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Terms Definitions
Personality Disorder
CognitionEmotionInterpersonal FunctionImpulse Control
Anxiety disorder medications
Schizophrenia: inability or unwillingness to engage in goal-directed activities such as caring for oneself, working, or speaking to others
The history, values, institutions, technology, and arts of a society make up that society's:
Severe distortion of thought, perception, mood, bizarre behavior, and social withdrawal. Delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, positive and negative symptoms. Prevalence 1%
If a clinician is particularly interested in a client's family background and community influences, that clinician is most likely from which orientation?
Barbiturates were first prescribed to help people:
Dr. Washington argues that voyeurism occurs as a result of the attempt to reduce fear of having the penis cut off, and is therefore found in males, not in females. Which theoretical perspective is Dr. Washington using?
Borderline PD
Impulsivity, unstable affect and interpersonal relationships, and suicidality. Prevalence 2%, 3:1 female:male.
Schizophrenia: lack of pleasure or interest in life activities
Schizophrenia: speaking very little to other people and appearing withdrawn
Panic Attack
sudden intense episode of apprehension, terror, feelings of impending doom. peak intensity within then minutes.
If a person had schizophrenia, one would suspect a problem with which of these neurotransmitters?
A panel of psychologists and psychiatrists evaluates the test results and clinical interviews of a client in a sanity hearing. They all arrive at the same diagnosis. The panal has high?
Interrater reliability
The part of the personality that guides us to know when we can and cannot express our impluses is the?
A client suffering from sexual aversion learns to think thoughts like, “It's OK to enjoy intercourse; sharing love with my spouse is a good thing, not a sin” whenever negative thoughts about sexual activity occur. Most likely, the therapist treating t
self-instruction training.
A woman is perfectly capable of masturbating herself to orgasm, yet is unable to reach orgasm with a partner, either through sexual intercourse or through being masturbated. Most likely, this type of orgasmic disorder would be called:
Avoidant PD
Pervasive pattern of anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and social hypersensitivity. At least 4 symptoms, prevalence 0.5-1%.
Narcissistic PD
Grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy for others. At least 5 symptoms, prevalence
Uncued Panic Attack
Occurs unexpectedly without warning. panic disorder dx requires recurrent uncued attacks.
The word mad was first used to describe a person displaying abnormal behavior in?
The oldest of the following modern psychological models is the?
Psychodynamic model
The model of abnormality that cites physical processes as being the key to behavior is the?
Biological Model
Women with sexual arousal disorder have difficulty with:
maintaining proper lubrication.
A person who experiences vomiting and shaking when he tries to stop drinking alcohol has developed:
withdrawal symptoms.
A patient in an alcohol rehabilitation center tells you a detailed story about growing up in the mountains of Tennessee. Later, you find out that the person in fact never even visited Tennessee. A day later you visit the patient again, and the patient doe
Korsakoff's syndrome.
Acute stress disorder
occurs right after traumatic event causing extreme fear, helplessness, and horror. experiencing dissociative symptoms during and after the event.
OCD (psy treatments)
- Exposure plus ritual prevention(most widely used treatment)- Cognitive therapy (usually also involves exposure)» Challenge beliefs about anticipated consequences of notengaging in compulsions
genotype-environ interactions
ppl with diff genotype may be differentially sensitive or susceptible to their environ (ie pku)
If a new test for assessing anorectic tendencies produces scores comparable to those of other tests for assessing anorectic tendicies, then the new test has high?
Concurrent validity
The most common cognitive disturbance in anorexia nervosa is:
a distorted body image.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Extreme response to severe stressor, emotional numbing from exposure to a traumatic event that involves actual or threatened death or injury. Symptoms present for more than one month.
primary process thinking psychodynamic
mental images and wish fulfilling fantasies performed by the id
A person who believes that it is awful and catastrophic when things are not the way he or she would like them to be is displaying:
irrational assumption.
Jenny simply cannot get up in the morning without her uppers, those little amphetamine pills her friend gave her. She feels she must take them every day. She has:
a substance dependence.
Panic Disorder (behavioral risk factors)
» Classical conditioning ofpanic in response tobodily sensations- interoceptive conditioning: classical conditioning of panic in response to bodily sensation-People with panic disordersustain classicallyconditioned fears longer
PTSD (biological anxiety risk factors)
decrease in hippocampus (learning and memory)increase in cortisol sensitivity and norepinephrine
One limitation of the clinical interview as an assessment tool is that?
the client may give an overly positive picture
According to Masters and Johnson, performance anxiety may result in a man:
adopting a spectator role during sexual activity.
symptoms Acute Stress Disorder
3 symptoms similar to ptsd. occur b/w 2 days and 1 month after trauma and 2/3 with asd develop ptsd w/in 2 years.
Panic Disorder (cognitive risk factors)
- lack of perceived control triggers panic- fear bodily changes (interpreted as impending doom, beliefs increase anxiety and arousal)- W/ Agoraphobia: expect actions of catastrophic consequences of having public panic attack
According to current research, using relaxation training to treat generalized anxiety disorder is:
better than nothing, and about as effective as meditation.
A recent study of erectile disorder showed that most cases of erectile disorder are caused by:
a combination of psychosocial and physical causes.
what did teresa of avila claim?
mental disorders do not result from sickness in body or possession, but in sickness of mind
Internal validity reflects how well a study
Rules out the effects of all causes except those being studied
The first step in using the treatment called "systematic desensitization" is to?
Teach the skill of relaxation over the course of several sessions.
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