3D Art Midterm Flashcards

Terms Definitions
la cultura
leaf masks
un urinoir
dirt paint
la letra
Leading Artist
Henri Matisse
to place together
La molendera
Diego Rivera
Japanese ink master
Sonar (ue)
to sound like
Drawing composed of dots
Objects made of clay
Still Life with Fruit
Hardened by applying high heat
material used to make art
Spirit path, Qianling, Shaanxi, 7th-8th c. CE
Automatic surrealism
Characteristics include painting whatever comes to mind (i.e doodling)
Achromatic colors
black, white, and grays
exaggerates features or charateristics of a subject to an unnatural or absurd degree.
preferred medium of ceramists and potters
Imposing the meanings and prejudices of one culture on another
secures, cares for, displays and studies works of art
an underground tunnel with recesses where bodies were buried (as in ancient Rome)
a quality of workmanship relating specifically to the use of tools, techniques or materials
The Cathedral of Florence by Brunelleschi
Georgia O'Keeffe's painting Deer's Skull with Pedernal is a prime example of
symmetrical balance.
This building’s ornamentation is intended to make its supporting piers appear to be columns, and it was groundbreaking because part of its framework is semi-visible from the exterior.
Wainwright Building
"Sunday Afternoon on
the Island of La Grande
Jatte" - Georges Seurat
in which culture were many math advancements that are discussed in art made?
abstract expressionism
a movement that exemplifies color, emotion, and application
Number 1, 1950 Lavender Mist, USA, Abstract Expressionism, Pollock
Renaissance focused on perfecting...
understanding of proportion/realistic expression
The principle of art that creates unity by stressing the similarities of seperate but related parts
depictions of an idyllic place of rural peace and simplicity
atmospheric projection
distant objects less distinct, bluer or cooler in color
vanishing points
is where all converging lines end
soft media
(pencil, charcoal, chair conte crayon) blend the media to create a continuous tone value
What year was the Atlas Slave Created?
Proportion Skills
size comparison / find midpoint / plumb and level
barbara kruger
Graphic Designer that uses black & white photography with red and white text. Communicates in visual terms. Images taken from media, looks similar to posters. Message is intentionally unclear. Ex: I shop therefore I Am.
Genre Painting
a painting of ordinary people engaged in common, everyday activities
Piel de la res, limpia del vellón, curtida, que se emplea para escriibir o pintar en ella./animalskin to paint on
In Christian art, the image of Christ as ruler and judge of heaven and earth.
Abstract Texture
display some hint of the original texture,but have been modified to suit the artists particular needs. Simplified version of the original.
Roman Empire (30 BC - 395 AD) Rome
patron: emperor
stone, brick, concrete
style: greek orders, dome, sacred, religious
technique: dome and oculus
What did the early-Renaissance sculptor Donatello do that hadn't been done since Classical Antiquity?
He sculpted nude figures
the completed work of an artist which is the expression of creativity or imagination, or both that portrays a mood, feeling or tells a story; works of art collectively
allows the viewer to see a combonation of elements, principles, and media as a whole;if is created by harmony, simplicity, reptition, proximity, and continuation
Mondrian was a prominent painter of the
De Stijl movement.
human stance in which the hips and the legs are one way, the shoulders and chest another-it results in a shift in weight which creates tension on one side and relaxation on the other
Who domed the Cathedral?
Brunelliski who also lost the Baptistery competition to Ghiberti
Georgia O'Keefe, Black Iris III
-creates abstract portraits of ordinary objects -nature is her theme -precisely arranged
a type of art medium in which the artist arranges objects or artworks in a room, thinking of the entire space as the medium to be manipulated. Also called environments.
The imaginary line that an artist uses in a picture
Axis line
Negative Space
The shape of the space around an object, between several objects, or in an opening within an object; for example, the space between the handle and the body of a cup is a negative space or shape.
Warm Color:
Hues on half of the color wheel with orange in the center. (Red, orange, yellow with tan or brown as the neutral)
Frida Kahlo "diego in my thoughts"
How art reveals the truth
1st printmaking step
Place design and carbon paper on top of linoleum or block wood. Trace over the design to transfer the image to the block. (letters should be backwards)
analogous color harmony
colors next to each other on the color wheel
Kao Ninga, Monk Sewing, 14th Century
a) Zen Buddhism teaches people to let go of self conscious and ambitions
tanto en las bellas artes como en la literatura
both in the fine arts and in literature
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