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Terms Definitions
Haiti date
Italian painter.
liberal minority party.
big 3
FDR, Stalin, Churchill
Slave Trade Officially ends
term for federal law disobeyed
Upton Sinclair
Who wrote the Jungle?
Hudson Bay
The world's largest bay.
awareness of actions and others
Turning point of the American Revolution; American victory convinced the French to sign treaty of alliance
is all carbon on earth radioactive?
3/5 Compromise
What compromise during the constitutional convention dealt with the issues of slavery representation, and taxation?
Foot binding
Male-imposed practice to mutilate women's feet in order to reduce size; produced pain and restricted movement; foot binding helped to confine women to the household.
a government ruled by religious leaders
sails that are shaped triangularly. They can go against the wind.
plebs. Lower class citizens; peasants and laborers ; 95% of the population. could not be government officials
the name for the professional soldiers from Prussia, Germany that King George hired to fight for Britain
gold/ trade with arabs/ take over after Mali
Lay Investiture
appoint church officials and giving them religious authority
The lessening of tension between US and USSR.
justinian I
byzantine emperor who wanted to restore the original roman empire
Agents hired by the New mexican goverment to bring the settlers back to Texas
What were the conservatives opposed to?
revolutionary goals
probable cause
This situation occurring when the police have reason to believe that a person should be arrested. In making the arrest, police are allowed legally to search for and seize incriminating evidence.
People who went to California during the gold rush were known as
Who commanded the American Expeditionary Force?
John J. Pershing
Mary Tudor
Wanted catholic legislation and teh new act of supremacy under elizabeth I repealed this
the principle or practice of referring measures proposed or passed by a legislative body to the vote of the electorate for approval or rejection.
Black Death
the epidemic form of bubonic plague experienced during the Middle Ages when it killed nearly half the people of western Europe
Independent Treasury
a system for the retaining of government funds in the United States Treasury and its subtreasuries, independently of the national banking and financial systems. In one form or another, it existed from 1846 to 1921.
Homestead Act
1860s/Civil War; 160 acres; "head of the household"; Great Plains (Kansas, Nebraska, etc.); encouraged women over the age of 18; land must be plowed/used for farming; must live on the land for at least seven years
American Federation of Labor (AFL)
union of skilled workers
Laborers could meet as a group in order to agree on wages and hours
Henry Knox
Was appointed secretary of war by Washington.
The Gilded Age
Late 1800s era of fabulous wealth.
Nixon’s proposal, a plan to end the war, known as the Nixon Doctrine, putting the running of the war in the hands of the Vietnamese, US would give weapons and aid, money and training but no boots on the ground, to train, and equip S Vietnamese military to assume the combat in place of American troops. Gradual w/d so S. Vietnamese could stand on their own. Led to w/d of 60,000 troops, from a peak of 540,000 in 1969 to about 60,000. Nixon also tried to negotiate w/N. Vietnamese and increased bombing there, called Operation Linebacker. Also bombing into Cambodia and Laos where the North would go to attack into the South. After x-mas bombing of 72-73, the North came to the bargaining table.
During the period of the republic, Mexican Texans suffered
many hardships.
Ch 2The US Constitution includes a list of
citizen's rights
jackstonian democracy means?
a new democratic spirit caused byjackson's election, where people no longers wanted their 'betters' to make desisions for them
king george the 3rd
-issued the proclamation of 1763
a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them.
Dorie Miller
Black cook at Pearl Harbor who shot down a couple of Japanese airplanes without any training.
levi strouss
this man was an example of german skilled labor and success
Oracle Bones
One of the animal bones or tortoise shells used by ancient Chinese Priests to communicate with the Gods.
When did women in Britain earn the right to vote?
after WWl
Muslim League
wanted Muslim to have their own state known as Pakistan.
end of reconstruction
1877 brought the us together after civil war
National Labor Relations Act (1935)
___________-made it easier for unorganized workers to establish a union at their place of work, prohibited employers from participating in “unfair labor practices,” and created the Board to conduct elections to form unions
Eugene Delacroix
1830 He was a romantic painter who painted Liberty Leading the People
fourteen points:
a statment by president wilson in 1918 propsing terms for peace after world war 1
cons of building a railroad?
Transported disease, many people died during the making of the ____.
Senate Qualifications
6 years term, 30 is minimum age, 9 years a citizen, 2 members from each state (100 in all)
Treaty of Versailles
*Set terms at end of World War I
51 What countries did the majority of immigrants who arrived in the three decades before the Civil War come from?
Ireland and germany
said Spain ruled the West & Portugal ruled the rest
Treaty of Toresillas
Stock Market Crash (1929)
In 1929, the stock market crashed and caused a world wide Depression. As early as March the stock market had mini-crashes, signaling something was seriously wrong. In October 1929, on Black Friday it crashed. The Thursday before 12 mil. stocks had changed hands. The full devestation was not fully realized until the following Tuesday.
The Delian Leauge
a leauge that was formed by greek city states to unite against another persian attack
George F. Kennan, a State Department employed stationed in the Soviet Union,
encouraged containment of communism anywhere it may appear
Jefferson's view on French Revolution
French have right to use violence to win their freedom
The U.S. Senate's opposition to U.S. membership in the League of Nations centered on the belief that it would
drag the country into European conflicts.
who wanted to become an absolute monarch, who were his/her brothers and what type of political person was he/she?
Charles X, Louis 16 and 18, reactionary (wanted to go BACK to way things were)
What was the purpose of the mayflower compact?
1st governing document of the plymouth colony
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