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Terms Definitions
Which alternator configuration has three legs that all connect in the middle?
What establishes a systematic framework for decision-making with regard to the development of Air Force installations?
Comprehensive planning
What component typically secures the knob on a control panel?
What alternator configuration has no neutral that is common to all three phases?
The initial deployment kitchen (IDK) generator output is wired for how many separate 120/208 volt, alternating current (VAC), 3-phase circuits?
MAJCOMs establish Unit Type Codes (UTC) for the operations within the command. These codes establish the size, composition, and equipment that make up what type of teams?
Prime BEEF
Who is responsible for obtaining the highest possible score on your end of course exam for CDC's?
When grounding petroleum, oil, and lubricant (POL) tanks, use at least two grounding rods for tanks with a circumference of 200 feet or less. At what distance of the tank circumference would you add amother ground rod?
100 feet.
On the MA-1A arresting barrier compressor, what is the normal air pressure stored in the accumulators
1,500 psi
During which inspection do you drain the rewind engine's exhause moisture trap on the BAK-12 arrestling system?
The lightweight fairlead beam (LWFB) is designed for what aircraft runout distance?
1,200 ft
When performing monthly mobile aircraft arresting system (MMAS) service inspections, when should you pull out the tap a minimum of 800 ft?
Every 3rd Month
What position are all switches, contacts, relays and other electrical devices shown in on wiring diagrams?
De-energized position
What agency leads the nation's environmental science, research, education, and assessment efforts?
Environmental Protection Agency
If the individual meets all of the training goals for your section, what training code will you assign to them?
Within how many days will your supervisor conduct a training needs review after your assignement to your new secion?
90 days
At what voltage can static charges ignite gasoline fumes?
1,500 volts.
What causes heat, chemical change, shock electrocution, and magnetism to occur?
Movement of electrons.
How much resistance does a diode offer to the current flow when the power source connects in the forward bias direction?
In a Type-H Aircraft arresting support system, what component pulls the support arm and support block back into the lowered position when the ramp moves to the low spot?
Drawback cable
On the mobile aircraft arrresting system (MAAS), what is used to ensure a 3/8-inch clearance gap between the bolt head and the anchor plate?
Taper bolt gauge.
Which of the following components protects the MEP-12 starter motors from excessive speed?
Overrunning clutch assemblies
Which type of TCTO can be identified by a border of red X/s around the page?
Immediate action.
What annual audit program was developed to ensure that the Air Force's environmental program is operating efficiently?
Environmental Compliance Assessment and MAnagement Progam (ECAMP).
Who does the Master Task Listing (MTL) identify specific training for in a section?
Each individual
As a journeyman, you are expected to know assigned duties and perform them in a timely manner with
minimum supervision
What is the purest part of a substance that can be broken down and retain it's properties as that element?
When you hear about the frequency of electricity, what is the timeframe the number of complete cycles that occure in?
1 second.
How many peaks does each cycle have in an alternativ current (AC) voltage signal?
when the BAK-15 stancions are elevated, they are held securely in the upright position by the
over-center locking arm mechanism.
What protects the yoke on a textile brake system?
Neoprene cover.
What is the maximum towing speed you are allowed to tow a mission essential power (MEP)-12 diesel generator on unpaved surfaces?
What are two basic types of multimeters?
Analog and digital
What publications are orders of the Secretary of the Air Force, approved in the Secretariat or the Air Staff, which are directive in nature?
Air Force Instructions (AFI)
What do tier 2 training sites make available to units?
Specialized contingency equipment
When it comes to resistance in a piece of wire, what does a smaller surface area cause?
Higher resistance.
Before making a connection to a ground, what should you check for?
Presence of electric current.
What meter shows the percentage of the generator's apparent power as true power by the resistive load?
Power factor meter.
When an aircraft engages the pendant on an E-5 arresting system, tension increases rapidly and causes the
shear pins to break
Where should the four-axle trailer retaining pins on a mobile aircraft arresting system (MAAS) be stored once they have been removed?
in the front storage box.
What are voltmeters used to check?
Potential difference between two points
Other than training for the reason of assignment to a new job, when must an employer provide training on hazardous materials?
Introduction to new hazards
What will give your supervisor a good insight on where you need training the most?
CerTest pre test results
What does it indicate if a diode has a high-resistance in one direction and a low-resistance in the other direction?
Good diode.
If you have an asphalt over concrete runway and want to use standard concrete installation procedures, how much asphalt are you allowed to chip away before installing a mobile aircraft arresting system(MAAS)?
Less than 1 inch.
What method makes the best corrections to problems in a TO?
A team effortof many knowledgeable individuals.
If the secondary coil of a transformer has less coil turns, what does the transformer do to meet circuit needs?
Steps the voltage level down.
Mission Essential power (MEP)-12 generators are positioned so that the prevailing winds blow
in the same direction as the radiator fan.
Which of the following is the first rule to circuit extraction?
Consult the applicable technical manual.
When may you transfer a chemical into an unmarked container?
When you will use it immediately
What two units supplement active duty units to create a major force in worldwide deployments to meet mission requirements?
air National Guard and Air Force Reserve units.
What is the characteristic of the total resistance on a parallel circuit?
Less than the resistance of the smallest resistor.
What is the maximum size runway that an emergency airfield lighting system (EALS) can support
150ft wide x 10,000 ft long
Within how many days should an inspection team complete the Environmental Compliance and Assessment Management Plan (ECAMP) final reports?
180 days for external; 120 days for internal.
During the weekly inspection of a BAK-12 aircraft arresting system, you should bleed the brakes while cycling the brake selector off and on until
you no longer see air bubbles or surges.
Why must you identify any problems you find in a TO?
To allow all Air Force personnel to complete the task the same way.
What is the purpose of the box heater in a BAK-14?
Protect the air cylinder from freezing moisture.
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