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materialistic generation
Declaration of Independence
telegraph invented when??
When was NAto signed?
who discovered electricity?
benjamin franklin
What were the KOL against?
took over after Garfield died
(true/false) Among Wilson's Fourteen Points were freedom of the seas, national self-determination for minorities, and an international organization to secure peace
National Liberation Front, communist revolutionary groups
What are urban regions?
Outside the city
Jacob Riis
Danish photographer who raised awareness of working and living conditions of immigrants in the factories and tenements.
use of ships/troops to prevent movement in/out of port/region controlled by hostile nation
the right to vote (15th ammendment)
hiram revels
mississippi senator; first african american senator
Who proposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
Steven Douglas
Know Nothings
Nativist American movement fears that country was being overwhelmed by German and Irish Catholic immigrants. Semi-Secret organization of the party is where the name came from
Francis Willard
_____________ set up the Christian Temperance Union.
Office of War Information
mobilized American public opinion
British troops occupied this city in the winter of 1777-1778 while Washington and his troops camped in the woods.
Spoils system
rewarding party loyalty with political jobs.
Whig Party
Advocated a larger federal government, industrial development, and a centralized economy
Opposed Jackson
Ethan Allen
led green mountain boys (vermonters) in suprise attack at Fort Ticonderoga
Great Migration
movement of over 300,000 African American from the rural south into Northern cities between 1914 and 1920
Richard Hakluyt
English geographer who first proposed that England establish a colony
a determined leader of the Native Americans that said he was tired of watching Native Americans being pushed off their land.
made the largest single migration in history
a person who arranged for the settlement of land in Texas during the 1800's
Great Awakening
Strengthen church and social order, gets men back in church, from thinking witches make hail to real way
Roosevelt Corollary
following the Monroe Doctrine, the assertion that the U.S. might intervene in the affairs of an American republic threatened by a European country
the group of nations (Germany, Italy, and Japan) that opposed the Allies
Open Door Note
developed by John Hay, telling imperialistic countries to stay out of China
the key ideas and beliefs a person holds
traditional imperialism
what theory wanted an empire and colonies abroad?
War Powers Act
(1973) law limiting presidents right to send troops with out consulting congress
Atomic Bomb
This was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
George Washington
young, ambitious officer who led an attack against the French
woman's sphere
The notion that woman's proper place was in the home. This was a product of the doctrine of the two spheres which developed after the American Revolution supposedly as a means of giving women equality.
Bartholomou Diez
-Rounded Cape fo Good Hope (Africa) during 1488
nullification crisis
the dispute over whether states had the right to nullify, or disobey, any federal law with which they disagreed
a policy or attitude that denies equal rights to certain groups of people.
William Henry Harrison
Governor of the Indiana Territories who became a national hero after the Battle of Tippecanoe. The last Whig President, he was also the first to die in office (of pneumonia).
House of Burgesses
first representative body in colonial America
3-4 Louisiana Purchase
The Louisiana Purchase is remembered as one of Thomas Jefferson's greatest actions while holding office. In 1803, he purchased the territory from France and it nearly doubled the size of the nation, while opening the west for exploration and settlement. However, the territory also resulted in numerous border disputes and issues over whether new state would allow slavery.
laissez faire
to let people do as they choose
Triangle Trade
America -> Europe -> Africa back to America
Roe v. Wade
The 1973 Supreme Court ruling that women had a constitutional right to abortion during the first trimester of pregnancy, provoking a vigorous right-to-life movement that opposed abortion.
Putting Out-Work
Sitting at home doing daily work to support the family. Mianly done by the lower class- taking in work from the outside.
William H. Taft
Roosevelt picked him to run for president in 1908. He won.
Fort Laramie treaty 1851
gives ownership of South Dakota, wyoming, montana to souix (eventually gold is found and everyone wants the land); ends red cloud war
September 1, 1939
the date considered to be the beginning of World War II
Indian Territory
An area to which Native Americans were moved covering what is now Oklahoma and parts of Kansas and Nebraska
Army Chief of Staff that pushed for the formation of the Women's Auxiliary Corps. Claiming there were jobs in the Army that women could now do.
Foraker Act
a, law which ended military rule in Puerto Rico
Battle of King's Mountain
Colonial militiamen from the western Carolinas defeated a force of loyalists here in October 1780.
