American Government Midterm Review Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Ben Franklin
Famous Scientist/Diplomat
Sec. of Transportation
Ray Lahood
Who vetoes bills?
the President
Race and Ethnicity
2/3-Hispanics Prefer Democrats
60%-African American Democrats
rule by many; mob rules
14. Open and Closed Shops?
the process of reducing, even removing, governmental control of industry
One who advocates reconstruction of society by collective ownership of land and capital.
The governmental aquisition of private industry for public use.
What did the Emancipation Proclamationdo?
Freed Slaves
when the internal revenue service checks to make sure an individual has reported and paid the correct amount of taxes
Article 3
Judicial Branch. Supreme Courts/ Federal Courts- No age limit, no term limit
Interstate Compacts
agreements among themselves and with foreign states
australian ballot
a government-printed ballot of uniform dimensions to be cast in secret that many states adopted around 1890 to reduce voting fraud associated with party-printed ballots cast in public
denied powers
powers prohibited to the government, can't do
Amend. #23
Presidential Electors of the District of Columbia
mass media
means of communication that reach large audience
social contract
theory that by contract, people surrender to the state the power needed to maintain order and the state, in turn, agrees to protect its citizens
in america we are represented, and don't vote, thus creating a 4th rule!
false and malicious use of printed words
charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government
Appropriations Bill
a legislative act proposing to authorize the expenditure of public funds for a specific use (authorize government to spend money)
Greenspan Commission
a national commission on Social Security Reform appointed by Congress and the President in 1981 to study and make recommendations regarding the short-term financing crisis that faced Social Security at the time. Proposed income tax on Social Security benefits of higher income people. Also raised age of retirement, made one half of Social Security benefit taxable income, and added more employees to the system
personal staff
the people who work directly for individual senators and representatives
15th Amendment
Right for African American men to vote
An election in which party members (in some states, nonparty members and independents may participate) select candidates to run for office under the party banner.
Appellate jurisdiction
the power vested in particular courts to review and/or revise the decision of a lower court
material incentives
money or things valued in monetary terms
Mayflower Compact
document signed by Pilgrims in 1620 that stands as the first example of many colonial plan for self-government
a political system governed by a few people
People who wish to maximize a personal liberty on both economic and social issues. The prefer a small, weak government, that has little control over either the economy or the personal lives of citizens.
engel vs. white
supreme court case that declared prayer in public schools unconstitutional
single issue parties
minor party-promote one principle, not a general philosophy of government
House = 25 yrs old, 7yrs resident, inhabitant of state;
Senate = 30 yrs. 9 yrs. resident inhabitant of state;
President = natural born, 35 yrs old, 14 yrs resident;
Supreme Court = good behavior for life.
electoral college
The electoral system used in electing the president and vice president, in which voters vote for electors pledged to cast their ballots for a particular party's candidates.
a judicial ruling that serves as the basis for the ruling in a subsequent case
Economic Protest Parties
parties rooted in poor economic times, lacking a clear ideological base, dissatisfied with current conditions and demanding better times
Domestic policy
a set of plans for dealing with national problems
Vice President
get powers depending on how much the president is willing to give to them.
New Jersey Plan
Proposal to create a weak national government (Anti-Federalists)
Determined by the Supreme Court that the National Government could establish a National Bank
McCullough vs. Maryland
Articles of Confederation
The document that created the United States' first central government. It was ratified in 1781 and remained in effect until 1788.
district courts
the lowest level of the federal court system consists of
Imperial Presidency
President is too powerful in the 20th century
majority opinion
a statement that presents the views of the majority of Supreme Court justices regarding a case
margin of error
is a statistic expressing the amount of random sampling error in a survey's results. The larger the margin of error, the less faith one should have that the poll's reported results are close to the "true" figures; that is, the figures for the whole population.
Statement by a judge or a court of a decision reached. Sets forth the applicable law and details on what the ruling was based.
Ole Deluder Satan Act
larger towns must provide schools for childern
riding the circuit
traveling to hold court in a justic's assigned region of the country
Min-Max Regret Theorem
We want to minimize the maximum regret from who we choose to vote for. Thus, we vote for one of the 2 major parties since they have the majority anyway
Judicial review
The power of the court to refuse to enforce a law or a government regulation that in the opinion of the judges conflicts with the U.S. Constitution or, in a state, the state constitution.
separation of church and state
the situation in which the government may not favor any religion or establish and establish an official religion
the first ten ammendments are known as,
the Bill of Rights :D
Forms of Mass Communication
- printing press- 1st mode
o The Federalist Papers
- In historical perspective
o Washington
• Portraits, sketches, pamphlets
o Roosevelt
• Fireside radio chats, newsreels in theatres
o Candidates/officials today
• Television, internet (email, twitter, texting)
Factors on whether or not a person receives a message
1. Ability to understand
2. Predisposing belief
3. Saliency
government, power, influence, and prestige
what are the four most important parts of a country?
When must all men register for the Selective Service?
▪ at age eighteen 18
▪ between eighteen 18 and twenty-six 26
Qualifications to be a member of the senate
30 yrs old, citizen of the US for at least 9 yrs, legal residents of the state they represent
/ 59

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