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Windows Vista
Terms Definitions
What conditions promote ESD?
Dry,cool conditions
What is NetBEUI's biggest limitation
Not routable
Inte's SpeedStep technology is a form of CPU:
Which of the following has the hightest throughput? ECP,EPP,SPP, or IEEE 1284
Louis notices his PCMCIA 802.11 NIC has a small screw hole on the end, what is the probably used for?
Modern Mac systems use what company's CPUs?
When using satellite broadband, what is the delay called:
Satellite Latency
What does UTP stand for?
Unshielded Twisted Pair
The processing by which two serial devices verify a conversation is known as:
A laptop motherboard is more likely to have what built-in feature compared to a desktop motherboard?
A boot sector virus stores itself in the ______.
Substituting a printer's driver with a print driver designed for another model of printer is called:
Printer Emulation
The _____ file is used to load real-mode (non-PnP) device drivers
The I/O address of 3E8 is commonly assigned to _______.
Where are system resources assigned for non-PhP devices in Windows?
In Device Manager
GDI.EXE controls which of the following?
Handling power management
The act of using the Internet via email and fake webpages to pose as someone else in order to get usernames and passwords is called:
What component should always have a burn-in period to make sure it's working properly?
Power Supply
The setup files for Windows have the extension
What two standards for removable expansion cards used in laptop computers?
Cardbus and PCMCIA
A retail-boxed CPU usually comes with a ____ fan.
OEM fan
You want to shut down Windows 2000 and save everything in memory to the system's hard disk is and then shut down the system. When you restart the computer, the desktop is restart it exactly as it was before the shutdown. What is this mode called?
What Control Panel applet name is unique to Win 2000?
Sound and Multimedia
At what temperature are PCs designed to operate?
72 degrees F
The screws on a few computer cases require a rather unique tool called a ______.
Torx Wrench
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What will NOT be affected by a virus?
______ is the process of ensuring an OS has all up-to-date updates.
Patch management
What tools would you use to test DC output on a power supply?
In Windows, what is the key combination to open the Start menu?
You've been asked to identify and repair a problem, what is the first question you should ask the client?
What has changed
Termal wax printers use ______ instead of ink
wax transfer ribbons
The two most common sound formats are
What environment should be used to store Organic Photo-Conducting drums?
Cool and Dark
How many 168-pin DIMMs does it take to fill a bank on a Pentium motherboard?
Charlie has purchased and installed a contact management program on her non-networked laptop. She keeps hidden and unable to connect to contact database -- 3256 error message. What should she do next?
check for vendor documentation.
At boot you get a text error saying "missing NTLDR", what's the best way to fix this problem?
Recovery Console
Which type of PC Card slot will allow the insertion of the hard drive?
Type III
How long do you have before you have to activate Window before it prevents you from logging in?
30 days
Which of the following are used with fiber optic networks? RJ-11, MT-RJ, RJ-45, LC
MT-RJ and LC
Which IRQs are used by serial ports?
IRQ 3 + 4
While updating a system using Windows Update, you see there are recommended hardware updates, what should you do?
Enter your back text here.
How is SRAM different from DRAM?
SRAM doesn't have to be refreshed
What happens if a power cable and a printer cable are too close together?
EMI may occur
What are the two types of installation processes do you have when installing Windows?
GUI and Text mode
Which ports would a loopback plug be helpful?
Serial + RJ-45 LAN
What 3 files must be in the root directory of the bootable volume for Win XP and 2000?
Where in Win XP do you browse shared resourses on your network?
My Network Places
One of the PCs on your network is having Registry-related problems. This isn't a huge problem because _______.
You have backup copies
A system BIOS with LBA support will ______.
support drives larger than 504MB
How do you access the Display properties on a Win 2000 workstation?
Display applet in Control Panel, Right-click desktop and select properties
What is the most common max range for Bluetooth?
30 feet (10 Meters)
What is the default settings for Windows Update in XP Professional?
Download the updates automatically and notify me when they are ready to be installed.
What slot or socket does AMD Athlon use?
Slot A or Socket A
What are the two most common ways to connect an external modem to your PC?
USB + Serial Ports
After 3 hours of troubleshooting with Registry changes and a special driver download, what is the most important action you can take to prevent the problem from taking so long?
Document the problem and the solution
Research the proper disposal of methods.
Those wacky network guys you get a load is away all our running a single UTP across a very busy highway over their lunch break to play Counterstrike. what should you tell them?
What OSs are upgradable to Win 2000 Professional?
Win 9x and Windows NT 4.0
What can you do to mark sectors of a hard drive as bad, so that you can increase performance by no using those sectors?
Use the format command
Where is the Printer Spooler Service located?
Start / Control Panel / Administrative tools / Services
On a laser printer, the primary corona places _______.
a uniform negative charge on the photosensitive drum.
A monitor advertises a refresh rate of 72 Hz at 800 x 600, and a refresh rate of 86 Hz at 1024 x 768. This probably means that _________.
The monitor interlaces at the higher resolution
What does a device driver do?
Tells to OS how to interact with the device
Your new ethernet LAN workstation is unable to communicate with the network. What is the very first thing that you should do?
Check the link light on the computer's network card.
What is the function of the maintenance area of the inkjet printer?
It keeps the ink from drying on the printhead
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