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Terms Definitions
unknown hardness on rockwell
Noise assessment is conducted by
which metric prefix means 1000
Career field manager
Who chairs a U&TW?
Quarter inch
An individual’s sitting height measurement is recorded to the nearest
Which classifications of fracture are considered more serious because a greater blood loss is possible?
What purpose do project codes provide?
What cartilaginous flap, lying above the larynx, moves to direct food and liquid into the esophagus?
what color are emergency stop switches?
This communications security (COMSEC) material is not required to be tracked on the daily or shift inventory.a. Accounting legend code (ALC)-1.b. ALC-2.c. ALC-3.d. ALC-4.
d. ALC-4.
Equipment malfunction
Hypoxia is most frequently caused by
Presbycusis is the loss of hearing attributed primarily to
Henry’s law
What gas law explains altitude-induced decompression sickness?
The medical standards, the frequency, scope and instructions for completing required physical examinations properly are specified in
AFI 48-123.
Which psychatric term defines a mood disorder identified by feelings of elation and well being, flight of ideas, and physical overactivity?
What is self actualization?
Reaching one's full potential.
Which usually provides the best information for identifyin work center tasks?
Several sources
Item managers must provide an annual forecast for time change items to whom?
When preparing a training meeting agenda, you (the unit ETM) are
preparing yourself
publications of another federal agency including dod and its components that are directive on or of interest to the air force are
joint publications
what component of the 40AF-2A restricts flow through the control tubing, causing the main valve to modulate?
the CDHS-2
what is the difference in speed between the rotor and rotating magnetic field called?
who introduces reviews validates and prioritizes coporate prime beef engineer programs and requirements?
readiness board
the civil engineer occupation badge that has a wreath is the
master badge
control decarburization with martensitic stainless steels when heat treating, you can
use a carburizing atmosphere
The wing components that provide strength and contour shape to the wing are thea. ribs.b. spars.c. stringers.d. stiffeners.
a. ribs.
This program is used to report REMIS table problems to the OPR at the appropriate ALC
What is the first step when preparing objects for sterilization?
Lymphocytes and macrophages
What are the 2 infection-fighting organisms associated with the lymph nodes?
The normal arterial oxygen saturation range is
95 to 98%
How is the contact poison phosphorus removed from the skin?
Dust off.
When you ask the medical patient if the pain is constant or intermittent, you are questioning about
How many types of processing trays ar ethere for the paracetic acid sterilizer?
A proctoscopy is an inspection of what?
the rectum
Privacy Act officers are responsible for...
A. deciding the need for and content of systems
B. preparing system notices and reports
C. answering the privacy act requests
D. investigating complaints
D. investigating complaints
What AFSC performs maintenance on fixed and mobile meteorological and navigational aids systems, ground-to-air transmitters, receivers and tranceivers?
Air Field Systems
When developing a checklist for a performance test include those items required for
complete performance
what parts per million will vapors produce a stage of excitement?
500 PPM
with the rotary pump running and pumping against a closed nozzle, what should the pressure be if the bypass valve is functioning properly on a tokheim system?
24.5 psi.
what is the maximum tolerance allowed when aligning an API 610 pump shaft and motor shaft?
0.002 inches
at what minimal amount does current cause electrical shock?
100 miliampers
which file would you select if you need a safe cutting edge for filing a keyway
if you notice brale penetrator is chiped
replace it
What is the maximum number of different actions that can be accomplished on a single Standard From (SF) 153?
a. 1.
b. 2.
c. 3.
d. 4.
a. 1.
What type of responsibility is assumed by an individual who has acquired physicalpossession of government property?a. Personal.b. Custodial.c. Command.d. Supervisory.
b. Custodial.
Who reviews and validates AF Form 3215 for completeness on IMDS related requests
Host DBM
Gallbladder disorders
Bland diets are given to patients who have
Over 50 years old
Osteoarthritis is commonly seen in patients who are
A scalp vein needle (commonly used in pediatric patients) is an example of a
wing-tipped neede.
