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common people
Yin and Yang
Tobacco Brides
TELL DATE:1620’s
As a result of the enourmous male population, tobacco brides were imported to the area. They were respectable young women whos passage was paid for by men who were eager to gain wives. They came over to specifically to Jamestown, Virginia in 1620, (90 to be specific). Jane Eier (15) was he youngest, and Alice Burges (28)was the oldest. Alice was the most skilled, she could brew beer which was mportant because drinking water was scarce so  beer was an alternative.
As a result of the enormous male population, during the 1620’s about 150  “tobacco brides” were imported to the area.  “Tobacco brides” were respectable young women, whose passage were paid for with about 120 pounds of tobacco by men who were eager to gain wives.  Not only were these “tobacco brides” to be sexual partners but they would also be another pair of hands to share in the labor on the farm
Not only were these “tobacco brides” to be sexual partners but they would also be another pair of hands to share in the labor on the farm
Country that invaded Manchuria
a follower of islam.
when, where- continental congress
1774, philadelphia
agressive nationalism. Get America more involved in the world!
California, Idaho, Utah..Chumash Culture.
Far West
to formally charge with wrongdoing
telegraph helped what form of transportation
A Christian religious image or picture
city planner of Paris
Georges Haussmann
14th Amendment
extended citizenship to former slaves
Bush doctrine
Political principle articulated by President George W. Bush in which he declared America's right to fight a "preemptive war" against any nation that, one day, might threaten the US
didn't sign the Treaty of versallies
How old must a president be?
pieces of broken pottery on which Athenians wrote names of persons they wished to be exiled
Frederick Douglas
complained about the treatment of sharecroppers
Zheng He
led 7 exploratory voyages from 1405-1433 from southeast Asia to eastern Africa
When the German Army declared surrender the first reason it gave was
the tank
Economic Depression
period when business activity slows, prices and wages drop, and unemployment rises
most powerful pharaoh of the new kingdom
Material such as stones and sand deposited by water, wind, or glacier.
Martin Delany
Black abolitionist who visited West Africa in 1859 to examine sites where African Americans might relocate
Gospel of Wealth
justified behaivors of entrepreneurs who accumiliated wealth through shady conspiracies
Communist party also known as the "reds"lenin leads party"land peace bread"was motto50k to 3 mill membersunified partynov 1917 win elections and stop the warrussia lsot 1/3 of their land to central power
An order excluding an entire town, region, or kingdom from recieving most sacrements and Christian burial.
Sir Walter Raleigh
English nobleman who encouraged Elizabeth I to allow colinization in the new world;used personal fortune in failed attempt to establish colony at Roanoke Island
Moral Diplomacy
Wilson's plan to settle internation disputes Right vs. Might
Literacy Test
A test administered as a precondition for voting, often used to prevent African Americans from exercising their right to vote.
Djenne Djenno
oldest west african city near niger river
Colombian exchange
the transfer of plants, animals, and diseases between the Americas and Europe, Asia, and Africa
In Aryan society, a member of the social class made up of priests.
Middle class
most people who lived in streecar suburberbes were...
Slave trade
Laborers that were taken from Africa by Africans to work in America against their will. From Slave Coast to Americas. Needed labor for plantations
Dust Bowl
Area between TX and ND that experienced extreme drought, making farming impossible.
Emancipation Proclamation
an executive order issued by Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863, freeing the slaves in all regions in rebellion against the Union
A religious group that settled in Utah with the goal of being able to practice their religion.
the first french settlers in NS. they were kicked out by Britain
The gradual adoption of agriculture trnasformed the world most by causing
global population increase
Lyndon B. Johnson
-Became pres. when JFK was assasinated-Responsible 4 civil rights act and voting act.-Gifted with compromise
scorched-earth policy
a military practice of devastating the property and agriculture of an area before abandoning it to an advancing enemy.
a form of writing that uses symbols or pictures to represent things, ideas and sounds
G.W. farewell adress
"political parties can be bad, keep the government debt low, and stay away from entangling alliances
Pepin the Short
Helps the Pope by stopping the Lombards; Pope crowns him king (C&S)
Ghost Dance
A ritual the Sioux performed to bring back the buffalo and return the Native American tribes to their land.
Mayflower Compact
This was signed by the Pilgrims when they arrived to America. It stated that they would create equal laws that would be most fitting for the colony.
George III
decided did not trust the colonists to fight when time came (1763) decided to station a British army in the colonies. Tax the colonists to pay for their own protection
The cotton gin was invented in 1793 by...
Eli Whitney
Kublai Khan
a China emperor who found a new dynasty called the Yuan Dynasty
pyramids are aligned with the ___ and the _____
stars sun
restrictive population policies
policies used to reduce the rate of natural increase, for example families in China are only allowed one child
Name the three types of Greek columns we studied.
Corinthian, ionic, Doric
Yoeman farmer
small farm * owned less than 4 slaves or none
Prior to the 1850s, the party system forced ______________ to compromise between their northern and southern wings in order to achieve national strength.
Whigs and Democrats
A tax on hunting equipment that is used to provide public lands for hunting is an example of:
benefits- recieved tax
Robert duke of Normandy
Eldest son of William the c. Lazy. Viking
The Supreme Court's Gideon decision in 1963
established the right to counsel
England’s defeat of the Spanish Armada led to
Helped establish the English’s navel dominance
63. What did the depression of the 1870s make Americans more aware and concerned about?
-Their own class interests-worried less about former slaves
what were the reconstruction acts of 1867?
organized south into 5 miliary districts w/ a military commander; grant the vote to the freedmen and disfranchising those of the souths prewar leadership class who participated in the rebellion; had to registar all adult males, supervise the election of state conventions, and make sure hte new constitutions contained guarantees of black suffrage
Who was Nathanael Greene and what did he accomplish in the South in 1781?
-Won Battle of Cowpens -Inflicted heavy damage on British
How did the French Revolution help inspire the revolution in Mexico?
In Mexico they saw that it was possible that they were able to overthrow authority. (ideas that all people were equal)
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