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Terms Definitions
Herbert Hoover
Bootleg Whiskey
Illegal alcohol
objects made by humans
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
Compromise of 1877
ended Reconstruction
Eli Whitney
invented the cotton gin
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
not allowed under the Constitution
Key Civil rights movement organization where churches link together to inform blacks about changes in the Civil Rights Movement, led by MLK Jr., was a success
President fo the Constitutional Convention
George Washington
Roger Williams
Puritan who established Providence, the first permanent settlement in Rhode Island. Espoused the idea of the separation of church and state.
habeas corpus
protects citizens from illegal imprisonment without evidence; suspended by Lincoln
Amendment #4
protects citizens against illegal searches and seizures
This term applies to newspaper reporters and other writers who pointed out the social problems of the era of big business. The term was first given to them by Theodore Roosevelt.
a community experiencing a sudden growth in business or population
Republican Party
political party formed in 1854
practice of handing out government jobs to supporters replacing government employees with the winning candidates supporters
Spoils system
(economics) the ratio of the quantity and quality of units produced to the labor per unit of time
In the national crisis surrounding the presidential election of 1860, southern moderates refused to support the more radical members of the Democratic Party clamoring for a federal slave code. Instead, they
A) attempted to revive the Whig Party.
B) joined
NASA program to create permanent space station
Industrially, we are behind
England, France, and Germany
formed when all businesses in an industry are controlled by a group
Orson Welles
an actor, director, producer, writer. Created one of the most renowned radio broadcasts of all time ' The War of The Worlds"
Militant Liberty
Code name for national security agencies encouraging Hollywood to produce anticommunist movies.
Mexican Cession
mexican territory surrendered to the US at the end of the war with Mexico
Robert E. Lee
General of the Confederates (South)
He was the fascist leader of Italy?
postal savings bank act
post offices became baks
The Alamo
location of bloody 12 day battle between Mexico and Texas
The ________ was a violent massacre of Jews in Russia.
it failed to mention the rights of women and african americans
george gershwin
rhapsody in blue premiered in 1924 translated jazz into symphonic form
Harlem Renaissance
a period in the 1920s when African-American achievements in art and music and literature flourished
panic of 1837
financial crisis which banks clased and the credit systewm collapsed, resulting in many brankruptcie and high unemployment
Square Deal
TR's belief that the U.S. needed reform to compete with other countries
a continuous rise in the price of goods and services
Africans and poor whites
did not benefit from sharecropping
Edmond Genet
french diplomat who tried to get american support against the british
James Oglethorpe
The founder of Georgia in 1732. English makes it into military to protect from south. This person helped debtors and gave many people land.
objects such as bullets that can be fired from a weapon
jefferson davis
President of the Confederate States of America
the systematic use of spies to get military or political secrets
why did city & state laws require children to attend school?
an emigrant from Europe to America who obtained passage by becoming an indentured servant for a specified period of time
Bartolome de Las Casas
wanted to protect the Native Americans, suggested that the King and Queen of Spain use Africans to work on the plantations - was the beginning of the African Slave Trade
Tariff of 1848
imported taxes on all foreign goods. Causes the Nullification Crisis, a major issue during Jackson's presidency.
Which country was not at all okay with Germany creating a navy?
American Temperance Union
(AJ) , 1836, It united temperance groups and distributed tracts warning against strong drink
(Robert )Weaver
first black to serve in a presidential cabinet (office: Housing and Urban development)
A land bridge during the last ice age across the bering Strait between siberia and Alaska. It was once an area where plants, animals, and humans could live.
George M. Cohan
composer of Over There, a memorable song which helped to identify WW1 as undoubtedly America's singingest war
all men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree
James Madison
Valley Forge
camp set up by Washington for his troops, 20 miles from the British in Philadelphia.
Indentured servants
People who could not afford passage to the colonies could become indentured servants. Another person would pay their passage, and in exchange, the indentured servant would serve that person for a set length of time (usually seven years) and then would be free.
Declatory Act
Act instituted same day the Stamp Act was repealed.Parliament had rights to pass any/all lawas they feel necessary...
due process
a rule that the law must be fairly applied
Thomas Jefferson was conscience-stricken about the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France because
he believed that the purchase was unconstitutional
Treaty of Versailles
(WW) 1918, , Created by the leaders victorious allies Nations: France, Britain, US, and signed by Germany to help stop WWI. The treaty 1)stripped Germany of all Army, Navy, Airforce. 2) Germany had to rapair war damages(33 billion) 3) Germany had to acknowledge guilt for causing WWI 4) Germany could not manefacture any weapons.
How do we recognize bias?
1. Identify author 2. Langauge(all, never) 3. Examine writing for balance of views 4. Identify facts and opinion 5. bias is reflected in views 6.??
Who stepped down as Queen to avoid war with the United States?
Queen Liliuokalani
Sand Creek Massacre
A round of warfare as Plains Indians joined forces to repel white settlement.
Who was the Queen of England at the beginning of English colonization?
Elizabeth I
home owner's loan corporation
As part of the Hundred Days that understood the nation's tragedy of foreclosed mortgages, the HOLC refinanced American home mortgages. This effort allowed one-fifth of all U.S. mortgages to become refinanced which would prevent another Great Depression
Anthracite coal strike
a strike by the United Mine Workers of America in the anthracite coal fields of eastern Pennsylvania. The strike threatened to shut down the winter fuel supply to all major cities.
August 23rd 1775
The colonies were declared to be in a state of open rebellion. This is considered, by some, the start of the war.
purpose of proclamation line of 1763
the british gov knew that defending western lands would be costly
List 3 major characteristics of trench warfare?
heavy artillery bombardments, use of poisonous gases, attacks and counterattacks-open land
How does Hoover look after this happens?
Hoover looks awful in the press, popularity plumits; plays out right before the election
Why did most Americans of the 1920s want to avoid involvement in European affairs?
Americans were tired of being entangled in European politics
What was a major effect of the Dawes Act caused by land speculators?
convinced many Native Americans to sell reservation land
What were the main goals of the Radical Republicans for Reconstruction?
They wanted to make it so that white Confederates would not have seats in government. They also wanted freed slaves to have their rights like everyone else.
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