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Terms Definitions
symptoms 1-6 months
Brief Psychotic Disorder
Schizophrenia: delusions, hallucinations, and unusual motor behavior
Schizophrenia: delusions of persecution
According to Freud's psyychodynamic theory, the part of the personality that is the conscience is the?
Misusing diuretics and laxatives following a binge is a symptom of the ______ of bulimia nervosa.
Most common anxiety disorder. Disruptive fear of a particular object or situation. Awareness that fear is excessive and fear must be severe enough to cause distress to social life or normal function. 2 types: specific and social.
Because of the likelihood of convulsions, withdrawal from ______ is especially dangerous.
Polysubstance use involving illegal drugs occurs in about what percent of U.S. illegal drug users?
over 60%
Personality Disorders - Cluster B
Dramatic/EmotionalBorderline PDHistrionic PDNarcissistic PDAntisocial PD
Response to an immediate threat. Triggers Fight or flight. Physiological arousal.
The explicit and implicit rules for proper conduct that a society establishes are referred to as:
Axis III includes?
Any relevant general medical conditions
DSM-IV-TR recommends a diagnosis of paraphilia only when associated behaviors, fantasies, or urges last at least:
six months
Paranoid PD
General distrust and suspiciousness of others. Prevalence 0.5-2%, more common in males.
Personality Disorders - Cluster A
Odd/EccentricParanoid PDSchizoid PDSchizotypal PD
GAD (biological anxiety risk factors)
decrease in Gaba
ego psychology
psychopathology due to ego not functioning correctly to control/delay impulse gratification or not make adequate use of defense mechanisms when faced with internal conflicts
In how many cases of psychological disorders have psychologists identified an individual gene that appears to be responsible?
virtually none
A behavior psychologist would that the temper tantrums results from:
operant conditioning
A lasting and groundless fear of a specific object, activity, or situation is called a(n):
Mario felt awake and alive and as though he could conquer the world after taking:
Cued panic attack
triggered by specific situations. more likely a phobia.
Neurotransmitters (neurobiological anxiety risk factor)
3 team members: decrease serotonin (decrease anxiety)decrease gaba (decrease anxiety)increase norepinephrine * when a person has anxiety they have low serotonin and gaba and more norepinephrine.
introjection object-relations theory
process in which child symbolically incorporates into personality the important ppl in life through memories and images of those people
Biuet and Simon are know for their work creating an?
Intelligence Test
If a clinician begins by asking "Would you tell me about yourself?" the clinician is most likely conducting a?
Unstructured Interview
The paradigm or model by people in the Middle Ages to explain abnormal behavior would have been?
In terms of emotions, the pattern common in bulimia from prebinge, through binge, to postbinge is best described as:
tension, powerlessness, shame.
Generalized anxiety disorder
excessive worry about a variety of things which impair function. symptoms last at least 6 mos.
OCD (biological anxiety risk factors)
increase activity in orbitofrontal cortex, caudate nucleus, and anterior cingulate
secondary process thinking
adaptive measures of ego that are operated on the reality principle
A woman has had an aboration for which she feels very guilty and as a result takes a strong pro-life stance. The defense mechanism that best explains her behavior is?
Reaction formation
Frued's study of Little Hans is an example of?
A case study
Anxiety disorder (personality risk factors)
behavioral inhibition: tendency to be agitated, distressed, and cry in unfamiliar novel settings. Neuroticism: tendency to react to stressful events w/ negative affect
Social risk factors of anxiety disorders
negative life events:severe stressors often precede onset80% w/ panic disorder70% w/ any anxiety disorder
A clinician who is using naturalistic observation would be most likely to do which of the following?
Observe parent-child interactions in the family's home
The study of sexuality that led to a revolution in the field of understanding sexual dysfunction and treatment was done by:
Masters and Johnson.
3 categories of PTSD: 1. Re-experiencing
1. Re-experiencing the traumatic event through nightmares, intrusive thoughts, or images.
Research shows that danger to self or others is found in:
some cases of abnormal functioning
A recent study of erectile disorder showed that most cases of erectile disorder are caused by:
a combination of psychosocial and physical causes.
Onset of OCD for men/women
men = early onsetwomen = later onset, cleaning compulsions
onset of anxiety disorder men vs women
women 2x more likely to develop anxiety disorders besides ocd. due to the likelihood more women experience childhood sexual abuse
What underlies Bruch's ego deficiency view of eating disorders is a sense of:
lack of control over their lives and a misperception of internal cues.
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