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1.training detachments(TDs)are administratively assigned to which MAJCOM?
a.air combat command(acc)
b.air training command(atc)
c.air reserve command(afrc)
d.air education and training command(aetc)
Thickening of the skin
Lichenification is
the weight per unit volume
When performing a pulmonary function test on a patient, according to Air Force standards, what is the minimum percentage standard for the FEV1/FVC ratio?
Very little compact bone
Bone ends contain
Using the civilian four-level triage system, a patient with complicated burns is classified as priority
What electrolyte deficit and excess can cause dysrhythmias leading to cardiac or respiratory arrest?
Which portion of the introduction helps to focus the trainees attention on the first major teaching step?
the process of teaching students specific skills to be performed under defined conditions is known as
what feature prevents cast-iron surface plates from rocking on uneven surfaces
three legs
Which figure in an AFSC identifies career grouping?
Diabetic ketoacidosis
Kussmaul’s respirations are a sign of
Increased intracranial pressure
Neurological checks should be performed on a patient with suspected
Fatigue, weakness, anorexia, nausia, vomiting, and dysrhythmias are signs and symptoms associated with which electrolyte imbalances?
Hypokalemia (Potassium Deficit).
Which type of exercise would you provide for a patient who is unable or not allowed to exercise?
(222) what arrhythmia is represented by no electrical activity in the heart?a. asystoleb. ventricular fibrillationc. pulseless electrical activity (PEA)d. pulseless ventricular tachycardia
a. asystole
Who ensures civilian agencies are notified of reportable diseases?
Public Health
What is the purpose of the NIIN?
Who is responsible for conducting and documenting work center orientations and initial qualification evaluations within 60 days of assignment?
The thin membrane that covers the surface of bones and contains nerves and blood vessels is called the
How many R-14s does each ATHRS contain?
after welding, titanium alloys should be
stress relieved
During an aircraft inspection, you find a deteriorated insignia decal. What symbol would you use in the aircraft forms?
a) red X
b) red dash
c) red diagonal
d) none
d) none
Responsibility for establishing a climate that promotes maintenance discipline rests witha. first sergeants.b. subordinate personnel.c. immediate supervisors.d. squadron commanders.
c. immediate supervisors.
What is a common symptom of an esophageal perforation?
Five years or more
Equipment-medical has a life expectancy of
How many main parts does each ovary have?
Members may be retained on the temporary disability retired list (TDRL) for not more than
6 years.
Which term is used to describe the sound that bones make as they rub together?
The ultimate waiver authority for all medical waivers is
(224) Performance eating nutrition should include what percentage of carbohydrates, protein, and fat of the total caloric intake?
Carbohydrates 55-70%Protein 12-15%Fat 30-35%
What is normally the purpose for performing an ear irrigation?
Exessive cerumen
What directive list mandatory requirements for a specific career field?
AFMAN 36-2108, Airman Classification
Which agency schedules and chairs the TCTO planning meetings?
Wing PS&D.
Which element of an objective tells a trainee the level of performance that must be met?
Skin is made of how many pincipal layers?
a safety harness used in tank cleaning, is good for a maximum of how many years from the date stamped on the metal tag located on the back of the harness?
10 years
what component of the 40AF-2A when open, applies full pump pressure to the top of the main valve diaphragm?
the powertrol.
when you install the portable fuel transfer unit separator how many footpounds should you tighten the coalescer hex nuts?
10 ft-lbs
which metric unit is used to measure capacity
Which inspection is basically a flight preparedness check?
a) preflight
b) postflight
c) thruflight
d) end-of-runway
a) preflight
The unit capable of providing both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC)electrical power in addition to pneumatic power for ground maintenance is thea. A/M32A–95.b. A/M32A–86.c. A/M32A–60.d. AF/M–32R–3.
c. A/M32A–60.
The flight control located on the longitudinal control surface is thea. rudder.b. aileron.c. elevator.d. wing flaps.
c. elevator.
Sea level
At what altitude is density of the atmosphere the greatest?
Justify budget and manning allotments
Accurate Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System (MEPRS) data is important to
During the acute stage of the stroke the primary goal is to
sustain life.
What type of reaction is caused by a transfusion of contaminated blood or blood product?
When a patient has an unusually low response to a drug, the condition is called
drug tolerance.
Large doeses of Vitamin C cause all of the following except:heartburn, cramps, kidney stones, constipation?
Which document identifies personal information in manpower positions?
Unit Personnel Manpower Roster (UPMR)
"Technologies and processes enable efficient and targeted work flows, dynamic subscription, proactive push, smart pull, and cross-mission collaboration," describes which phase of knowledge management?
a. I
b. II
c. III
d. IV
"Technologies and processes enable efficient and targeted work flows, dynamic subscription, proactive push, smart pull, and cross-mission collaboration," describes which phase of knowledge management?
c. III
Which organic aircraft can hold up to 6 standard pallets and is capable of landing on dirt strips?
