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healed schism
What is opposition?
Invented the assembly line
Battle of the Marnes
classes in Hindu society
belief contrary to Church teaching
 (1872-1933) 30th president from (1923-29). Improved Moral Tone of White House and continued Conservative policies of Harding Administration. Led by Andrew Mellon, instituted conservative Platform.
the holy city of Islam
The intellectual revolution of the eighteenth century in which the philosophes stressed reason, natural law, and progress in their criticism of prevailing social injustices.
Neolithic Revolution
the giant shift of farming
French Revolution
The second great democratic revolution, taking place in the 1790s. The U.S. did nothing to aid either side.
Kamikaze attacks
When Japanese pilots would deliberately crash their planes into American ships, killing themselves but also inflicting severe damage
While they controlled Congress during the war, Republicand took several steps which revealed their future economic and political agenda for the nation. What specifically did they do?
Anaconda Plan
Tell Date:
Who, What, When, Where:
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First military strategy by Windfield Scott offered to Pres. Abraham Lincoln for crushing the rebellion of Southern states; plan emphasized the blockade of the Southern ports, and called for an advance down the Mississippi River to cut the South in two and cut off their resources; suggested that once the Southern states were effectively cut off from their resources, the North should wait for attack.
Contributed to the defat of the South
Nathaniel Bacon
Graduate of Cambridge, backcountry gentry, didn’t want to limit western expansion, threatened to take over Jamestown twice, largest insurrection prior to revolution, most were former indentured servants who wanted land
charles i
king of Great Britain 1625&acirc;&euro;&ldquo;49 (son of James I).
332nd Fighter Group
"Tuskegee Airmen" Famous African American Air Corps Squadron
horizantal integration
process in which companies producing similar products merge
Visible Saints
Puritans want only these people admitted to churches but church of england allows all people to share in communion and church stuff.
Believed that the leader (caliph) of the Muslims was related to the prophet, 10-15% of the population
simple drawings that were the first step towards writing
rigid policy of segregation of the non- white population
how long do federal judges serve?
for life
George Grenville
Prime Minister appointed by George III, planned to control the colonists.  With the Proclamantion of 1763 he canceled all previous land grants given to the colonies by past kings and Parliaments.
all the land, not necessarily all contiguous to the manor house, which was retained by a lord of the manor for his own use and support, under his own management, as distinguished from land sub-enfeoffed by him to others as sub-tenants.
Dwight MacDonald
Writer about social lifeBecomes a criticRock and RollBlack rhythm and blue combined with Jazz
the belief that women should have economic, political, and social equality with men.
john winthrop
English colonist in America: 1st governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony 1629&acirc;&euro;&ldquo;33, 1637&acirc;&euro;&ldquo;40, 1642&acirc;&euro;&ldquo;44, 1646&acirc;&euro;&ldquo;49.
what is domestic tranquility>
keep peace among the people
Committee of Public Safety
1) military draft 2) De-christianization of France 3) Free and mandatory education 4) media critical of the republic banned 5) Internal enemies were killed in quick tribunals
Spanish Civil War
War pitting authoritarian and military leaders in Spain against republicans and leftists between 1936 and 1939; Germany and Italy supported the royalists; the Soviet Union supported the republicans; led to victory of the royalist forces.
Domino Theory
The political theory that if one nation comes under Communist control then neighboring nations will also come under Communist control
wrote Les Miserables and Hunchback of Notre Dame, French realistic writer
Victor Hugo
Direct Democracy
Government in which citizens vote on laws and select officials directly
Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee who accepted the Treaty of Versailles and membership in the League of Nations but demanded reservations to the League to maintain Congressional Authority in foreign affairs.
Douglass (1845)
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Vivid autobiography of the escaped slave and renowned abolitionist Frederick Douglass.
This important tariff slapped on a huge tax on all foreign items
Morrill Tarriff
the month of july
was named after julius caesar
worchester vs. georgia
cherokee vs georgia, supreme court ruled against georgia, jackson overuled decision
Platt Amendment 1901
Defined US's relationship with Cuba, establishing conditions for the removal of troops from Cuba.
Shell Shock
*Also known as "War Neurosis" *The term for the physical and psychological effects the war had on soldiers *Many soldiers suffered from this causing them to have severe shaking episodes among other symptoms *Because little was known, Commanders saw soldiers with Shell Shock as weak and they weren't given much sympathy *Some symptoms were so unrealistic, many thought soldiers were faking *It is now known at PTSD
Exectutive privliedge
right of pres and other high ranking executive officers
Great Wall
Qin Shi built it; not completed during his rule (1500 miles) watch towers every 30ft; also known as the longest cemetery in the world
Jomo Kenyatta
A nationalist leader who fought to end oppressive laws against Africans; later became the first Prime Minister of Kenya
Herman Melville
Wrote Moby-Dick in 1851 about a man who seeks revenge on a white whale that has injured him. It was unpopular at the time but later became more widely accepted. He had a more dark view of the human soul.
plans the course of a ship by using instruments to find its position.
The Corrupt Bargain
Andrew Jackson had the most popular votes, but there was a tie with electoral college votes. The House picked John Quincy Adams as president, and Henry Clay was speaker of the House. Henry Clay was elected secretary of state.
The upper house of teh state is called the _____________.
Grand Duchy of Europe/Warsaw
- Polish state established by Napoleon
The Seventeenth Amendment allowed for
the direct election of senators
Which was the last state to give up oral voting?
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (4)
- published The Social Contract.
- He believed that people could preserve their natural state only if they could choose their own government.
- He wrote that good government must be based on popular sovereignty. By this he meant that government must be created by and controlled by the people.
- Rousseau did not trust reason. He believed that it brought corruption and misery. He also opposed a strong government.
Treaty of Kangawa
an 1854 treaty between Japan and the United States that opened up ports to American Trade in Japan
Sons of Liberty
Group of men or mobsters that rebelled against the new acts the british imposed on them. organized boycotts
-Korematsu vs. United States
A case that focused on Japanese Americans who were denied citizenship and forced to move is the case of Korematsu v. United States. Fred Korematsu refused to obey the wartime order to leave his home and report to a relocation camp for Japanese Americans.
Duties of Grand Council.
Grand Council is the body of national of national officers that manages the Fraternity between conventions. 9 members not payed
What governing idea was rejected in the Enlightenment era?
The divine right of kings
european coal and steel community ECSC
called for joint french and german oversight. french could oversee what germany was doing. 1st steps of economic unification of european states
was slavery allowed to be in the new states that were to be carved out of the NW terriotory?
no it was outlawed
for the Mexican army to attack small group of American soldiers (he provoked attack)
What was Polk hoping to do?

The Rubaiyat, partly written by Omar Khayyam, ...
... is one of the finest poems ever written and was written in quatrains.
Why did the new political party of the 1830s call itself the Whig Party?
That was the name of those opposed to royal absolutism in England
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