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Terms Definitions
lying face up
movement around the axis
Define ATP
Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Intracellular carrier of chemical energy produced by the body for muscular work
Muscle Lengthens while contracting,developing tension as when the muscle oppose the force of gravity is called_________
Eccentric contraction
Name the Aerobic pathway
Aerobic system
In traditional dance choreography, movements should include ____ as of one of its basic elements
For individuals to receive an efficient and challenging form of conditioning that works well for developing muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, stability, balance and coordination they should participate in ___________ training
movement in which the extremity describes a 360 degree circle
early recognition of a medical emergency can be summarized into the SAPI approach the S stands for
Anatomical term for prone
lying face down
is inflammation of the connectivity tissues that joins a muscle to a bone
a condition caused by ceasing vigorousley exercise too abruptly so that blood remains in the extremities and may not be delivered quickly enough to the hart and brain is called _____
Blood pooling
The ____________ method is known as variable intensity or spontaneous training
a movement that performs shoulder horizontal abduction is
High Row
The Karvonen formula incorporates the------------ in determining the training heart rate range (THRR)
resting heart rate
Advance stages of heat exhaustion may lead to
is a connective tissue that connects bone to bone and reinforces joints from dislocating
To assist in the management of arthritis, participants be encouraged to ______ daily
A motivational technique called ___ is used to sustain a type b participant for life long exercise adherence
time bouts of increased intensity work followed by lower intensity recovery is known as _______ training
Bands of sheet like fibrous tissues that connect bone to bone and reinforce joints from dislocation they are nonelastic and have limited range of motion
Steady state
After the first 3-4 minutes of exercise, oxygen uptake has reached an adequate level to meet the oxygen demand of the tissues.
The AFAA recommends that _______ be incorporated within the warm -up portion of the class
movement rehearsal
One way to increase exercise intensity is to
add traveling
When performing a squat, during the concentric contraction _____ occurs
hip extension
The AFAA recommends checking the pulse at the _____artery
Radial artery
A muscle that helps perform the same task
The AFAA 5 questions:
Evaluate the risk of exercise
Which condition is referred to as an overuse injury
Name the energy pathways
Anaerobic pathway, Lactic Acid system
A muscle that is a prime mover, directly responsible for a particular action
is a term used for generalizing pain and or tenderness in the metatarsals, the heads of the long bone in the foot
Movement of the hip include ___________ and _________joint action
abduction , adduction
A muscle contraction in which the tension remains constant as the muscle shortens or lengthens is called ______
Isotonic contraction
Music is commonly written in a standard ___ beat
4/4 beat
which body part does this chronic injury occurs most often Achilles tendonitis
Calf musclles
Muscle shortens as positive work is done against gravity is called _______
Concentric Contraction
What form of exercise is designed to achieve maximum muscular involvement?
variable resistance
Anatomical term for Medial
Toward the midline of the body
A variable that acts as a determinant of exercise behavior is
cultural values
List 4 steps in recognizing an emergency
Survey, assessment, prioritization,implementation (SAPI)
The primary muscles performing work are called ______________ and may be identified by a specific ____________
Agonist , joint action
Describe the principal of overload
To achieve desired training improvements or effects the relevant body system must be overloaded beyond its normal level of capacity. Fitness programs that lack overload or variation will serve to maintain and not improve one's existing level of fitness.
FITT Principle: training variables
Frequency: number of exercise sessions per weekIntensity: difficulty of an exercise or exercise sessionTime:duration or length of each exercise sessionType: the mode of activity performed
In order to avoid dehydration during exercise and prevent heat exhaustion, an individual should
monitor hydration levels
List 3 physiological adaptations that occur to improve exercise performance and state how or why improvement occurs.
Increased maximal blood flow, increased oxygen delivery, carbon dioxide removal. Pg 19 how and why.
The volume of blood ejected by each ventricle of the heart during a single systole is called ______
Stroke volume
The greatest volume of air that can be forcibly exhaled after the deepest inspiration is called_____
Vital capacity
To ensure proper hydration during an exercise session, participants should monitor hydration levels and consume _____ ounces of fluid shortly before exercises
8 - 12 ounces
Movements of the hip include _____ and ____joints action
abduction and adduction
Anaerobic Pathway:Lactic acid system
Fuel Source - glucose - from carbs onlyIntensity - high intensity exercise/moderateDuration - 45 seconds - 60 seconds (short - medium)3 examples that utilize this system - 400 - 500 meter sprints100 - 200 meters swimming1000 - 2000 meters cycling
Anatomical term for Inferior
below or the lower half of the body
Plane that devides the body into upper and lower halves is a _______
horizontal plane ( transverse)
Which other organization's training recommendations does AFAA support
The ACSM American College of Sports Medecine
when considering correct alignment while moving, instructors should make sure participants
control the range of motion with movement
One purpose of the final cool - down phase of an aerobic exercise session is to
prevent blood pooling
The AFAA recommends that a recovery heart rate be taken _____ of aerobic work
3 - 5 minutes upon conclusion
List the 3 physiological adaptions that occur to improve exercise performance and state how or why improvement occurs
Increased maximal blood flow - The hart pumps more blood with each beat and increases stroke volumeincreased oxygen delivery and carbon dioxide removal -this allows athletes to posses high pulmonary ventilation during maximal aerobic exerciseincreased maximal oxygen uptake and aerobic power - Increased blood flow and increased capacity and power of the aerobic system
To promote and maintain health, an individual should perform how many minutes and days per week of moderate intensity physical activities
30 minutes 5 days per week
name the Aerobic systems: Fuel Source, Intensity, Duration
Carbohydrates, fats , proteinsLow to moderate40 to 60 minutes low intensity long duration
In order to teach a quality group exercise class and instructor should be able to
apply the AFAA 5 questions
The 1996 US surgeon general's report on Physical Activity and Health was a call to
encourage more Americans to become active
in a push - up, the ____ muscles extend the elbow and the ______ adducts the humerus to lift the body up against gravity
triceps and pectoralis major
List and describe 3 common relaxation methods
Physical focus: method focuses on the bodily system and sensations in attempt to increase relaxationMental/ Abstract focus: uses imagination to create a sense of relaxation.Combination focus: combines booth Physical focus and Mental focus to to achieve a greater relaxation response.
Define energy and its food source.
Energy - the ability to do work. The food source is plants (and animals) because plants absorb energy from the sun.
What is the difference between a muscle sprain and a muscle strain
a sprain is a tearing or over stretching of a ligament while is muscle strain is a over stretching or a tearing of a muscle tendon
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