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Magnetic Field
Terms Definitions
Which commercial publications provide the "how to" aspect of a job?
Where will your supervisor document all of your on the job training in the COVER Train program?
What alternator component offers a slight magnetic force that aligns the main magnetic field so it remains most effective?
Typically mission essential power (MEP)-12 generators are scheduled for maintenance after operating for
300 hrs
Which of the following relays deactivates the starter motor on an onan generator when the engine speed reaches 500 RPM
What series of publications cover policy on all aspects of civilian and military staffing, including procuring, promoting, training and funding?
36 Series
Which COVER Train screen allows your section to document training for one of a kind systems?
Which screen will your supervisor sign you off on as you complete the required Air Force Qualification Training Packages (AFQTP)?
What meter indicates the true power load in an alternating current (AC) circuit?
What is the key to reliable soldering?
During which inspection are the rewind engines on the BAK-12 arresting system run for 10 to 15 minutes
On an MA-1A arresting barrier, the arresting chain is doubled after te first
How many 60-amp outputs are included on the secondary districution center (SDC)?
During soil installation, how many stakes are required to install each mobile runway edge sheave (MRES) assembly?
32 stakes
Which publication should you follow when the guidance issued by a field unit conflicts with the guidance issued by a higher-level unit?
The higher-level publication.
Which manual contains part numbers, nomenclatures, and other pertinent information necessary to support that piece of equipment?
Illustrated parts breakdown
Who may designate a fused installation picture as classified depending on the potential threat visibility that arises when otherwise unclassified common installation picture (CIP) and mission data sets (MDS) layers are combined?
Functional Communities
What component is used with a voltmeter for a three-phase alternator to save money?
Selector switch.
Since most of the capacitors you will see have a rating much lower than one farad, what do we refer to these as, represented by uf?
Everything in the universe is made of what?
What type of grounding pertains to the interconnecting and connection to earth of all noncurrent-carrying metal parts of an electrical wiring system?
What component of a BAK-15 arresting system holds the bottom of the net in place on the runway?
Anchor Straps
Which componenet of th eBAK-14 support system contains the operating means to raise and retract the support block?
Support Box
What is the default amperage setting for WAY 6 on the primary switching center (PSC)?
400 amps
What is the maximum allowable setback for the mobile aircraft arresting system (MAAS) trailers when utilizing the mobile runway edge sheave (MRES)?
275 ft.
What component is responsible for automatic operation of the onan generator?
Automatic transfer panel.
What is the key piece of information supplied by the introduction that tells you who made the parts?
Vendor Codes.
What higher authorities drive certification in a job area?
National or Department of Defense.
What type of circuit typically has a parallel circuit with one or more legs having potions?
Combination Circuit.
What are two classification of solder we use?
Hard and soft.
On a BAK-15, what stretches during an arrestment, allowing the arrestment load to be equally distributed among the elementary nets?
Shock absorbers
What size pendant is typically used on operational installations of the BAK-12?
1 1/2-inch
After each load change, check the generator for load,
voltage & frequency
Based on time, how often is a certification engagement required on aircraft arresting systems (AAS)?
12 months
What is the size of the generators used to support the emergency airfield lighting system (EALS)?
30 kW
What device can be tested in the same way as a resistor?
Which manuals may include actions to modify equipment, perform special inspections, or change operating procedures?
Time compliance technical orders.
What does the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program (AFCAP) provide to a Prime BEEF team?
Relief or augments forces.
Who must you notify if you have hazardous chemicals requiring material safety data sheets?
Local fire department
What is the bias of a diode when we connect the positive terminal of the battery to the N-type material and the negative terminal of the battery to the P-type material?
What method do we usually use when we need the resistance of single driven grounds?
Direct reference.
How many rubber support blocks does the BAK-14 system have for supporting the pendand two inches above the runway surface?
either 14 or 20
The chemically hardened air management plant (CHAMP) is specifially designed to provide air conditioning and heating for the
chemically hardened air transportable hospital (TEMPER) tent.
What happens if electrical current between 100 and 200 milliamperes is absorbed by the body?
Instant death from heart failure
What type of voltmeter reading indicates that the fuse may be bad and further testing is necessary?
Any reading other than zero.
What three types of support does the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (AFCESA) mission provide to Air Force installations ans civil engineers worldwide?
Contingency, operations, and technical
What does it indicate if a diode has a low reading in both directions?
Shorted diode.
When checking the oil level in the BAK-12, you should place the fluid coupling level in what position?
11 or 1 o'clock
How often should you perform running checks during the time that the mission essential power (MEP)-12 generator is online?
At least once an hour
What do dot-dash lines mean on an interconnection diagram?
Outline the panel sections
When does asbestos pose the greatest risk?
When it released into the air.
The specific gravity of battery electrolyte changes
.004 for every 10 degrees in temperature change.
Where can the amoung of fuel consumption of a generator be found?
In the table of leading particulars.
What is indispensable when you troubleshoot the electrical circuitry of equipment?
The ability to trace and extract circuits.
What is the difference between an Aerospace Expeditionary Wing (AEW) and an Aerospace Expeditionary Force (AEF)?
AEW can quickly deploy and establish operations at new sites anywehre in the world.
Where does a magnet have the greatest amount of magnetism?
At each end of the magnet.
Motorization of a generator occurs when
all load has been removed from the generator while it is connected to the bus.
What is the first step to developing an automated report?
To determine what information you need to see.
What is the biggest difference between using a circuit breaker and a fuse?
You won't need to replace a circuit breaker when it trips.
On a BAK-12 arresting system, why do we need to crop the nylon purchase tape every 6 months?
Exposure to sunlight causes the tape to lose strength.
What do you do if you cannot find a listing of the specific component you are looking for in a dash 4
Look for the next high assembly.
What type of reading on an ohmmeter is an indication of a good diode?
A low resistance reading in once direction and high resistance reading the the opposite.
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