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modern European civilization
Western civilization
crusade--Asturias, Navarre, Aragon, Leon, and Castile--to take back Spain from the Moors
Reconquista ["reconquest"]
confederation which united Switzerland's cantons.
Swiss Confederation
chief musician of the Counter-Reformation who emphasized mysticism, returning the music of the Roman church to the spirit of the medieval ideal
(ruled 1285-1314,) arrested Boniface VIII. quarreled w/ him over whether the king could tax the clergy w/out the pope's consent.
Philip IV
Henry's son, Alfonso Henriques made this his capital.
what a German cartographer suggested the New World should be called
laws common to all Englishmen
common law
the University where Luther debated Johannn Eck
Robert Hooke
English astronomer, mathematician, and experimental philosopher who became the first to observe microscopic cells in 1665.
Issac Newton
English philosopher who contributed more to the scientific progress of mankind than any other individual before or since. Principia/i>. universal law of gravitation. three laws of motion. "Father of Modern Science." Opticks/i>.
Philippine Islands
Spanish possession in Pacific Ocean, first important action of the Spanish American War and was later ceded to the US for $20M
Pan American Union
formerly called International Bureau of American Republics, its purpose was to promote understanding, friendly relations, and cooperation among the American republics
Samoan Islands
located 5,000 miles SW of California
reciprocal trade agreement
agreement beneficial to both parties
Prince of Wales, refused to render homage to the new king. slain in war.
Alfred confined the Danes to this northeastern portion of England.
Spanish kingdom that ruled the eastern part of the peninsula.ruled by Ferdinand at a time.
the great center of Moorish culture, and Spain's capital at the time, thrived with a populatipon of nearly half a million people.
founded by the Phoenicians about 1000 B.C., became a large, prosperous city in the ancient world and still exists today
the Scottish Reformer who spent several years in exile in Geneva. called teh city "the most perfect school of Christ."
John Knox
Anabaptists of the lineage of Menno Simons
inluenced by John Colet. produced first printed English translation of the New Testament from the original Greek. strangled and burned at the sake October 6, 1536.
William Tyndale
making prints by engraving designs on wooden blocks
Pierre Vernier
French mathematician who in 1631 invented an accurate scale for measuring lines and angles
Gabriel Fahrenheit
invented the emrcury thermometer and developed the temperature scale that bears his name.
Rough Riders
volunteer group of US cowboys, Indians and college athletes under the command of Colonel Leonard Wood and Lt. Col. Theodore Roosevelt successfully captured San Juan Hill
Pago Pago, Tutuila
in 1870s, Americans arranged to establish a coaling station for steam powered ocean vessels at this city on the island of Tutuila in the Samoan Island chain
Captain James Cook
in 1778, this English explorer discovered Hawaiian Islands
Henry I's grandson that ended the Norman dynasty and began the Plantagenet line of kings. common law, trial by jury, rivalry with the clergy!
Henry II
Some of the Phoenicians and Greeks who came to the Iberian peninsule settled in what is today called ********.
a Germanic tribe who, in the fifth century A.D., swept over the Pyrenees into Spain and conquered its peoples. set up a barbarian kingdom simlar to that of the early Franks and eventually assimilated the Latin language and Roman laws into their own cultur
the results of the census/i> King William's assistants took were entered in this book
Domesday Book/i>
the Aztec's capital city, built on an island in a shallow lake where Mexico City stands today.
the first Tudor king of England. (ruled 1485-1509.) united the houses of Lancaster and York through marriage.
Henry VII
made the French monarchy stronger than any other single noble in France. French king who accompanied Richard I on the "Crusade of Kings." seized French territory from John of England. strengthened his gov. w/ new officials and made Paris an important cent
Philip II
the educatioin of all people rather than just a privileged few
popular education
Anton van leeuwenhoek
Father of Microbiology. designed and built simple microscopes and observed protozoa and anatomical ffunctions
The Hallelujah Chorus
(in The Messiah) perhaps the best-known choral piece in the world.
Who was Samuel Johnson?
A literary critic, conversationalist, and novelist who was the greatest literary figure of the 18th century.
Rear Admiral William T. Sampson
commander of US Atlantic fleet
Spanish-American War
April 25th - August 12 (1898), state of war between US and Spain
this ruler of Aragon married this ruler of Castile, uniting the two chief kingdoms; 10 years later, they became king and queen of Spain. continued together to war agaisnt the Moors until they compelled Granada to surrender in 1492, bringing all of Spain u
Ferdinand and Isabella
this name of the first Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition became synonymous with cruelty and torture.
Tomas de Torquemada
became king of England in 1216. better man than his father, John, but a weak king who made mamy mistakes.
Henry III
the most influential church office in England
archbishop of Canterbury
Charles V agreed that Luther should come to this diet that would meet in this city. Luther spoke in German and Latin. snapped the chains of the Middle Ages with his declaration.
Diet of Worms
by Sir Issac Newton, a book about the nature of light.
Franz Joseph Haydn
Austrian who wrote about a hundred symphonies, including the Surprise Symphony, and the two notable oratorios, The Creation and The Seasons."Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken."
Who were called Pietists?
People who attended assemblies of piety, which were groups such as Spener's group.
set up as king in 1327 when Parliament forced his father to abdicate. Parliament divided intot he House of Lords and the House of Commons under his leadership.
Edward III
England clashed with France in this war under Edward III. fought over English claims to French land on the Continent.
Hundred Years War (1337-1453)
He took a fresh approach to the Bible, desiring to return to its simplicity. gruaduate of Oxford. became dean of St. Paul's Cathedral. established St. Paul's School. humanities. charged Thomas Aquinas with "corrupting the whole teaching of Christ with his
John Colet
French Academy of Science
founded in paris in 1666. supported largely by the Protestant Huguenots and Jansenists.
Who was William Wilberforce?
One of the great Christian statesmen of English history, he was in the upper class, and he was touched by the Wesleyan Revival.
Who was August Francke?
A young professor at the German University of Leipzig who was profoundly affected by the Pietist movement.
Archduke Maximilian of Austria
sent by Emperor Napoleon II to rule and establish a French empire in Mexico, left unaided by France and was deposed and executed
finally in 1485the Wars of the Roses ended with this battle when Henry Tudor (related to the Lancasters) defeated the last York ruler and became Henry VII.
Battle of Bosworth Field
Who was Robert Raikes?
The editor and publisher of a large newspaper in Gloucester, England who was another person motivated by the revivals; he started the first Sunday school; he is known as the "Father of the Sunday School Movement."
the son of King John I of Portugal. spent his life avidly promoting Portuguese navigation and exploration of the open seas and distand lands. organized a "school of navigators."
Prince Henry the Navigator
Who was Thomas Gainsborough?
He was one of the most famous late 18th century painters; He painted portraits of King George III and other leading figures of his day, including Edmund Burke, William Pitt, and Benjamin Franklin; He is most famous for his work entitled "The Blue Boy."
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