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to poke (aparecer)
giving customer-contact employees authority and responsibility to make marketing decisions without seeking approval of their supervisors
products having nonphysical features, such as inforation, expertise, or an activity that can be purchased
OCEAN Personality Traits
Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism
Economic Forces
interest rates, inflation, unemployment, economic growth, and other factors that affect the general health and well-being of a nation of the regional economy of an organization
Packaged Foods Corporation (PFC) employs 1.000 workers in three locations. Under the Norris-LaGuardia Act, PFC's workers have the right to
annual percentage of an organization's workforce that leaves and must be replaced
Same-Steps Layout
physical arrangement of production steps designed to make one type of product in a fixed sequence of activities according to its production requirements
Psychographic Variables
consumer characteristics, such as lifestyles, opinions, interests, and attitudes that may be considered in developing segmentation strategy
a network of information technology linkages inside an organization that connects all of its members
payment to shareholders, on a per-share basis, out of the company's earnings
INFORMATIONAL - inform employees about changes taking place in the external and internal environments that will affect them and the organization; communicate to employees the organization's vision and purpose
Theory X
negative assumptions about workers that lead to the conclusion that a manager's task is to supervise workers closely and control their behavior
Internal Marketing
a management philosophy that coordinates internal exchanges between the organization and its employees to achieve successful external exchanges between the organization and its customers
What pressure moves fluid/nutrients outside of the vascular space to the ISF area?
Hydrostatic pressure
A tropical American tree, Ochroma pyramidale lagopus, of the bombax family, yielding an exceedingly light wood used for life preservers, rafts, toy airplanes, etc.
Job Redesign
method of increasing job satisfaction by designing a more satisfactory fir between workers and their jobs
Job Description
description of the duties and responsibilities of a job, its working conditions, and the tools, materials, equipment, and information used to perform it
product’s ability to satisfy a human want or need
good, service, or idea that is marketed to fill consumers' needs and wants
a person who supervises the activities of one or more employees
Hawthorne Effect
tendency for productivity to increase when workers believe they are receiving special attention from management
Capital Gain
profit realized from the increased value of an investment
Informal Leader
an organizational member with no formal authority to influence others who nevertheless is able to exert considerable influence because of special skills or talents
Work Attitudes
collections of feelings, beliefs, and thoughts about how to behave in one's job and organization
the concentration of authority at the top of the managerial hierarchy
Informal Appraisal
an unscheduled appraisal of ongoing progress and areas for improvement
Target Market
Specific group of potential customers toward which the venture aims its marketing
comparing the quality of the company's goods, services, or processes with that of its best-performing competitors
a condition that exists when a research technique produces almost identical results in repeated trials
Buildup Approach
measuring company sales potential by estimating how much of a product a potential buyer in a specific geographic area will purchase in a given period, multiplying the estimate by the number of potential buyers, and adding the totals of all the geographic areas considered
The computer performs arithmetic or comparison (logical) operations on the represented data.
full of menacing or malign influences; pernicious.
Federalist #39
SOAP-government will be a hybrid of both the federal and states gov. James Madison.
"Big Five" Personality Traits
five fundamental personality traits especially relevant to organizations - OCEAN (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism)
compensation in the form of money paid for discharging the responsibilities of a job
Product Differentiation
creation of a product feature of product image that differs enough from existing products to attract customers
a group in which members work together intensively to achieve a common group goal
the mental or physical capacity to do something
a set of overly simplified and often inaccurate beliefs about the typical characteristics of a particular group
Gender and Leadership
similarities and differences in men and women as leaders
Self-Managed Team
a group of employees who assume responsibility for organizing, controlling, and supervising their own activities and monitoring the quality of the goods and services they provide
the ability to act on one's own, without direction from a superior
a tax that a government imposes on imported or, occasionally, exported goods
External Customers
individuals who patronize a business - the familiar definition of "customers"
a stage of the business cycle during which unemployment rises and total buying power declines, stifling both consumer and business spending
Telephone Depth Interview
an interview that combines the traditional focus group's ability to probe with the confidentiality provided by telephone surveys
Contrast the old and the new social contract along four dimensions.
What effect does alkalosis have on serum K ?
Decreases levels
What is the MOTHERBOARD?
A computer's main circuit board.
a projecting portion of a rampart or fortification that forms an irregular pentagon attached at the base to the main work.
Transformational Leadership
set of abilities that allows a leader to recognize the need for change, to create a vision to guide that change, and to execute the change effectively
Operations Capability (Production Capability)
special ability that production does especially well to outperform the competition
Information Systems Managers
managers who operate the systems used for gathering, organizing, and distributing information
Reasoning Ability
ability to come up with solutions for problems and understand the principles by which different problems can be solved
Price Appreciation
increase in the dollar value of an investment at two points in time (the amount by which the price of a security increases)
Initiating Structure
behavior that a leader engages in to make sure that work gets done and subordinates perform their jobs acceptably
Management Science Theory
an approach to management that uses rigorous quantitive techniques to help managers make maximum use of organizational resources
Pregnancy Discrimination Act - 1978
prohibits discrimination against women in employment decisions on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical decisions
Total Quality Management (TQM)
a philosophy that uniforms commitment to quality in all areas of the organization will promote a culture that meets customers' perception of quality
Customer Advisory Boards
small groups of actual customers who serve as sounding boards for new-product ideas and offer insights into their feelings and attitudes toward a firm's products and other elements of its marketing strategy
Market Potential
the total amount of a product that customers will purchase within a specified period at a specific level of industrywide marketing activity
At what Na concentration does cerebral edema occur?
Na < 123 mEq/L
An exaggerated fear of computing that leads people to avoid computers.
AAA Personnel, Inc., discharges Barb, who feels the discharge is due to her religious beliefs. She decides to file an employment-discrimination suit against AAA. She should contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
before filing the suit.
Product Life Cycle (PLC)
series of stages in a product's commercial life
National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (NASDAQ) System
world's oldest electronic stock market consisting of dealers who buy and sell securities over a network of electronic communications
Organizational Behavior
the study of the factors that have an impact on how individuals and groups respond to and act in organizations
Federal Trade Commission Act (1914)
created the Federal Trade Commission; also gives the FTC investigatory powers to be used in preventing unfair methods of competition
What are S/S of hypermagnesemia?
- sedation- decreased DTR- weakness- respiratory depression- hypotension- prolonged PRi, wide QRS (blocks Ca release)
Excess wt on chest and increased intra-abd pressure produces?
restrictive lung disease-like process
Quid pro Quo Sexual Harassment
requesting or forcing an employee to perform sexual favors in order to receive some opportunity (such as a raise, a promotion, a bonus, or a special job assignment) or avoid a negative consequence (such as demotion, dismissal, a halt to career progress, or an undesired assignment or transfer)
Describe the three perspectives on customers in the Moral Management model (i.e. how does each of the three styles of management view the customer stakeholder?).

