A2 Psychology: Forensic Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Anger management
Disrupted Families
Brain Dysfunction
Cognitave interview technique
Factors influincing recognition
Persuasion of expert witness
voluntary manslaughter
crime of passion
Ear accupuncture for drug rehabilitation
Top Down typology
Canter et al
5 types of stalkers
intimacy seeking




Poverty and Disadvantaged neighborhoods
Wikstrom + Tajfel
stalker: predatory
small group, sexually violent
takes pleasure in the sense of power by stalking and sexual assult
criminal behavior
intentional behavior that violates criminal code
Principle of equality
Equality vs. DiscretionThe same treatment for all people who commit the same crime
The Sociological Approach
InstitutionsStudy a specific society and its institutions (family, church, subcultures) to determine the role of these institutions in developing adherence to the law
conduct disorder characteristics
aggression to people or animals

destruction of property, theft

deceitfulness or theft

sever rule violation
features of psychopathy

lack of empathy

failure to learn from mistakes

superficially charming
how to beat polygraph

physical, biting tounge, lip, jabbing with pin-inducing pain
discipline murder
kill to gain acceptance from leader
racial profiling
inclusion of racial or ethnic characteristics in determining whether a person is considered likely to commit a particular type of crime or an illegal act
Can answer “yes” only by ________ vote
Can answer “no” only if ____ jurors agree
≥ 10
Equality vs. Discretion
Centers around questions of whether punishments should be meted out equally without regard to individual circumstances or whether there should be room for discretionDo the crime, do the time
serial killer: visionary
driven by delusions or hallucinations that compel him or her to kill
psychological profiling
interviewing an individual to see if they match an offender profile
if sentenced to death,
judgment subject to automatic review by Court of Criminal Appeals
Current MethodologyViolence Risk Assessment
Past patterns in similar contextBase rate anchorsRisk management adjustments
signature of crime
distinct unique feature related to the offender, usually consistent
blue curtain
" them vs us "

strong code of silence that actually encourages police to cover up the misconduct
Ethical Issues Provide Treatment To Those Found incompetent To Be Executed
AMA (1995) states ethically unacceptable unless “to relieve extreme suffering.” Complex issue; not withstanding AMA, personal moral decision
Rights of Individuals vs. Common Good
Values in conflictIndividuals have rights but society has expectationsThe legal system has two goalsprotect the individualprotect the collectiveGroup is protected moreIndividual rights are attainable but not allow burdens on societyProbable cause
mass murder
killing of 3 or more at a single location:

family, classic
2 types of false confessions
coerced complaint FC:
know theyre innocent, threatened

coerced internalized FC:
confused, psychologically vulnerable, believes after a while
Two Models of the System
The conflict between the rights of individuals and the rights of society is related to a distinction between two models of the cj system-Due Process vs. Crime Control Models
serial killer: mission oriented
there is a particular group of people who are considered undesirable and must be destroyed
Discover the Truth vs. Resolve Conflict
Should the legal system be more concerned with discovering the truth or resolving the conflictDetermining the truth means learning the factsCan what really happened every be knownPlea-bargaining; more focused on resolving the conflict
Texas Statute for Capital Sentencing - On conclusion of sentencing evidence, jurors answer:
1. whether there is a probability that defendant would commit criminal acts of violence that would constitute a continuing threat to society; and 2. Whether defendant actually caused the death of the deceased or did not but intend to kill the deceased or another or anticipated that a human life would be taken.3. Whether, taking into consideration all of the evidence … there is a sufficient mitigating circumstance(s) to warrant a sentence of life imprisonment rather than death
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