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la paleta
to show
el director
rooman church
La costumbre
relief types
woodcut, linocut
la creación
the creation
Pop Art
large cartoons
Love Conquers
(Jean-Francois) Millet
secondary colors
green, orange, purple
Progressive wealthy whites, "benevolent censorship"
kept in good condition
ser listo
to be clever
Related to the autobiographical method, this method works from the basis that an artist's life and personality vive meaning to the art he or she produces.
King Zoser.
2630-2611 Bc
1st artists name that was recorded
radial balance
arranged around an object
Neutral Colors
Browns, Blacks, Whites, Greys
Negative space
Area within a form
Qualities that make objects, actions, or language more beautiful or pleasurable, according to culturally relative and variable standards.
ancient wall painting technique; thin paint mixed into plaster, limestone as being built
Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night, 1889
Disposición de los elementos y también despiezo de los materiales de una construcción
carving a design into engobe clay
have three-dimensions - height, width, depth
Sculptures that were used as rainspouts -
objects that have a three-dimensional having length, width, and depth.
brought sculpture into 21st cent. Burghers of CalaisThe Thinker
Tip for Stonger Composition
odd number of objects
an arrangement or spreading out words or art on a piece of paper
artist breaks down the natural forms of the subject into geometrical shapes and creates a new kind of pictorial space
refers to the distance or area between, around, above, below or within objects.
lines that are closly spaced and paralell used to suggest light and shadow.
a recessed decorative panel that is used to reduce the weight of and to decorate ceilins or vaults
Saint Matthew, (from the Gospel Book of Charlemagne), Carolingian Period, 800, ink and tempera on vellum
art critics
Those with the training, experience, and commitment that gives them the authority to make judgements in order to determine when something is art.
having spots of a different shade, tone, or color from the background; mottled
a person who publicizes or praises something or someone for reasons of self-interest, personal profit, or friendship or loyalty
To hang down by attaching to something above
Causes the viewer's eye to move from one element to the next
is to become deeply aware through the senses of the special nature of a visual object.
Vanishing Point
In linear perspective, the point on the horizon where parallel lines appear to converge.
additive process
sculpture made by joining or combining materials
a 20th century movement of artists and writers (developing out of Dadaism) who used fantastic images and incongruous juxtapositions in order to represent unconscious thoughts and dreams
conceptual art
art as idea
artist as thinker, not maker
anti material
how does an artist choose the medium they use?
Symetrical Balance
FORMAL established when both sides of the compositoin are exactly equal. Formal balance
optical color mixing
Optical color mixing is created through our perception of color. When one looks at two small amounts of different colors laid down side by side the two appear to create a different color. This color is usually something similar to the result when the two are mixed in pigment. The only difference is that when two colors are mixed in pigment, they lose some of their intensity. When two colors mix optically, they retain their intensity and they sometimes appear brighter.
the look of three dimensions on a 2-D surface
color scheme that is made of two colors straight across on the color
complementary colors
womanhouse 1972
outside of LA, women of art program took entire house for a few months, filled w/ womens roles in society, exploring sterotypes, through virtual "rooms" and conceptual domestic "spaces"
color wheel
A radial diagram of colors in which primary and secondary, and sometimes intermediate colors are displayed as an aid to color identification, choosing, and mixing.
what are the elements of art?
line, shape, form, space
The ancient Roman architect Vitruvius associated the perfected male form with the perfect geometry of
the circle and square
What is expressionism?
Style in which the intention is to portray the subject in a way expressing the inner state of the artist
The school of Athens.
Was a painting comisioned by Pope Julius II, by raphael, Plato and da Vinci are in the middle and Raphael is also in the painting.
Asymmetrical Balance (INFORMAL BALANCE)
the 2 sides are balanced but diff. like large light areas balance small dark areas = can be subtle & exciting
Camera Obscura
A dark room (or box) with a small hole in one side, through which an inverted image of the view outside is projected onto the opposite wall.  The image is then traced. This forerunner of the modern camera was a toool for recording an optically accurate image
an aid used to steady the block during cutting
What is a bench hook?
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