What publication contains a list of locally available medications, recommended dispensing instructions, and administrative guidelines?
Local facility formulary.
How many degrees out from the visual axis is consider the central field?
30 degrees
What are antibodies?
Substances produced by the body that attack and kill antigens.
The records information management system's files maintenance and disposition plan lists all of the following except...
A. the record's cutoff period
B. the disposition authorities
C. the location of each record series
D. all record series for the offi
A. the record's cutoff period
While selecting passengers for a flight, which would you select first?
A)Space-available passenger traveling on unfunded emergency leave
B)Space-available passenger traveling on environmental morale leave
C)Space-required passenger traveling on student
D)Space-required passenger traveling on emergency orders to the emergency location
Which publication list specailized correspondence courses that can be taken?
AFIADL Catalog and price listing
when 1 volt of pressure pushes 1 ampere of current flow through an electrical path then 1 ohm of resistance is present.
ohm's law
the minimum skill level for a task certifier is the
5 level
what must be the maximum distance from the dikes to the aircraft's fuel receiving adapter?
250 feet
what is the minimum height above the highest point of the tent you install the smokestack on the preway tent heater?
18 inches
which component will aid you in determining the level of water in a vertical filter/separator?
the sight gauge
when rockwell tester is used, lack of surface uniformity results in
inaccurate readings
the terms of a fraction are the
numerator or denominator
Why are aluminum alloy washers used with steel bolts on aluminum alloy parts in low-torque applications?
a) reduce shearing
b) prevent vibration
c) prevent corrosion
d) reduce shimming
c) prevent corrosion
During crash recovery, what method of aircraft hoisting is confined to emergencies when noother method is available?a. Cribbing.b. Lifting bags.c. Crane hoisting.d. Aircraft jacking.
d. Aircraft jacking.
The type of flight control system that allows the pilot to control the aircraft if hydraulicpressure is lost isa. boost.b. manual.c. powered.d. differential pressure.
b. manual.
In the outpatient record
Visibility of a living will is possible in unexpected emergencies by ensuring a copy of the document is maintained
Closed-chest drainage is a system used to
reexpand a collapsed lung.
Which is the correct order for applying a short spine immobilization device? 1. Secure the device to the patient's torso. 2. Secure the patient's head to the device. 3. Position device behind the paitient. 4. Evaluate torso fixation and pad behind neck as
3, 1, 2, 4.
What condition may complicate phlebitis?
formation of clots along the vein
What type of memorandum for record is an in-house document to record information that would otherwise not be recorded in writing?
A. Brief
B. Official
C. Explanatory
D. Separate page
D. Separate page
Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES) is both a process and a collection of automated  computer systems used to develop
A)joint inspection standards and Global Air Mobility Support System (GAMSS) taskings
B)operational plans (OPLANS) an

B)operational plans (OPLANS) and time-phased force and deployment data (TPFDDs)
which components of the 51AF-4 rapid defuel valve opens at 5 psi?
the low pressure CRL
how many bands are used to identify automotive gasolines?
two narrow bands
what maintenance is required on gauges?
cleaning gauge glass, removing moisture, calibration, and leak check.
if the 40AF-2A, fuel discharge valve, fails to open, what should you check first?
the main valve diaphragm.
what component aids in the opening of the 302AF valve?
the ejector strainer.
when heat treating a part of uneven cross section, what is the quenching procedure
heavier section first
You can use the IMDS CDB Training Management Subsystem to monitora. upgrade training.b. optional training.c. specialty training.d. qualitative training.
a. upgrade training.
As a general rule, ITCTO are replaced by formal TOs withina. 48 hours.b. 72 hours.c. 10 days.d. 15 days.
c. 10 days.
When doing a sterile procedure
When should sterile gloves rather than non-sterile gloves be worn when working with a patient in isolation?