Who helped the Pilgrims deal with the Indians?
Miles Standish
General Douglas MacArthur
Commander of the UN forces at the beginning of the Korean War, however President Harry Truman removed him from his command after MacArthur expressed a desire to bomb Chinese bases in Manchuria.
secretary of labor
William B Wilson was hired by Woodrow Wilson as the first what?
Quit Rent
The tax paid by those living on a Proprietors land
Continental Army advantages/disadvantages during Revolutionary War
they knew the land and had support from the civilians but soldiers were poorly trained, fed, and suffered from diseases as well as limited supplies of weapons
Zoot Suit Riots
A series of riots in L.A. California during WW2, soldiers stationed in the city and Mexican youths because of the zoot suits they wore.
Battle of Guilford Courthouse
Though the Americans were forced to withdraw from this battle, the British losses were so great that they retreated to the coast of get fresh supplies.
How many are lost in the Korean War?
US: 33,000
Koreans: 2.5 million
JFK's Party
VP - Lyndon B Johnson, SS - Dean Rusk, AG - Robert Kennedy, SD - Robert McNamara
What was the Schifffen plan?
Germany's plan to hold Russia, invade Belgium, take France, then turn around and fight Russia
Fugitive Slave Act
(1850)Law that made it a crime to help runaway slaves; allowed for the arrest of escaped slaves in areas where slavery was illegal and required their return to slaveholders.
Cleveland owed some of his success to
Republican independents who left their party to vote for him
A fundamental disagreement between the candidates in the 1932 presidential election concerned with or not
the federal government should try to fix people's problems
What did the Neutrality act do?
made it illegal for Americans to sell arms to other countries at war.
Why did northern states object to admitting Missouri as a slave state?
because it would unbalance the free states and the slave states
What was the Atlantic Charter?
It said that US & BG had a common goal
Slave Trade
North Carolina
8 Nobles
founded the liberator
the growth of cities
Deer Born
Battle of 1812
Articles of Confederation, amendment cant happen because not all 13 states there
A German-speaking region in Czechoslovakia and was awarded to Hitler under the Munich Pact
where most industry was located
_____________ Era took place between 1890-1920
Ruler with absolute power and control
john burgoyne
he surrenders at Saratoga
Andrew Johnson
first president to be impeached
Joseph McCarthy
United States politician who unscrupulously accused many citizens of being Communists (1908-1957)
Why did the South remained agricultural?
Thomas Nast
United States political cartoonist (1840-1902)
When did Hitler invade Czechoslovakia?
March 1939
a loose union of independent states; name of government used by the southern states that seceded during the U.S. Civil War
oil derrick
tower over a deep oil well
Connecticut/Great Compromise
two houses, House of Representatives and Senate
Pickney's Treaty
settled the boundary of Spanish Florida, free navigation of the Mississippi River, and right of deposit in New Orleans
W.E.B DuBois
"Blacks should fight in the war"
Christopher Columbus
Italian navigator who discovered the New World in the service of Spain (monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella) while looking for a western route to Aisa
The public works program that brought electricity to areas of the south
Middle part of the constitution that explains how government should be organized and lists the powers of the federal government.
John Lewis
long-time labor leader who organized and led the first important unskilled workers labor union, called in to represent union during sit-down strike
Bank Holidays
Temporary bank closings during the Great Depression, intended to prevent over withdrawals and bank failure
Coercive Acts
"Intolerable Acts;" series of acts that came down hard on Boston
name given to sudden violent offensive attacks the Germans used during World War II; "lightning war"
Wagner Act
right to collectivelt bargain; only for industrial workers, excluded agricultural workers. Eliminated yellow dog contracts and allowed people to unionize
Stephen A Douglas
Senator responsible for creating the Kansas Nebraska Act and Transcontinental Railroad
Clayton Anti-trust Act
law that weakened monopolies and upheld the rights of unions and farm organizations
league of nations
an international congress of nations designed to settle disputes and protect democracy
Early in the struggle to win Kansas, proslavery supporters
A) saw that the cause was lost and retreated from the contest.
B) took control by vote fraud, intimidation, and violence.
