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Arabic nomads
homo erectus
upright man
to explain something
Hydroelectric power
water generated power
-imp. of balance (Yin-Yang)
Middle score in a distribution
Main river of Egypt
Nile River
having to do with religion
To belief in many gods
French Huguenot
Elder Louis Timothee was a..
belief that national interests are more important than regional differences
Benjamin Franklin
an enlightenment thinker and philosopher, he embraced the notion of obtaining truth through experimentation and reason.
James I
of England:§ Inherited all unsettled problems of Elizabeth’s reign (how much say Parliament had in gov’t)§ Believed that as king he had absolute authority to govern England as he wanted. § Quarrels w/ Parliament: revolved around money. Elizabeth left sizable debt.§ James needed money & Parliament said no. Felt it was beneath his dignity to bargain for money.§ Puritans member of Parliament complained that Church of England was too Catholic.
A form of political participation designed to achieve policy change through dramatic and unconventional tactics.
1970s are the dumps
stag=inflation + recession
1940's, germany, meaning "task forces" or "intervention groups" they were paramilitary groups who were a key component in the implementation of the final solution, killed jews, gypsies and other undesirables.
The members of the convention to replace this with the Articles had to take the Constitution back to their state governments to vote on it and hopefully approve it of ratify it; some states refused to sign because they were afraid that the Constitution made the central government too strong. They worried that their rights might be taken away.
person who settles in a new country
Simon Bolivar
Creole military officer in northern South America; won series of victories in Venezuela, Columbia, and Ecuador (1817-1822); military success led to creation of independent state of Gran Colombia (p. 597)
- Qin Shi Huangbi (Terracotta Army)
- Adopted legalism
- Censorship
- Controlled merchant activity
- Reduced power of aristocrats
-Expanded China, united "6 kingdoms"
- Began to build Great Wall
- Qin overthrown, new dynasty: Han
*social term of the Spanish New World
white Europeans burn in Latin America
rich landowners
Pet banks
State banks where Andrew Jackson placed deposits removed from the federal National Bank.
July 4,1776
the Continental Congress adopted the Decleration of Independence
French fortification along the German border
Maginot Line
triangular trade
trade network linking Europe, Africa, and Americas
organized way in which people produce, sell, and buy goods and services.
colony established to create a safe haven for Quakers
Representative government
the government runs by well-informed and wise people who will represent the people, but are not elected. Edmond Burke believes that government should be this way.
US foreign policy followed during the Cold War that sought to prevent the expansion of Soviet Communism
William Howe
A general who replaced General Thomas Gage who had to evacuate when George Washington captured British artillery on the heights above Boston, placing both the city and its harbor within cannon range.
Falkland Islands
British possession off the coast of Argentina
a man who unified the mongol tribes and became Genghis Khan in 1206 at a massive tribal setting in the Gobi Desert
The first people to have an ethical world view
Chrstian boys who were forced into the Sultan and made into one of the finest military at the time
one of the 2 parties in the Parliamentary system
included middle class
the first ship to arrive at fort Victoria
The flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 A.D.
He was early conservationist who replanted pine trees...
W. Goodrich Jones.
Edwin Chadwick
a British official; a good Benthamite; thought disease and death caused poverty and that disease could be prevented by cleaning up the urban environment-his sanitary idea
judiciary act of 1789
*implemented judiciary clause*set up a system of federal courts
...was the CIVIL WAR between the north union and south confederacy
The division of Islam that claims that only a direct descendent of Ali or Muhammad is qualified as a leader is known as the .
Prison Reform (Dorthia Dix)
1830's Dorthia Dix hospital attempted to humanize the treatment of mental health patients.
Babylonian Captivity
A period of time when King Neb destroyed the great Israelite temple dedicated to God and he exiled the people he defeat to Babylon for 450 years.
Tsetse fly
flies that pass on the deadly sleeping disease by biting humans and large animals. Some people have abandoned their villages because of them.
To achieve victory in the struggle for civil rights, Martin Luther King Jr., and other members of the SCLC encouraged
Nonviolent protests
James/Younger Gang: where
moved to texas from missouri after civil war
What law helped stop the spread of slavery to the west?
Northwest Ordinance

The Young Lords

who - activistswhat - focused on issues of housing and urban renewalwhen - late 1960’s, early 1970’swhere - Chicago & New Yorkwhy - they realized urban renewal was evicting familiesSiginicance/why it matters -
United Nations
the most visible symbol of hopes for world peace
-soom became an arena in which the two superpowers compterd. bot the us and the soviet union used the UN as a forum to spread their influence over others
She was the creator of Mount Holyoke Seminary in South Hadley, Massachusetts.
Mary Lyon
Federal Reserve
The _____ ____ Act of 1913 created a new national banking system with 12 regional Federal Reserve banks
Appomattox Court House
This is where General Robert E. Lee surrendered on April 9, 1865.
The dred scott case
after this case the republicans vowed that when they elected a president he would appoint anti-slavery judges who would rule slavery out of existence
Nuremberg Laws
the laws passed by the Nazis in 1935 which deprived Jews of German citizenship and placed severe restriction on them
Reading:Business the Civilizer
The amount of sheer drudgery that has been taken out of housekeeping in fifty years can be realized only by comparison, by drawing the illuminating parallel.
Increase in Sheep Production
English Event that Led to 2 events: People making Money and Farms becoming Pastures (Enclosure Movement)
many people of the Middle East speak ___ and are united by a shared religion: ___. For centuries the region was ruled by ___.
Arabic; Islam: Ottoman Turks
The unifying principle of the Whig party was
opposition to "King Andrew" Jackson
first americans word when he landed on the moon was?
houston (said by Neil Armstrong)
What was the Stamp Act?
Colonists had to buy stamps to put on all newspapers, wills, pamphlets, contracts, and even playing cards! This money was used to help pay for the British soldiers stationed in the colonies.
what were the methods of the counter-reformation?
council of trent, formation of jesuit order of monks, the inquisition
During the late 17th century and early 18th century, South Carolina was under the rule of the Lords Proprietors. Who were the Lords Proprietors?
Men who received large areas of land from the King of England and they would be in control.
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