American Government Exam 3 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
majority rule
a proposed law
an alliance of factions
the ultimate governing authority
a survey of public opinion
"we the people"
established popular sovernigty
james madison
brilliant, self-concious, took notes
Conventional political participation
relatively routine, non-threatening behavior that uses the channels of representative government.
CRA 1957
established Civil Rights Commission and Civil Rights Division in Department of Justice (record for longest individual filibuster Strom Thurmond 24hrs19mins)
override veto
2/3 majority vote in Congress
What caused the depression?
People blamed capatalism.
15th amendment
amendment to the constitution-adopted after the civil war-prohibited states from denying the right to vote to minorities
What was Hobbes most famous writing?
Exit polls
polls conducted as voters leave selected polling places on election day
those who favor a stronger national government
Higher rank than that of others especially by reason of longer service
split ticket
voting for candidates of different parties for various offices in the same election
article 4
relationship between states and the relationship between states and the federal government
Griswold v. Conn.—1965
Estelle Griswold, the executive director of the Planned Parenthood League of Connecticut law, was arrested by the state of Conn. For providing information, instruction, and medical advice about contraception to married couples. Her and her associates were found guilty and fined $100 each. The Supreme Court reversed the decision and declared the Conn. Law unconstitutional because it violated a right of privacy that fits into a "zone of privacy" created by a combo of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th amendments.
human-made resources that are used to produce goods and services
identity theft
when someone steal your personal information and uses it to obtain credit in your name
Plea Bargaining
The process whereby a criminal defendant and prosecutor reach a mutually satisfactory disposition of a criminal case, subject to court approval
All revenue bill must originate in:
the House
a prominent or conspicuous part or characteristic:
straight ticket
the practice of voting candidates of only one party in an election
private bill
a legislative bill that deals only with specific, private, personal, or local matters
Secretary of State
Foremost diplomat in US, after president
sampling error
measurement of how much the sample results may differ from the sample universe.
Furman V. Georgia
Threw out all state death penalties
Social democracy
can't have huge inequalities & still have political equality, redistribute the wealth & gaps between rich & poor
What movement tried to end racial descrimination?
civil rights
What Article was the Necessary and Proper Clause in?
Article I
jim crow laws
laws enacted by southern state legislatures after the civil war that mandated rigid racial segregation. The laws were named after a minstrel song that ridiculed african americans
What organization is made up of white house offices and agencies and develop polices
Exclusionary rule
a rule that provides that otherwise admissible evidence cannot be used in a criminal trial if it was the result of illegal police conduct
party organization
the infrastructure of the party and the least visible part; made up of non-elected party officials
Declaration of Independence
Document drafted by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 that proclaimed the right of the American colonies to separate from Great Britain
a blanket pardon offered to a group of law violaters
bench trial
An accused person may give up the right to a trial by jury in favor of this, in which a judge decides the case.
Camp david accords
Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty, became one of our allies.
an agreement to end the debate on a bill
Reasonable Bias Test
The courts require the government only to show that a particular law is reasonable
Doctrine of Interposition
The idea that if the national government passes an unconstitutional law, the people of the states (through their state legislature) can declare the law void. This idea has provided the basis for southern secession and the Civil War.
marbury v. madison
case in which supreme court asserted power of judicial review despite the fact that it is not explicitly mentioned in the constitution.
line agency
An agency which performs the task for which the organization exists
candidate appeal
The tendency in elections to focus on the personal attributes of a candidate, such as his or her strengths, weaknesses, background, experience, and visibility.
Planned Parenthood v. Casey
Pennsylvania law that required spousal notification prior to obtaining an abortion was invalid under the 14th amendment because it created an undue burden on married women seeking abortion. Requirements for parental consent, informed consent (doctors must warn women of all risks before an abortion can be performed), and a 24 hour waiting period, however, were constitutionally valid.
23rd Amendment
Gave the DC a place in the electoral college.
force theory
the state was taken over by force over the territory and population
Party vote
in the House or Senate where at least 50% of the members of one party take a particular position and are opposed by at least 50% of the members of the other party. Party voters are less common today than they were in the 19th Century.
custom duty
A tax laid on goods brought into the United States from abroad, also known as tariffs, import duties or imposts.
_________ extends a hand to _____ wary of hearings
White house, muslims
Evolution of the bureaucracy
exists for the public good, not to make money.
English Bill of Rights
A list of the rights of Englishmen adopted by Parliament in 1689. Included in the list are the right to trial by jury and the right to petition the government for the redress of grievances
Who does a US Senator represent?
All the people of the state
What does a political party do?
Function to get people elected or reelected. The party out of power criticizes the one in power and vice versa.
The United States Tax Court
The 19 judges of the tax court are appointed by the president for 12-year terms. Hears only civil cases involving disputes over the application of tax laws.
we know how many people there are in the united states
why do we need to census?
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