C) got no support from the presidential administration of Millard Fillmore
Indentured Servants
In the English settlement, ____ ____ had free trip to the new world, but had to work for whoever brought them. Most ended up dying. Those who got land got bad land.
Dorothea Dix
(AJ) , Activist who helped improve conditions of mental patients
marshall plan
give europe nations aid to rebuild economy
Woolen Act
This forbade the colonies to export woolen goods
Scopes Trial
1925, the trial that pitted the teaching of Darwin's theory of evolution against teaching Bible creationism
How long is it before France falls?
6 weeks
Silent Majority
In his 1968 election campaign Richard Nixon appealed to the?
Second Continental Congress
the Continental Congress that convened in May 1775, approved the Declaration of Independence, and served as the only agency of national government during the Revolutionary War.
A ban on exporting products to other countries.
Red Scare
the fear of communism in the USA
Equal Rights Amendment
Equal rights amendment of the constitution that maintains equal rights on account of sex, never ratified
Who was a young French nobleman who helped Washington win the Revolution?
John Brown
abolitionist who led a riot in 1859 but was quickly captured
One who owns a share or shares of stock in a company
Treaty of Paris
treaty which GB, France, and Spain signed ending the 7 years/French and indian war- French got a few small islands but gave up Canada to GB and gave spain all lands west of Miss. R. and NO
Sacco & Vanzetti
Italian immigrant suspects in a 1920 payroll heist, who were arrested, tried, and convicted of robbery and murdered despite a flimsy trail of evidence.
General Winfield Scott
led union army, left the great anaconda plan. 'ol fuss and feathers
Stephens, Uriah
A reformer of wide interests and head of the garment workers of Philadelphia who, in 1869, founded the Knights of Labor which between 1878 and 1886 became the most powerful labor organization in the U.S.
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
No fire escapes, 150 women perished, it was in New York City and led to passage of stricter municipal building codes and factory inspection act. * By 1910 most status had modified the common-law principle that a worker accepted the risk of accident as a condition of employment and was not entitled to compensation if injured anles it could be proven that the employer had been negligent.
The US government asked citizens to support the war effort by
Buying war bonds
national association for the advancement of colored people [ naacp ]
organization to abolish segregation and discrimination to oppose racism and gain civil rights for african americans
Martial Law
rule by the army instead of the elected government
Mary Noailles Murfree
Popular writer about the South who wrote short stories and novels about the people who lived in the mountains of eastern Tennessee.
gadseden purchase
with what purchase did the us reach its present size
Massachusetts Bay Colony
One of the first settlements in New England; established in 1630 and became a major Puritan colony. Became the state of Massachusetts, originally where Boston is located. It was a major trading center, and absorbed the Plymouth community
Ulysses S. Grant
a farmer, bill collector, and a store clerk
Tom Paine (1737-1809)
author of Common Sense, one of the Founding Fathers
Transportation Revolution
a period of rapid growth in the speed of convenience of travel
Mikhail Gorbachev, Glasnost and Perestroika
Soviet statesman whose foreign policy brought an end to the Cold War and whose domestic policy introduced major reforms, Program leading to increased freedom of expression, a policy that involved restructuring of the social and economic status quo in communist Russia towards a market based economy and society
What did Bernardo de Galvez do?
Captured Pensacola and West Florida
civil body politic
a group of people who organize for a political purpose (term used in the mayflower compact)
San Juan Hill
The "Rough Riders" made _ the site of the most famous incident of the Spanish American War.
Albany Plan of Union
At beginning of French and Indian war the British Government instructed all the colonies north of Virginia to come together to construct a plan. Ben Franklin offered up the Albany Plan of Union but everyone rejected it.
What is another name for Affluent Society?
the era of Consensus and Conformity
When was the Tea Act imposed and when was the Boston Tea Party?
1773, December 16, 1773
What is the importance of the Northwest Ordinance?
outlined procedure for territories to become states; slavery outlawed.
what best describes clinton during his second term?
impeached but not removed from office, and the scandals he was involved in
The implementation of many new workplace protections
What was the result of the deadly fire at New York's Triangle Shirtwaist Company in March, 1911?
What was Germany's goal in the Battle of the Atlantic?
To prevent food and war materials from reaching Great Britian and the Soviot Union.
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