases its law on the fact that the square of the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the
sum of the squares of the other two sides
what must be done to fuel pumps and motors located in a pit if they are to be abandoned?
remove them and store in a dry place.
If it physically impossible to conduct an inventory of a user because of distance, the communications security (COMSEC) manager:a. requests special temporary duty (TDY) orders from combat support group (CSGP).b. requests special TDY orders from major coma
d. asks the user to verify his or her holding by letter or message.
what type of pump is used to remove water from the product recovery tank?
a hand operated pump. it is a double action piston type that delivers liquid on every forward and backward stroke.
If you do not have a graphic or image uploaded to a SharePoint picture library and you want to load one, what is the next step?
a. On the create page, select picture library.
b. On the site actions menu, select edit page from the drop-down menu.
If you do not have a graphic or image uploaded to a SharePoint picture library and you want to load one, what is the next step?
c. On the site page, click the site action menu, and then click the create link.
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