C) C-130
what is the 58E-47 valve?
the pantograph pressure control valve.
what can be determined by multiplying the area of a pipe by the velocity in feet per second?
volume of flow
with a second degree burn the skin is best described as?
on the CRD, what indicates leakage around the diaphragm?
the vent port
if required, what mesh strainer is used upstream of pumps?
a 7 mesh
at room temp., cementite grain structure
is a mechanical mixture
a good application of the small rule with holder is measuring
internal recesses
What can detect if central processing unit (CPU) hardware problem exist?a. Event evaluation.b. Power-on-self-test (POST).c. Process investigation.d. Analytical consideration.
b. Power-on-self-test (POST).
On some jet engines, the turbine bucket is secured in place bya. screws.b. cables.c. lockwire.d. lock strips.
d. lock strips.
Anterior lobe of the pituitary gland
Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) is secreted by the
Which statement is true regarding how ambient temperature can affect drug action?
Warmer temperatures increase circulation.
What is used to prevent the mixing of primary and secondary infusions in a piggyback setup?
Back-check valve.
Define routine vs. terminal cleaning.
Routine is everyday cleaning while terminal cleaning invovles disinfecting things that the patient has touched.
What forms the basis for all required unit training?
Work Center Tasks
which form is a continuation of the Career Field Education and Training Plan(CFETP) and is used and annotated the same way as the specialty training standard(STS)
A)AF IMT 797
B)AF IMT 623a
C)AF IMT 2096
D)AETC Form 156
A)AF IMT 797
Which type of hepatitis is knows an infectious hepatitis and is usually acquired by ingestion of contaminated food or water?
-H Delta
Hep A. HAV
how long should you idle the FSU to allow warm-up?
2 minutes
what valve is used as the type 4 issuing filter/separator control valve?
the 41AF-2C
how are the windings of a three phase dual voltage motor weather wye or delta, connected for high voltage?
in series
what type of starter uses a motor that has externam motor connections?
star delta
Describe the revising phase.
Revising is a finishing step to improve the communication based on the editing phase and the feedback from the reviewers. you revise or rewrite your draft to make it into a more formal presentation.
The procedures for the entries on an AFTO Form 22 are outlined in
a) TO 00-5-1
b) TO 00-1-10
c) the 00-20 series TOs
d) the 00-25 series TOs
a) TO 00-5-1
The pressure in a fire extinguisher is within a safe operating range when the gauge needle iswithin thea. red markings.b. black markings.c. green markings.d. orange markings.
c. green markings.
What option do you select on the G081 applications menu?
G081 GUI option
An inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane
Rhinitis is best described as
What is a way to help relieve most of the patient's concerns prior to surgery?
Preoperative teaching.
What are the three basic bacterial shapes?
Cocci (spere), spirochete (spiral), and bacilli (rod).
The Air Force Portal provides essential online resources for the Air Force at a single location, and it also does the following except?
a.The Air Force's vision of how we eliminate duplication
b. Integrate Air Force systems.
c. Provide easy access
The Air Force Portal provides essential online resources for the Air Force at a single location, and it also does the following except?
d. Provide faster, reliable service.
Where are urgent and routine reports sent?
To designated command control points.
What can you do with your passengers to show you were listening and make sure you understood what they say to you?
A)Communicate verbally
B)Paraphrase what they said
C)Plan what you are going to say next
D)Brief them on what will happen next

B)Paraphrase what they said
What are the three sections of a questionaire?
Instructions, background, and questions
how much fuel is in a 22 foot section of 6 inch pipe?
33 gallons
whare should the emergency shutoff switch be located for fillastands?
no less than 25 feet away
who is responsible for inspecting a contractor's equipment before cleaning an Air Force fuel tank?
the LFM tank entry supervisor
to assure ease of operation, what should you do for the roof support legs and guide pins of a floating roof tank?
coat them lightly with grease
an 18 in gear meshes with a 6 in gear. if the large gear has 72 teeth, how many teeth does the small gear have
The HSC is accomplished in conjunction with
a) minor and major inspections
b) phased and periodic inspections
c) preflight and thruflight inspections
d) hourly postflight and BPO
a) minor and major inspections
Green margins and letters are used to allow you to easily identify the DD Forma. 1577–2 and 1577–3.b. 1576 and DD Form 1576–1.c. 1574 and DD Form 1574–1.d. 1575 and DD Form 1575–1.
a. 1577–2 and 1577–3.
Immediate descent to ground level
What is the best method for treating the chokes?
Which devices can be used to slide a patient from a bed to a stretcher?
Drawsheet and roller board.
(218) What additional risk factors contribute to diabetic neuropathy?
High blood pressure, over weight, and over the age of 40
What are the 8 signs of hypovolemia
Poor skin turgor, dry mucosa membranes, oliguria, rapid weak pulse, orthostatic hypotension, low central venous pressure, concentrated urine
Who can authorize automation of a specialty training standard (STS)?
