Acid Base 3 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Respiratory acidosis
Hypoventilation would cause
Kidneys can replenish lost water
Metabolic alkalosis
pH> 7.45
Causes vomitting, constipation, diuretics, excess HCO3- ingested
increased pH, increased HCO3-, no change in PCO2 
Newborn infants have a relatively higher ____ content in their ECF than do adults
The principal cation in intracellular fluid is
Acids have an excess of _________ ions.
How are respiratory inbalances countered
By metabloic processes
the kidneys
Excess potassium ion is eliminated from the body by
An increase in plasma potassium levels is properly called
What is the name for the H+ ion?
Define volatile acid
Goes from liquid to gas easily
H2CO3--> H2O + CO2 
Respiratory alkalosis
A Mountain climber at high altitude may lose consciousness at the result of
a measure of the relative amount of H+/OH- dissolved in a solution
Define: alkalinity
May be disturbed due to higher loss of elctrolytes on hot days
Electrolyte balance ____
hydroxide (OH-) and hydrogen (H+)
What ions form when water dissociates?
Define Respiratory alkalosis
too much CO2 lost from the body
Fixed by rebreathing
caused by hyperventilation, high altitude, pregnancy, nervousness
Increased pH, decrease PCO2, no change in HCO3- 
the cells of the body
Intracellular fluid (ICF) is found in
A) confusion and disorientation
B) CNS depression
Syptoms of low plasma pH may include
How does decrease pH effect ventilation
Increase CO2 in blood stimulates chemoreceptors in the aortic arch & corotid artery,
they stimulate receptor centers in the medulla,
that increases the # of AP's along phrenic/intercostal nerves, these stimulate increased rate & depth of breathing, which increases CO2 removal
Reaction shifts left, H+decrease and pH increases
there is negative feedback to chemoreceptors 
glomerulus plus a glomerular capsule
A renal corpuscle is the same as
the body retains less carbon dioxide
As a result of respiratory alkalosis
A) Chloride ions are absorbed along the digestive tract in the company of sodium ions
Each of the following statements concerning chloride ions is true except one identify the exception.
What are the buffers that are usually in the blood?
H2CO3 and NaHCO3
Combine with strong acids and bases to make weak acids and bases so that H+ or OH- is bound up and doesn't change the pH
A) low blood pressure in arterioles in the nephron
B) a decrease in fluid flow throw the distal tubule
Stimuli for the activation of the RAAS pathway include
so that they work properly without being denatured
Why do most proteins need near a neutral pH?
Why is pH a big deal to your cells?
H+ affect functioning protiens
if pH changes --> change protien's function
Nervous system and cardiovasular system most sensitive 
the prevention of pH changes caused by organic and fixed acids
The primary role of the carbonic acid-bicarbonate buffer system is
it has a neutral PH and is polar (necessary for how living tissues react with one another)
Why is the water molecule so important to organisms?
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