Which of the following lists include rated officers only?
Navigators, pilots, and flight surgeons.
A detailed physical exam on a child is completed from
toes to head.
What prevents the mixing of primary and secondary infusions when a piggyback seup is used?
backcheck valve in the assembly
For what purpose is ionizing radiation primarily used?
Bulk sterilization of commercial products
What are the two types of questions that can be used on a questionnaire?
Selection and Supply type
What SharePoint features are activated by default for all information stored in the central administration level of Sharepoint?
a. Indexing and search
b. Indexing and filing
c. Search and filing
d. Search and authenticate 
What SharePoint features are activated by default for all information stored in the central administration level of Sharepoint?
a. Indexing and search
Which one of the following represents an operational security (OPSEC) vulnerability?
A)An adversary with possession of a fake military identification card and knowledge of the base.
B)Taking pictures of the helicopters you loaded on the C-5 and posting

B)Taking pictures of the helicopters you loaded on the C-5 and posting them on the internet
list inspections required on the A.O Smith meter.
visual inspection of meter assembly.
which of the 3 components on the 51AF-4 valve is adjusted aaccording to the 90AF-8 CRL setting?
the high pressure CRL.
Step number one of the FSU and PFTU operations requires that you locate the FSU emergency stop button where?
near the PFTU
to prevent the risk of oxygen deficiency in the work area when working with liquid nitrogen always
properly vent the work area
To issue an item of equipment for short specified periods, use thea. AF Form 2005.b. AF Form 2413.c. AF Form 1297.d. DD Form 1348–6.
c. AF Form 1297.
The home station check is accomplished in conjunction witha. minor and major inspections.b. phased and periodic inspections.c. preflight and thruflight inspections.d. hourly postflight and basic postflight inspections.
a. minor and major inspections.
Rinse mouth with hot water
What should you instruct a patient to do before coughing up a sputum culture?
To use the internal girdle of support, you must
simultaneously contract abdominal and buttocks muscles.
What is tertiary wound closure?
The wound is allowed to granulate and then the edges are approximated and sutured.
What should be done when shipping classified nad unclassified records?
A. Seperate the records before shipping
B. Combine the records to save on shipping cost
C. Classified records cannot be ship from a deployed location
D. Combine the records and anno
A. Seperate the records before shipping
When servicing the air transportable galley/lavatory (ATGL) water tank you should fill it with potable water until
A)the flow meter reads 11 gallons
B)water discharges from the overflow fitting or to the requested capacity
C)the gauge indicates that it

C)the gauge indicates that it is full or 39 gallons, whichever comes first
what is the purpose of the liquid level gauge on a vertical filter/separator?
to determine the water level.
what size lumber would you use to prevent damage to a floating roof?
4 inch by 4 inch
which of the following conditions could be the cause of high draft in a preway heater?
additional lengths of stove pipe or high winds
main diff between the SAE and AISI coding systems
AISI prefix indicates the manufacturing process
Variable-volume pumps do not require a separate pressure-regulating device in the systembecausea. they deliver low pressure.b. they have an integral compensator.c. the case drain will relieve high system pressure.d. there is no angle between the drive sha
b. they have an integral compensator.
Portion of the pancreas that has an endocrine function
The Islets of Langerhans is the
(223) why is it important that the combat stress patient does not identify himself or herself as a sick patient?
they increase the likelihood of returning to duty.
What are the reasons for visual field testing?
detect abnormalities not found in routine acuity tests. monitor changes in pt visual status
What is the primary purpose of managing Air Force information?
a. Document past actions of historical value.
b. Provide effective control of Privacy Act (PA) material.
c. Comply with Air Force horizon vision documents.
d. Effectively and efficient
What is the primary purpose of managing Air Force information?
d. Effectively and efficiently enhance the Air Force mission.
What does the Services Oriented Enterprise Provide?