Immoral management - Customers are viewed as opportunities to be exploited for personal or organizational gain.

Amoral management - Management does not think through the ethical consequences of its decisions and actions.

Moral management – Customers are viewed as equal partners in transactions.
What are S/S of dehydration?
- dry mucous membrane- decreased skin turgor- increased thirst- increased BUN- tachycardia- hypotension- oliguria- respiratory fluctations in the A-line
Apple Sweets, Inc., a U.S. firm, enters into an agreement with Belgian Exportes, Ltd., a Belgian firm, to fix the price of chocolate in the U.S. market. Candy, Inc., a U.S. firm, files a suit against both parties, alleging that their agreement violates U.
Apple Sweets and Belgian Exportes.
Describe some general attributes of campaign finance reform.
The BCRA banned soft money and prevented special-interest groups from airing “issue ads” in the period prior to the election, while raising the limits of hard money donation.
What drug is given THIRD in the induction phase?
The NMBA (e.g. atracurium, vecuronium, succinylcholine)
Describe the major activities of the FTC and list three of the divisions of the FTC.

To maintain free and fair competition in the economy. 
To protect consumer from unfair or misleading practices.

Advertising Practices
Credit Practices
What is Level 3 anesthesia called and what are the qualities that define it?
- MINIMAL ANESTHESIA - stimulation increases respirations, mild hypotension
What are the main cations and anions of the ECF?
cations = Na, Caanions = Cl, HCO3
Why is Nitrous Oxide (N20) used in anesthesia? What is the effect called?
It acts as a carrier agent for volatile gases via the second gas effect?
hardly (casi)
los segadores
farmers (ganans)
process, performance, function, (function + process), activity"performance of business activities that directs the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers" (1948)
creation and delivery of a standard of living to society
meaningful, useful interpretation of data
DECISIONAL - commit organizational resources to develop innovative goods and services
Cash Flow
Purely cash coming in
containing or resembling barm; frothy.
relatively stable set of psychological attributes that distinguish one person from another
combination of “characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs”
Industrial Goods
physical products purchased by companies to produce other products
Stock Broker
individual or organization that receives and executed buy and sell orders on behalf of outside customers in return for commissions
Top Manager
a manager who establishes organizational goals, decides how departments should interact, and monitors the performance of middle managers
performance gains that result when individuals and departments coordinate their actions
SWOT Analysis
assessment of an organization's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
What hormone inhibits Ca bone reabsorption?
Senatorial Courtesy
Presidential custom of submitting the names of prospective appointees for approval to Senators from the states in which the appointees are to work.
the doctrine that reality consists of several basic substances or elements
Flextime Programs
method of increasing job satisfaction by allowing workers to adjust work schedules on a daily of weekly basis
Job Specification
description of skills, abilities, and other credentials and qualifications required by a job
Operations (Production)
activities involved in making products – goods or services
Brand Loyalty
pattern of regular consumer purchasing based on satisfaction with a product's performance
Top-Management Teams
high-ranking executives who plan a company's strategy so that the company can achieve its goals
Theory Y
people are hard working, accept responsibility, are creative, and are willing to be self-controlled and self-directed
purchase of several different kinds of investments rather than just one
Four Decision-Making Styles
Autocratic (no input); Consultative (some input); Group (group makes decision, leader is just another member); Delegated (leader gives exclusive responsibility to subordinates)
an expression of confidence in another person or group of people that you will not be put at risk, harmed, or injured by their actions
the power to hold people accountable for their actions and to make decisions concerning the use of organizational resources
Collective Bargaining
negotiations between labor unions and managers to resolve conflicts and disputes about issues such as working hours, wages, benefits, working conditions, and job security
Income Statement
A document generated monthly and/or annually that reports the earnings of a company by stating all relevant income
