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Terms Definitions
5th Amendment
right to vote
Approve formally; confirm; verify
Attorney General
Department of Justice.
Shot heard round the world
Foreign born citizens can vote
Minority Leader
Head of minority party.
lowest-level crime to commit (jaywalking, speeding)
petty offense
Which President was forced to resign?
within a school, state, or community
BROAD-governments need to protect the safety of others (unanimous agreement on this)
NARROW-using governments powers to enforce social order (same sex marriage, abortion)
opponents of ratification of the Constitution and of a strong central government generally.
Those who supported ratifitcation fo the U.S. Constitution.
election of an officeholder by the voters of an entire governmental unit rather than by the voters of a district or subdivision
Block Grants
money from the national government that states can spend within broad guidelines determined by Washington
Interagency councils
working groups created to facilitate coordination of policy making and implementation across a host of governmental agencies
Priot Restraint
Governmental action attempting to stop a publication process
The Constitution states that the required minimum age for the presidency is
thirty-five years.
liberal democracy
comibines majority rule with respect of civil liberties and protects individual rights
Commerce Clause
only Congress can regulate commerce between states
NC clause
elastic powers that stretched however they wanted it
legislative assistant
this staff member attends committee meetings for the lawmaker
separation of powers
dividing government power among legislative, executive, and judicial branches
8th Amendment
Excessive Fines- no cruel or unusual punishments.
The Framers
favored a bicameral Congress in order that one house might act as a check on the other;saw bicameralism as a way to diffuse the power of Congress and so prevent it from overwhelming the other two branches of government
Open Rule
ab order from the House Rules Committee that permits a bill to be amended of the floor
Issue Identification
The first of six stages in policymaking, in which some event, person, or group calls attention to a problem that needs government action.
Reserved powers
powers that the Constitution does not give to the national government that are kept by the states
Necessary and Proper Clause
Constitutional clause that gives Congress the power to make all laws "necessary and proper" for executing its powers.
Concurrent Powers are those powers that are shared by both the _________________ and _______________ governments, like taxation.
National and State
Roll-call votes
votes in which each legislator's yes or no vote is recorded.
Proprietary Colonies
colony governed either by a prominent English noble or by a company.
Plessy vs. Ferguson
Established the separate but equal doctrine. Allows segregation.
Concurring Opinion
an opinion that agrees with the court's disposition of the case but is written to express a particular judge's reasoning
a guideline for how all similar cases should be decided in the future
system of gov in which the chief executive's party holds the most seats in legislature after an election
Absentee voting
provision made for those unable to get to their regular polling places on election date
what is the term when residents of a district represented by an elected official?
Armed Forces
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the___ hears cases involving members of the military.
American Creed
The set of core values that define America's political culture
Force Theory
They hold that one person or small group claimed control over an equal and forced all within it to submit to that
Enumerated powers
Gave states the idea that the federal government was limited to a detailed list of powers in Article I, which soothed the concerns for state advocates
Voter Intimidation
scare tactics and lies to make people not vote or accidentally not vote (if they are lied to)
Public Opinion (definition/informed by)
- define: citizens' attitudes about political issues, leaders, institutions, and events
- Informed by:
o Values (beliefs)
o Ideology: a cohesive set of beliefs that forms a general philosophy about the role of government
Free Exercise Clause
This stated that "Congress shall make no law....prohibiting the free exercise of religion." This clause protects the right of a person to hold any religious beliefs he or she chooses.
The original jurisdiction trial courts of the federal system are called:
Your Answer: District Courts.
arrest warrant
an order signed by a judge naming the individual to be arrested for a specific crime
Agency Point of View
Administrators tend to look out for their agency's interests
how are they a watchdog over certain governmental agencies?
they hold hearings
civil rights act of 1968
this law banned discrimination in housing, the segregation of education, transprotation, and employment, it helped African Americans gain their full votin rights.
Shay's Rebellion
A 1786 rebellion in which an army of 1,500 disgruntled and angry farmers led by Daniel Shays marched to Springfield, Massachusetts, and forcibly restrained the state court from foreclosing mortgages on their farms.
What is the presidents role when he is giving the state of the union address?
Chief agenda setter
Writ of certiorari
an order by a higher court directing a lower court to send up the record in a given case for review, from the Latin meaning "to be more certain"
Privileges and immunities clause
Part of Article IV of the Constitution guaranteeing that the citizens of each state are afforded the same rights as citizens of all other states.
What are limits in the US Government?
social safety net: welfare, Medicade, social security
all paid for by income taxes
to live in the state they represent
what is the recidency requirement to be a senator?
Due Process Clause of the 14th Ammendment
A clause that forbids a state from depriving any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law
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