Air Force career field manager (AFCFM)
What personnel evaluation is conducted to ensure technicians meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proficiency requirements?
Air Traffic Control & Landing Systems (ATCALS) certification.
Which CAMS function product is a by-product of normal processing functions?
Reports required by higher head headquarters
how are the contacts of the centrifugal switch connected in relation to the start winding?
in series with the start winding
other than housing the stator windings, what function does a stator serve?
provide an attachment point for the supply voltage
What are some examples of transitional devices you can use to show a contrasting relationship?
But, Still, However, nevertheless, and yet
During a visual inspection, how can you tell when a fuel filter is clogged?a. A green flag pops out.b. Fuel pressure from the fuel pump is low.c. A differential pressure indicator is actuated.d. There is no way to tell without disassembling the filter.
c. A differential pressure indicator is actuated.
What is the purpose of a system release?
ID changes/updates to IMDS DECCs worldwide
Why should your feet be parallel when you are standing?
Maintain balance and prevent back, hip, and leg strain.
What equipment or areas commonly have a daily checklist?
Treatment rooms, crash carts, and iv trays
At least how many years remaining retention must records have to be shipped to a federal records center?
a. Two
b. Three
c. Eight
d. Nine
At least how many years remaining retention must records have to be shipped to a federal records center?
b. Three
What are the four common rating errors on which you need to train evaluators?
Standard, Logic, Central Tendency, and Halo
What type of Community of Practice workspace allows you to view its home page as well as all of its contents?
a. Open
b. Restricted
c. Closed
d. Hidden
What type of Community of Practice workspace allows you to view its home page as well as all of its contents?
a. Open
what are the different types of gauges found in the fuel system?
high pressure, low pressure or differential pressure, and pressure vacuum gauges.
what is the purpose of the waste water disposal subsystem in the harvest eagle?
to keep the camp sanitary
one difference between contour machine saw bands and horizontal cutoff saw bands is the
gage is thicker on the cutoff saw bands
A relief valve is installed in a variable-volume hydraulic pump toa. bypass a blocked valve.b. compensate for pump pressure failure.c. relieve pressure if the pump compensator fails.d. relieve pressure when the foot valve is blocked.
b. compensate for pump pressure failure.
Rules and a standard of conduct
A code of ethics includes which of the following?
(223) Explain the proximity principle of BICEPS
Care is provided in an area as close as possible to the individual's unit of assignment. This again enforces the idea that the individual will be returning to the unit; it also allows the opportunity to maintain unit bonding.
What factors should you consider when selecting an IV injection site?
Age and condition of the pt, condition of the veins, solution to be administered, infusion rate, durations of IV therapy, and type of equipment used
You want to find out if two pieces of hazardous cargo are compatible with each other.  In which publication would you look?
A)Air Force Instruction (AFI) 24-101
B)Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 24-204(I)
C)Air Mobility Command Instruction (AMCI) 24-101

B)Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 24-204(I)
what type of manual valve is the operating storage tank outlet valve?
a 12 inch nonlubricated double block and bleed valve.
when CAD technician chooses to change a drawing they must
call up the file and edit the drawing
What is the first step to issuing a new User ID to a user?
Option six, list all, verify they don't have one
Before administering the PFT what info ust you find out from the pt that may have an effect on the test?
If the pt has smoked or used an inhaler in the last hour, if the pt has eaten in the last 2 hours, or if the pt has had any respiratory disease or infection in the last 3 weeks
What is reviewed when files expand to more than one drawer or files are filed in other locations to determine the inclusive series numbers to be placed on the drawer label?
a. File plan
b. Decision logic table
c. Disposition control label
d. Recor
What is reviewed when files expand to more than one drawer or files are filed in other locations to determine the inclusive series numbers to be placed on the drawer label?
a. File plan
The AMC Form 253 and AMC IMT 19 are used for passengers to 
A)comment on the service they received while traveling within AMC.
B)obtain border clearance requirements while traveling overseas
C)clear customs while traveling from overseas to the CONUS

A)comment on the service they received while traveling within AMC.
in what modes can the type 3 system be used to defuel?
in the idle or refueling mode.
Normally the last step in the boot up process is:a. The keyboard lights should flash.b. A memory test should be visible on the monitor.c. The hard disk drive access light should come no briefly.d. the operating system (OS) loads into memory and user inter
d. the operating system (OS) loads into memory and user interface appears.
if a pump is running, where is your first stop in diagnosing a problem?
the as built drawing located on the wall of every fueling facility.
Expalin how to prepare aa pt for a sigmoidoscopy.
pt is given a cathartic or enema or both the night before the procedure
when a type 4 system is placed in the pantograph flush mode, what happens to the flush valve?
the solenoid is energized and the main valve closes.
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