a stage of the business cycle characterized by low unemployment and relatively high total income, which together ensure high buying power (provided the inflation rate stays low)
Primary Data
data observed and recorded or collected directly from respondents
Describe the recurring themes in the textbook.
Corporate Social Responsibility: 
What is INPUT?
Raw data prior to processing.
an exchange of light, playful, teasing remarks; good-natured raillery.
5th Amendment
right to grand jury, indictment, no double jeopardy, freedom from self-incrimination, due process of law
Work Slowdown
labor action in which workers perform jobs at a slower than normal pace
Service Operations (Service Production)
activities producing intangible and tangible products, such as entertainment, transportation, and education
Specialty Good/Specialty Service
expensive, rarely purchased good or service
two or more people who interact to achieve their goals
Spatial Ability
ability to determine the location or arrangement of objects in relation to one's own position and to imagine how an object would appear if its position in space were altered
Social Status
a person's real or perceived position in society or in an organization
Leadership Style: Relationship Oriented
1st Priority: developing good relationships with subordinates. 2nd Priority: getting the job done
Competitive Advantage
the ability of one organization to outperform other organizations because it produces desired gods or services more efficiently and effectively than they do
Demographic Forces
outcomes of changes in, or changing attitudes toward, the characteristics of a population, such as age, gender, ethnic origin, race, sexual orientation, and social class
Sustainable Competitive Advantage
an advantage that the competition cannot copy
Buying Power
resources, such as money, goods, and services, that can be traded in an exchange
Mail Survey
a research method in which respondents answer a questionnaire sent through the mail
What is regulation?
The act of governing, directing according to rule, or bringing under the control of law or constituted authority.
What is the normal range of arterial pH?
Community of Interest
Defining a community by common cultural heritage, language, beliefs shared interest ex religous
a person or thing that ruins or spoils:
Risk Propensity
extent to which a decision maker is willing to gamble when making a decision
High-Contact System
level of customer contact in which the customer is part of the system during service delivery
Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
IS with software that helps knowledge workers design products by simulating them and displaying them in three-dimensional graphics
Attraction-Selection-Attraction (ASA) Framework
the idea that an organization attracts and selects individuals with similar personalities and loses individuals with other types of personalities
Securities Markets
markets in which stocks and bonds are sold
Contingency Theory of Leadership
the theory that leader effectiveness is determined by both the personal characteristics of leaders and by the situations in which leaders find themselves
Time and Motion Studies
scientific studies that identify and measure physical motion over a set period of time
the degree to which a tool or test measures what it purports to measure
Mission Statement
a long-term view, or vision, of what the organization wants to become
In-home (door-to-door) Interview
a personal interview that takes place in the respondent's home
Benefit Segmentation
the division of a market according to benefits that consumers want from the product
What is the upper limit for mandatory treatment of hyperkalemia?
6 mEq/L
The ease that people navigate the digital world successfully
a unit used to measure the speed of signaling or data transfer, equal to the number of pulses or bits per second:
junk email sent to a mailing list or a newsgroup
Market Capitalization (Market Cap)
total dollar value of all the company's outstanding shares
Administrative Management Theory
the study of how to create an organizational structure and control system that leads to high efficiency and effectiveness
Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (1990)
prohibits exaggerated health claims; requires all processed foods to contain labels with nutritional information
What are causes of hypomagnesemia?
- malnutrition- GI losses- Renal losses- Theophylline toxicity- medications
A higher proportion of visceral placed an increased risk from ?
CV disease, LV dysfunction, stroke
Secured Loan (Asset-Backed Loan)
loan to finance an asset, backed by the borrower pledging the asset as collateral to the lender
Describe the three perspectives on employees in the Moral Management model (i.e. how does each of the three styles of management view the employee stakeholder?).

