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Terms Definitions
enforces laws
Constitution was ratified
Traditional Model
rational voter model
abraham lincoln
first republican president
Executive checks
enforce laws, judicial implementations, president appoint new judges
formal charge against public office
Burger Court
mixed activist court (1969-1986)
Lawmakers who owe their first allegience to their political party
role played by an elected representative who votes the way his or her constituents would want him or her to, regardless of his or her own opinions
3 Branches of Government
1.Legislature-Makes laws 2.Judicial-Court system, interprets laws 3.Executive-Carries out laws.
president's salary left for Congress to determine
Roe v. Wade
abortion based on trimester
______, after scandal, won't run again
system of government in which a written constitution divides power between a central, or national, government and several regional governments
Public-Interest Lobby
a political organization whose goals will principally benefit nonmembers
CRA 1870
Enforcement Act - criminal sanctions if one person interferes with another person's right to vote
gender gap
Difference in political views between men and women
the most glaring example of the fairlure to extend the rights and privileges to all people
Civil Liberties
the protections of citizens from improper governmental action.
8th Amendment
Excessive bail, fines, and punishments prohibited.
Federal Jurisdiction
Jurisdiction given to federal courts in cases involving the interpretation and application of the U.S. Constitution, acts of Congress, and treaties.
Dual Federalism
National government and states have authority over strictly defined and mutually exclusive domains of policy.
to do for history
the communist manifesto is...
an assembly or council of citizens having the highest deliberative functions in a government, esp. a legislative assembly of a state or nation.
government run by a small group of people
rule of law
no one is able the law
Goevernuer Morris
Wrote the final draft of the Constitution
advises the president
What does the President's cabinet do?
majority leader
the Speaker's top assistant whose job is to help plan the majority party's legislative program and to steer important bills through the House
Government of a country and by its people
Name one state that borders Mexico.
California and Texas
power resides in the people and is exercised by their elected representatives
doctrine of nullification
southern leaders theory that each state had retained is sovereignty after joining the union and had the power to nullify any national laws if they clashed with the state's interests
demography (demographics)
the study of the characteristics of populations.
two year period of time during which congress meets
served as the capital city for the greeks
Articles of Confederation
Document before Constitution, had many weaknesses, created "firm league of friendship"
Begins as a group of nobles. By 1300s, it evolves into a legislature; its function is to make laws. Parliament comes from the word parler, meaning, to speak
Opinion Intensity
The strength of one's opinion about an issue.
age 18
When must all men register for the selective service?
Direct mail
a way of sending messages to large groups of people through the mail
What is the BCRA?
A bipartisan congressional act that outlawed soft money AGAIN in 2003
Totalitarian Regime
A form of government that controls all aspects of the political and social life of a nation.
person, who is the head of the state government
Coattail Effect
The boost that candidates may get in an election because of the popularity of candidates above them on the ballot, especially the president.
Joint resolution
essentially same as law (tends to need signature of Pres, the other 2 don't, but another example would be the amendment process)
Insure Domestic Tranquility
Protect us from others like during riots with the police
Single-Member District, Winner-Take-All System
The system of election used in the United States in all national and state elections and in most local elections; officials are elected form districts that are served by only one legislator, and a candidate must win a plurality—the most votes.
federal courts
only hear cases on federal law or if there is a diversity of citizenship
Northern Plains and Mountain States (Minnessota and the Dakotas)
have the highest voter turnout
seniority rule
the status given to a person based on the length of continuous service on a congressional committee. Ended in the mid 1970's since member felt the cons out did the pros. Now the committee chairs are elected by the majority party members and the senior committee member will usually assume the chair
priming and framing
Priming is the process by which an issue discussed in the media reminds the public of previous information that they have about that issue, causing more thought and discussion. Framing explains that the media has the ability to change the context within which an issue is viewed by emphasizing some aspects of it while ignoring others
The election of 1968 was very unusual because
All of the above
What were the problems with the Articles of Confederation?
"Major questions" required agreement of 9 states, amendments required 13 out of 13 states, no executive branch (president, governor, or king) to carry out law, no courts (judicial branch) to enforce law, and no power to raise an army or to tax (it could ask the states for money, but it couldn't make them pay)
The founders gave the senate longer and staggered terms so as to:
Provide greater stability to legislative branch
What are two rights of everyone living in the U.S.?
Freedom of speech and worship
When do people vote in national elections?
Tuesday following the 1st Monday in November
What happens in Congress when people are elected?
they are elected from a single member district
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