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to suffer from oppressive heat.
August Decrees
• Abolished feudal regime
• Abolished feudal dues
• Abolished taxes like the tithe
• No more venal offices, no more bribery
• Equal taxation - no more taxation privileges for the rich
• Society based on meritocracy
• Contained ideas of liberty, equality and popular sovereignty instead of absolute monarchy, corporate society and system of privilege
However, August Decrees did not fulfil their initial promise. Tithes remained until 1791.
Dissatisfaction with the legislation and failed expectations actually nurtured the spirit of rebellion, instead of quelling it (which was the purpose of August Decrees).
August Decrees satisfied political objectives but there were no real tangible benefits for the poor
shockingly bad or tasteless; dreadful; abominable:
Aristocratic Revolt
Notables agreed to many things:
• Changes to corvee
• Elimination of internal customs charges
• Went beyond Brienne's reforms and proposed a public works tax that would be applied to all
• Did not want to relinquish their fiscal privileges
• Refused to approve tax reforms until they were fully informed of the state of the finances
o Conflict with monarchy, absolute power was undermined
o Making the King responsible to them
o AoN claiming to be "representatives of the nation"
anything regarded as the best, most elegant, or most stylish of its kind:
Reveillon riots
27 April 1789
The poor turned against the rich
Class struggle
Royal Session
23 June 1789
Louis XVI announces NA is illegal, annuls it. Orders the Estates to meet separately and disperse. National Assembly refuses to do so.
Brienne resigns, proposes that Necker resume post as Controller-General
24 August 1788
Calonne's tax reforms
Calonne's tax reforms
• Abolish tax privileges for 1st and 2nd Estates
• Create a new direct tax that would tax all landowners without exemption
• Stamp Tax extended, corvee replaced by direct tax
• Nobility excused from capitation and taille
• Stimulate trade by removing internal custom tax barriers and removing control over grain trade
However, Calonne needed to borrow more $$ till new revenues from the tax reforms flowed in -> needed to convince foreign bankers that his reforms would succeed and their money would be safe. Also needed to persuade Parlements to register the new reforms.
Therefore, Calonne needed to demonstrate that powerful French groups supported his reforms
a person who is morally or sexually unrestrained, esp. a dissolute man; a profligate; rake.
The "August Decrees"
4 August 1789
Abolition of system of privilege
Nobles gave up their privileges and statuses
Agreed on equal taxation
Whole of 1st Estate joins National Assembly
19 June 1789
Society of Thirty formed
November 1788
A group of liberal nobles
Showed that numbers from the nobility played an active role in supporting the revolution
Calonne proposes financial reforms
"Plan for the Improvement of the Finances"
20 August 1786
Calonne informed King of disastrous finances, presented agenda of reforms.
Proposed the calling of the Assembly of Notables.
State of French finances:
1775 - deficit of 34.2mil livres
1786 - deficit of 112mil livres
What is the TRICARE access to care standard for Urgent Care?
24 hours
a person acting as priest of a parish in place of the rector, or as representative of a religious community to which tithes belong.
King accepts NA
27 June 1789
Orders all of 1st and 2nd Estate deputies to join NA
Agrees to let them meet in common
Agrees to voting by head
Significance: King's authority rejected/undermined
King had to back down for the people!
Parlement declares that E-G be constituted as it was in 1614
25 September 1788
Parlements no longer seen as the defenders of the rights of the people
Third Estate suspects that the 1st and 2nd Estate just want to get power for themselves, and are not fighting for justice for the nation
What module in CHCS helps improve access to care for beneficiaries?
Managed Care Program (MCP)
What are the benefits of the Open Access (OA) Appointment Method?
Benefits include:
Reduced Triaging Time
Timely Access to Care
Enhanced Patient Trust
Decreased Patient No-Show or Cancellation Rates
Increased Flexibility of Provider Schedules
Opening of the Estates-General at Versailles
5 May 1789
Social distinctions were strictly observed
Most of 3rd Estate deputies were bourgeois, less than 30 out of 600 deputies were commoners
Why was AIM developed?
to ease the burden of analyzing data from the many reports in CHCS.
Get access through GPM.
Bases on previous 28 Days.
3rd Estate declares themselves as National Assembly of France
17 June 1789
Caused by Louis XVI's indecision, failed to make decision about voting by head/order. Inflated the issue, made it a point of contention for the commons, resulted in the commons moving towards challenging his authority
ATC Reports located at the TOC show what?
Summary Info, management info, canceled by clinic, canceled by the patient, no show, walk in, sick call, and detail usage, and archived reports.
You can also find current enrollment and eligible population data, PCM capacity and assignments, provider schedules, and appt cancellation by MTF.
Fall of the Bastille - first revolutionary journee
14 July 1789
Bastille was symbol of royal tyranny and despotism.
Very violent, 98 killed and 78 wounded
What does the Next Available Appt Report provide?
It provides a preview of the availability of appts by appt type and by provided w/in a clinic on a given date and time.
What does the Patient Cancellation Stat Report do?
It shows the total number of appt cancellations by reason for each clinic and provider and shows total number of appts that were canceled by the patient but rescheduled.
(three parts)
King orders 10 regiments of troops to mobilise around Paris
1 July 1789
18000 troops in total around Paris
What does the Initial & Follow-Up Clinic Visit Report provide?
It provides the number of initial and follow-up clinic visits by inpatients and outpatient as defined by CATEGORY field in APPT TYPE ENTER/EDIT option.
(order by division or group)
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