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Set free
SC Nullification Crisis
Republic of Texas
Lonestar Republic
Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, college kids participate in Civil Rights, stage sit-ins and such
rr leaders
vanderbilt and hill
(Tennessee Valley Authority Act) Relief, Recover, and Reform. one of the most important acts that built a hyro-electric dam for a needed area.
Jeopardy, self incrimination, due process, criminal proceedings
John Steinbeck
Wrote Grapes of Wrath
supporters of the Constitution who believed that the United States needed a stronger Constitution, and that the Constitution offered a good balance of power and was a careful compromise between various political views.
Cornelius Mey
-Explored southern coast of NY/NJ
first pro baseball team
Cincinnati Red Stocking
A fortress established in the southwestern United States by the Spanish in order to protect their missions and other holdings.
low-lying land along a seacoast through which tides flow
( ) broke away from Portugual.
A movement that stressed an individual's devoutness and and emotional union with god.
Three-Fifths Compromise
agreement at the constitutional convention that allowed slaves to count a 3/5th of a white person
Theodore Roosevelt
Bull Moose party candidate for President in 1912
a leader who rules with total authority, often in a cruel or brutal manner
Washington Irving
American writer remembered for the stories "Rip Van Winkle" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," contained in The Sketch Book (1819-1820).
Senator who accused hundreds of American citizens as having communist ties
Joseph McCarthy
Radical Republicans
led an opposition against Pres. Johnson; vowed to take reconstruction out of President's hands
what was jamestown
1st english colony in america
Mahan, Alfred T.
Naval officer, strategist and historian who argued, in books such The Influence of Sea Power on History (1890), that national power depended on naval supremacy, colonies, and foreign markets.
Amendment Process
describes how constitution may be formally amended
After a bitter civil war, Francisco Franco established in 1939 a fascist government in?
wanted to make money by selling land
Shay's Rebellion
Uprising of backcountry farmers in wester Massachusetts, led by Daniel Shays, farmers rebelled because they were losing their farmers because of debts caused by economic troubles, the federal government had no authority to put down the rebellion, the Massachusetts government ended up ending it (quickly made a makeshift army),
Rush-Baggot Agreement
Established the location of the Canadian border with Louisiana and pacified the border
Who wre mainly the Social Gospel Reformers?
Samuel Slater
a skilled British mechanic who could build the new textile machines
Joseph Stalin
the dictator of the soviet union during WWII
Joseph McCarthy
anti communist who accused everyone of being a communist. led the senate trials against communism
After a long reign of high morality, outrageous idealism, and "bothersome do-goodism," people longed for old America, and were ready to accept a lower quality president who would not force them to be so involved.
north west passage
a waterway connecting the atlantic ocean and pacific ocean
(FDR) , June 6, 1944, 160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily-fortified French coastline to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France. General Dwight D. Eisenhower called the operation a crusade in which "we will accept nothing less than full victory." More than 5,000 Ships and 13,000 aircraft supported the D-Day invasion, and by day's end on June 6, the Allies gained a foot- hold in Normandy.
Red Scare
fear of communism and other foreign influences after WWI
Trail of Tears
something that Andrew Jackson would have thought would be a good thing; Cherokee Indians were forced to march and many people died along the way
Boston Tea Party
demonstration (1773) by citizens of Boston who (disguised as Indians) raided three British ships in Boston harbor and dumped hundreds of chests of tea into the harbor
14th Amendment
Gave citizenship to former slaves and foreign born citizens
econ problems art confed
decline foreign trade
state tariffs (taxing goods from state to state)
foreclosure on loans & mortgages
William Penn
owed his father because of debt; created a colony for Quakers
Prince Henry
Known as the Henry the Navigator, gathered experts in science, mapmaking, and shipbuilding whose work led to a fleet of ships that explored the coast of west Africa
railroad expansion
new jobs, lower prices on goods 1865-1890
Samuel Gompers
Leader of the American Federation of Labor (AFL), which rarely admitted other than skilled white male workers into their ranks.
a Northerner who went South and was active in Republican politics, often a profiteer who took advantage of social instability during Reconstruction
free soil party
party formed in 1848 by antislavery northerners who left Whig and democratic cause neither addressed slavery
cold war
conflict between the US and the Soviet Union
porfirio diaz
who was the dictator of mexico who played American capitalists into investing in Mexican business?
Grandfather Clause
(AJohn) , Law that excused a voter from a literacy test if his father or grandfather had been eligible to vote on January 1, 1867
Freedom from Contract
freedom of workers to negotiate the terms of their employment
battle of britain
German air forces invaded Britain but the British Royal Air Force drove them out with the help of the new invention radar that let them know where the German planes were
Social Darwinism
A view of society based on Charles Darwin's scientific theory for natural selection
What is a large area of slow moving ice?
As a result of the Boston tea party, the British enforced the intolerable acts which closed the Boston Harbor, increased the number of British soldiers in the city and increased taxes. The first intercontinental congress was established with representatives from the 13 colonies
Charles de Gaulle
French general, fled to England after France fell and set up government-in-exile
Navigation acts
Said all trade to and from the colonies had to go on a British Ship through a British port, mainly so they could collect taxes
Ben Montgomery
Sold as a slave to Joseph E Davis (Jefferson Davis' brother) worked as an operator of their general store. Unusual for a slave to serve in this position.
American Federation of Labor
an alliance of trade craft unions, formed in 1886
Anti Poverty Act
(LBJ) 1964, his act of war on poverty
crop lien (system):
he use of future crops to guarantee loans farmers contracted from merchants so they could plant crops and support their families until harvest time. This system contributed to peonage or perpetual indebtedness even among farmers in the South who owned their own land.
Subjects of deregulation
The sectors of the economy that were most affected by the scandals of the late 1990s and early twenty-first century had all been _____
English Civil War
A war between the Puritans and the English king in 1642.
success of grandfather clause
if your grandfather votes in 1860, then you are allowed to--no registered southern black in 1860
What were underlying causes of the 1930's depression?
Over production and excessive speculation
Voting Rights Act of 1965
ended poll taxes and literacy tests; 24th amendment
What was the reason for the bill of rights?
To satisfy the states.
limited powers states by art of confederation
declare war
maintain an army & navy
conduct foreign affairs
operate postal service, disputes betw states
What did organizations such as the YMCA, the YWCA, and the Salvation Army concentrate their efforts on in the early 1900's?
Helping newcomers adjust to life in the big city. They encouraged the establishment of settlement houses, investigated slum conditions, and provided food and clothing to people in need
how slaves would be counted in the population
The three- fifths Compramise resolved the issue of
Why did many Exodusters move to Kansas in 1879?
to homestead new land bc African American rights were challenged at the end of Reconstruction
Why did Texas not join the U.S. after San Jacinto?
The North feared that Texas would join the union as a slave owning state
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