Moral Management: Employees are a human resource that must be treated with dignity and respect. Employee’s rights to due process, privacy, freedom of speech, and safety are maximally considered in all decisions.

Amoral Management: Employees are treated as the law requires. Attempts to motivate focus on increasing productivity rather than satisfying employees’ growing maturity needs.

Immoral Management: Employees are viewed as a factor of production to be used, exploited and manipulated for gain of individual manager or company. No concern is shown for employees’ needs/rights/expectations. Short-term focus.
What is the initial intervention for laryngospasm?
positive pressure ventilation with 100% O2
Tech Company's ad states that "if you aren't using a Tech computer, you aren't using the best." The Federal Trade Commission would consider this ad
neither false nor misleading.
Describe the role and activities of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
They are an independent regulatory agency that was created by the consumer product safety acts of 1972. CPSC works to reduce the risk of injuries and deaths from consumer products by: developing voluntary standards with industry, issuing and enforcing mandatory standards.
What is the main reason that a patient becomes hypotensive in an acidotic state?
A decreased responsiveness to catecholamines (SNS response)
How is normocapnia maintained in Obese patients?
increase in Minute Vent, they can compensate for a while.
What the tragedy of the commons mean for business?
In the absence of constraints, self-interest is likely to lead individuals and organizations to behave in ways that will not sustain our shared resources.
What is Level 1 anesthesia called and what are the qualities that define it?
- LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS- Unresponsive to verbal commands, responds to painful stimuli
How do you calculate IBW for males and for females?
males- Ht(cm)-100= IBW in Kgfemales- Ht(cm)-105=IBW in kg
How is sleep apnea defined in terms of OSA?
> 10 secs total cessation airflow with continuous effort against closed aireay
What are the two different types of diabetes insipidus (DI)?
1. Central DI = low secretion of ADH2. Nephrogenic DI = decreased renal response to ADH
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