3E0X2 URE Set Vol 2 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
What military service develops technical manuals for equipment they use?
Who is responsible for goverment property, including property issued, found and used?
Semiconductors are not good conductors or insulators and are made of substances that have how many free electrons?
How many mission essential power (MEP)-806B generators are included in the swift basic expeditionary airfield resources (SB) package.
Which diagram provides complete wire numbers, plug and jack pin numbers, and cannon plug numbers required to completely extract and troubleshoot specific circuits?
What contains a detailed description of the work, where to perform the work, and a point of contact (POC)?
Work Request
Which screen in COVER Train contains basic information about you?
What type of voltage normally maintains the same magnitude, but may vary?
Direct Current
What alternator component helps the generator maintain a stable voltage under varying load conditions?
Damping windings.
For rewind operation, which component of the BAK-12 rewind clutch system connects the rewind sprocket to the reel assembly shaft?
Friction clutch
When you are synchronizing a BAK-12 Wisconsin engine, to what revolutions per minute do you adjust the pump?
How many intensity levels does the emergency airfield lighting system (EALS) regulator include?
Which type of electrical distribution layout provided two or more paths for current flow to a facility?
Loop Layout
Three of the Operations flight four elements are Material Acquisition, Facility Maintenance, Heavy Repair. What is the fourth element?
Infrastructure Support.
CerTest is a powerful training management tool. What can it measure concerning training and experience?
Strengths and weaknesses.
What two inspections cover the hazardous waste program concerning hazardous waste activities?
Scheduled and unscheduled
Once an individual is found liable, how long does the responsible party have a make lump sum payment?
30 days
What size ground must equipment in hazardous areas have for static charges?
1/0 AWG.
What type of alternator will you find connected to equipment of the industrial nature?
What consis of buried wires joined together to form a network of squares?
Grid electrodes.
What type of voltage regulator uses a soft iron core at the exciter to create the initial voltage in the alternator?
What instrument is used to check the insulation resistance of an alternator?
What controls the heaters in a Type-H aircraft arresting system?
How is the BAK-14 support system pendant raised above the runway?
Torsion springs
Which type of energy absorber is used on the mobile aircraft arresting system (MAAS)?
what meter is used for measuring the resistance of insulating material?
What will the a-page have for a page that should be an original?
Once you are able to complete a task on your own, without help, who will palce a completion date in your Specialty Training Standard (STS)?
What type of transformer only uses a secondary coil?
Current transformers.
What type of transformer is used for an alternating current (AC) ammeter to step down the amount of current from the alternator in a ratio of 80 to 1?
Current transformers.
What is the ratio of the gear reducer that is attached to the fluid coupling used in the rewind system of the BAK-12 aircraft arresting system
When an aircraft nose wheel engages the webbing on an MA-1A arresting barrier, this action triggers a steel cable to engage the aircraft's
main landing gear
What component on the BAK-9 hydraulic system supplies the hydraulic fluid to the main hydraulic pump through the pump suction line?
Gravity fluid reservoir
What is the maximum towing speed you are allowed to tow a mission essential power (MEP)-12 diesel generator on paved surfaces?
20 MPH
According to purchase tape replacement criteria, how many points are added to the tape history for every fuull tape pullout (800 ft) and rewind cycle made to comply with requirements of the technical order count?
1/2 of an engagement.
What is another name for the speed control unit on the MEP-806B generator?
Electric governor.
What does the last character in the standard mobile electric power (MEP) wiring code identify?
Progression letter
When an Air National Guard (ANG) or Air Reserve Component (ARC) Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineers (RED HORSE) unit mobilizes, who does the unit directly report to?
Gaining major command.
What is used to make Prime BEEF unit response times equal to or less than the response times for the aircraft units?
Deliberate Planning.
What is the outermost shell of an atom called?
Valence shell
What do we call the power you think you are providing from your power source if you look at your voltage and current?
Apparent power.
What do we call the power created by inductive or capacitance?
Reactive power.
How many electrons do conductors have in the valence shell?
Between 1 to 3.
What does it indicate if a diode has an infinity reading in both directions?
Open diode.
How long does it take to install a BAK-12 in its expeditionary configuration?
8 hours
When an aircraft engages the textile brake arresting system, the kinetic energy of the aircraft is absorbed when the
two tearing straps separate.
What action do you take if you find anything questionable on a fuse in the mision essential power (MEP)-12 generator electrical system?
Replace it.
What type of meter can you use for current readings without connecting the ammeter in the circuit?
Clamp-on ammeter
What must a trainee do before completing a diamond task?
AF qualification training package (QTP) and CerTest.
Since a static charge can be a hazard, when is it more severe?
Dry, cold weather.
If a type H aircraft support system is correctly configured, the support blocks will be approximately
8 ft apart
How are crosscurrents between parallel generators minimized if the bus voltage is high and the power factors (PF) are the same?
Lower the voltage to all units.
What does the first character in the standard mobile electric power (MEP) wiring code identify?
AC or DC circuit
What Air Force document outlines the basis of the Civil ENgineer organizations?
Air Force Doctrine Document 2-4, Combat Support
What characteristic does the construction make the diode have?
Low resistance in one direction and a high resistance in the other.
What does a California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test determine?
The strength and load absorption capability of the soil in a selected area.
What are the four basic types of wiring diagrams used in the power production field?
One-line, schematic, connection, and interconnection diagrams.
What provides a Prime BEEF unit with a listing of items to deploy with?
Equipment and Supplies Listing (ESL)
What formula do we use to determine the power factor.
power factor = (true power/apparent power)
What is the normal power configuration for the chemically hardened air management plant (CHAMP)?
External power with the generator set in the AUTO position.
What happens to a recurring work program (RWP) item that does not have a complete indicator?
it remains on the next week's schedule as working.
What is the characteristic for total power in a series-parallel circuit?
Sum of the power at each individual resistor.
What should you do before touching a capacitor that is connected to a de-energized circuit?
Short circuit the terminals to make sure that the capacitor is completely discharged.
What is the minumum amount of current that can kill you?
One-tenth of an amp (0.01A or 10 mA).
What are two sources that you can get engineer technical letter from?
AFCESA publication web page and the US Army Corps of Engineers webpage.
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