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 Extensible business reporting language XML based markup language developed for financial reporting. Provides a standards based method to prepare, publish, reliably extract, and automatically exchange financial statements
event entities
store information about transactions
Breadth-First Search is:
Optimal in stepsexhaustive
anything about which the organization wants to collect and store information
computer programmers
write programs using the specifications developed by the analysts; modify and maintain existing computer programs
the logical structure of a DB
stealing an organization's cash before it is entered into the accounting records
Risks of Outsourcing
InflexibilityLoss of controlReduced competitive advantageLocked-in systemUnfulfilled goodsPoor serviceIncreased Risk
report writer
a language that simplifies report creation
Digital Signatures
for electronic data transmissions, use digital signatures to ensure the authenticity of messages and enable non-reproduction.
feasibility study
prepared during systems analysis and updated as necessary during the remaining steps in the SDLC

Capital budgeting

plans the capital resources needed to support production. Concerned with fixed assets
Typical adjusting entries:
Interest payable, estimates for depreciation and bad debt expense, inventory and cost of sales, federal income tax
Fraud Triangle
consists of three parts: Incentive, Opportunity, and Rationalization
In Cherokee Society, _____ formed the basis of harmony
Activity-based Costing
refines and imporves cost allocations by attempting to trace costs to the activities that create them, and subsequently allocates those costs to products or departments
Reconcile bank account
Records of cash disbursements should be matched to the bank's records to ensure that alldisbursments actually made by the bank were authorized and accurate. This reconciliation attempts to determine that an organization's accounts payable records and GL records for cash and AP are in agreement with the bank's records.
click fraud
clicking on ads numerous times to inflate advertising bills
enterprise application integration
software that bridges legacy systems to new hardware and software systems and interfaces
physical view
shows how and where data are physically stored

Bricks and mortar

 companies that work from purely traditional stores
purchases journal
a chronological listing of all POs issued to vendors
Application Controls
intended to ensure that inputs and processing are accurate and complete and that outputs are properly distributed, controlled and disposed.
The hormone that causes progesterone to digress
prostaglandin F-2 alpha
virtual private network (VPN)
created when encrypting information before sending it over the internet
Payroll direct deposit system
Employee net pay is sent electronically through the banking system and deposited directly to the employees' bank accounts.
the intent to destroy or harm a system or some of its components
client-server computing
means that two types of computers are networked together to accomplish the application processing

Periodic inventory system
updating the inventory and cost of sales accounts only at the end of the period
Transaction: purchase returns: actions:
request purchase return, return goods, record in journal and sub ledger, summarize journal, post to GL
capital budget
is a financial plan detailing all of the company's investments in fixed assets and other investments
embedded audit modules
segments of program code that perform audit functions
What are typical accounting documents?
Source Documents, Journals (General Journal and Special Journals - often called registers), Ledgers (General Ledger and subsidiary ledgers), Audit Trails, History Files, Reference Files.
uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
system that provides protection in the event of a prolonged power outage, uses battery power to keep the system going long enough to back up critical data and safely shut down
4 Categories of Flowcharting Symbols:
1.  Input/Output Symbols - devices used to put data into/take data from a ssytem
2.  Processing Symbols - devices used to process data or indicate if data is processed manually
3.  Storage Symbols - devices used to store data when it is not being used
4.  Flow + Miscelaneous Symbols - tells us where the decisions are made (decisions = Diamond)
Program Change Controls What?
a process to ensure that program development and program changes are properly authorized, tested, reviewed, and approved before implementation.
request for proposal (RFP)
companies that are buying large or complex systems send vendors this, which is an invitation to propose a system that meet the company's needs by a specified date
the Select function selects ______
what attribute you want displayed in your output
DML (DB Manipulation Language)
a set of commands used to update, change, and delete data in the database
What are the drawbacks of the Greedy Method?
Ignores opponent’s reaction
Short sighted
advantages to real-time processing
as data are entered in real time, the system checks for input errors, which means errors can be corrected immediately
information is provided to users on a timely basis, without the time lag inherent in batch systems
since all data are in a database system and are updated in real time, all files are constantly up to date
the business processes are integrated into a single database so that a single system is achieved
Receiving Ordered Goods (2 responsibilities + defs, + 2 steps)
goods should be sent to the receiving dept...
1.  Do we accept the goods? - compare the packing slip received with the goods to a file of open purchase orders
2.  Verify quantity + quality of goods - receiving should count the goods and prepare a RECEIVING REPORT indicating the quantity ofitems received.
next steps:
1.  send the goods to the warehouse
2.  send the receiving report to Accounts Payable
when must brackets be used in SQL
when you are typing something with spaces
The time during estrus when ovulation occurs
12 hrs following the end of estrus
The semen is released after we extend the gun
1/2 inch past the end of the cervix
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