A means of achieving IT agility and flexibility to support rapidly evolving mission processes and changing goals and objectives
When completing the AMC Form 162 from which two sources can you get the information to compute the total amount of monies collected from the passengers?
A)From the remarks section of the passengers' travel authorizations or from each of the blocks in sec

C)The meal costs from the passengers' AMC Form 148/2s or from each of the blocks in section V of the AMC Form 162
explain the proper method of opening and closing a gate valve.
turn handle to maximum travel, then back off a little.
What five steps are involved in the prewriting phase?
selecting your purpose and objective, analyzing your audience, researching your subject, selecting a pattern, and outlining
what should you do before you begin any maintenance in a flammable or explosive environment
bleed static on a grounding plate
The purpose of a hydraulic system check valve is toa. allow flow in only one direction.b. prevent loss of fluid if a line breaks.c. supply on demand pressure to components.d. relieve excess pressure due to thermal expansion.
a. allow flow in only one direction.
What occurs in the third phase of spousal abuse?
Spouse states it will never happen again.
If you find calculi (stones) when straining urine, what should you do?
save it, place it ina sterile cup, apply correct labeling, notify the nurse and send it to lab
What does the staging area reviews to determine what records are eligible for disposal?
A.Disposition control label
B. Records disposition schedule
C. SF Form 135, Records Transmittal and Receipt
D. AF IMT 310, Document Receipt and Destruction Certific
C. SF Form 135, Records Transmittal and Receipt
which of the following is correct if the automatic gauge reads 10 feet 2 inches and the tape and bob shows 10 feet 3 1/2 inches?
underreading; lengthen the cable 1 1/2 inches.
the number of column shaft sections a deep well turbine will have is determined by the what?
the distance between the pump tank flange and the tank floor.
what color lines are on the graphic display in the type 3 control room? What do they indicate?
the green lines indicate the receiving and hydrant loop return line. the yellow lines indicate the pump suction, from the storage tank discharge lines to the inlet of the pumps. yellow lines also show the water draw off lines from the filter/separators and pressure relief valves that go to the product recovery tank. blue lines are the pump discharge and hydrant loop up to and including the 58AF-9 BPCV, 58AF-3 PCV, and the 58AF-9-1 D/FV
What action is necessary to clear an erroneous red diagonal symbol?
a) erase the incorrect symbol and replace it with the correct symbol
b) an authorized individual will sign the inspected by block and initial over the symbol
c) place the statement "sym
d) place the statement "symbol entered in error" in the CORRECTED BY block
A patient's feet must be placed on the floor or a footstool during "dangling" to prevent
pressure on the back of the legs.
Which of these processes is nota step in the publishing process of electronic products?
a. Producing
b. Formatting
c. Posting
d. Storing
Which of these processes is nota step in the publishing process of electronic products?
a. Producing
What must you do as a Content Publisher for a user to use images from the Air Force Portal directory?
a. The images must have been uploaded to the local server prior to creating the document.
b. The images must have been downloaded to the local serv
What must you do as a Content Publisher for a user to use images from the Air Force Portal directory?
c. The images must have been uploaded to the Air Force Portal directory prior to creating the document.
what flow rate must be set on the 41AF-1A nonsurge check valves flow controller? and why is it important?
650GPM because it allows the fueling pump to operate efficiently.
If the patient is not alert and his or her breathing is slower than eight breaths per minute, provide
ventilations with a BVM and high-flow oxygen.
when must you check the motor windings for grounds?
when the ground does not exist in the conduit from the stator to the motor.
Who ensures the links in you web site are maintained and in working order?
a. MAJCOM content manager
b. Advance content manager
c. Content manager
d. Content publisher
Who ensures the links in you web site are maintained and in working order?
d. Content publisher
What is normally the next step in the boot up process after the basic input output system (BIOS) message appears on the monitor?a. The keyboard lights should flash.b. A memory test should be visible on the monitor.c. The hard disk drive access light shoul
b. A memory test should be visible on the monitor.
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