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Religious leader
Dumbarton Oaks
United Nations
Sons of Liberty
Millard Fillmore's political party
AMERICAN federation OF Labor
Spanish ship crashed in Florida
John Deere
redneck who invents plow
Alfred Smith
Democratic Presidential candidate 1928
settled the Massachusetts Bay Colony
free soldier
doesn't want expansion of slavery
What act outlawed monopolies?
Sherman anti-trust act
Agreement between railroads to divide competition. Equalization was achieved by dividing traffic
colonists who were loyal to Britain
How many banks failed from 1929-1932?
Virtual/Actual Representation
Virtual Representation- used in Europe, were represented even if they did not directly choose the officials in parliament because they were to act on behalf of the entire empire
Actual Representation-directly voting for or choosing your representative that was representing your area specifically, lived there, worked there etc.
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks which regarded armament control
happenings that serve as examples to be followed in future
The Dollar
Bank runs increased before Roosevelt's inauguration because some people thought he would abandon the gold standard and reduce the value of?
great migration
the major relocation of African Americans to northern cities from 1910 and into the 1920s
New Freedom
Wilson countered with this, he critized Roosevelt's program as one that supported "regulated monopoly". Which WIlson felt monopolies should be destroyed, not regulated.
The ability to communicate with a moving train improved railroads by?
A helping avoid collisions
B keeping trains "on time"
C allowing passengers to call home
D increasing profits
flat currency issued during the U.S. Civil War
Dred Scott
Enslaved African American who was bought in Missouri, but moved to a free state and then back to Missouri. Sued for his freedom claiming he should be free because he had lived on free soil. Eventually lost at the Supreme Court.
the person who instituted the New Economic Program
policy of building up strong armed forces to prepare for war
the movement of population from farms to cities
Election 1920
Hoover and Republicans were given credit for the nations prosperity which allowed Hoover to win the election.
Which region has treeless grasslands, dense grasses and large buffalo herds?
Great Plains
major domo
•"mayor of the palace"•an official who was the most powerful person in the Frankish kingdom
demorcratic rebublicans
1828 national party that favored states rights
a law forbidding the sale of alcoholic beverages
Doctrine of Interposition
states could interpose their authority over federal authority (congress shelved the idea)
remains of objects that have been made by humans
a continuous rise in the price of goods and services
Freedmen's Bureau
Government agency designed to create a new social order by government mandate; this bureau provided freedmen with education, food, medical care, and access to the justice system.
Eli Whitney
Made the first cotton gin and popularized interchangeable parts
First Continental Congress
Delagates from all colonies except georgia met to discuss problems with britain and to promote independence
Sutter's Mill
where first gold was discovered in 1849 in Sacramento
the president is the herd of whaat branch of government?
William McKinley
Which of the following Presidents is most closely associated with the "front-porch campaign"
bacon's rebellion
A rebellion lead by Nathaniel Bacon with backcountry farmers to attack Native Americans in an attemp to gain more land
Glorious Revolution
Revolution in 1688 started by the Protestants, prevented future abuses of power by James II
The king of the Aztecs who welcomed Cortes as a god and who brought the destruction of his people nby attacking the Spanish
Booker T Washington
Former slave, became educator, founded Tuskegee Institute, urged blacks to accept segregation for the time being and work towards economic advancement in his Atlanta Compromise
What colony was known as the Lost Colony because it disappeared?
What did the Black Panthers use?
the 10 Point Plan
War Industries Board
industrialized the nation to build war materials, kept business fair
Harlem Renaissance
In the 1920's this period was a growing of African-American writers and artists that gathered in Harlem, New York where a burst of creativity formed a flowering of African American culture.
-Famous people: Langston Hughes, Lyndon B. Johnson, Countee Cullen, Claude McKay, and Zora Neale Hurston.
a. mitchell palmer
us atttorney who was convinved that the labor striks were influenced by foreigners so he proposed to get rid of "bad" immigrants, he joined with the new FBI "Hoover"
Charles Finney
One of the most prominent advocates of the Second Great Awakening
16th amendment
Allows the Congress to levy an income tax without apportioning it among the states or basing it on Census results
Black Codes
Laws that were passed in the south aimed at controlling freedmen, restricting black's rights and enabling plantation owners to exploit black workers.
sam houston
was president of the republic of texas and became governor and represented texas in the senate when they joined the union. He refused to be a part of the confederacy and stepped down
Which colonies were founded because of religious persecutions and what religious point of view dominated the colony?
Massachusetts: Puritans
Rhode Island:
Connecticut: Puritans
Pennsylvania: Quakers
Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
Jewish spies for the communists soviets; sentenced to death
Compromise if 1877
The republican wins and but the government must end the military prescience in the south, put southerners in the cabinet positions, and turn over some government jobs to southern democrats
How many immigrants came to us between 1860 and 1900's
14 million
Under Federalism, the Federal Government may
raise an army and a navy
Kent state tragedy
4 students shot and killed by national guard during antiwar protest
King George III
was the king of England in the 1770's.Though he was a good man he was not a good ruler. He lost all of the 13 American colonies and caused America to start to gain its freedom.
What are Britain and France trying to avoid?
going to war
Dred Scott decision
A Missouri slave sued for his freedom, claiming that his four year stay in the northern portion of the Louisiana Territory made free land by the Missouri Compromise had made him a free man. The U.S, Supreme Court decided he couldn't sue in federal court because he was property, not a citizen.
Alfred Thayer Mahan
Wrote "The Influence of Sea Power Upon History 1660-1783" (1890). Influenced other nations to form a powereful Navy. Mahan talked about a strong Navy, in order for U.S. to be seen as a world power, U.S. had to start acting like one.
Treaty of Guadalupe - Hidalgo
Rio Grande is border for TX, California belongs to US
Servicemen's Readjustment Act
GI Bill of Rights
laww passed by congress that paid veterans government money for tutition and guaranteed loans for veterans
George Fitzhugh said that slavery...
was more human than in northern factories
What boat did Germany sink and what kind of boat was it?
The LusitaniaA passenger ship
the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
What organization was founded during a national convention organized by social worker Mary White Ovington?
Why was the Hartford Convention important?
A group of New England Federalists gathered at Hartford to give voice to their party's long-standing grievances, especially the domination of the federal government by Virginia presidents and their own region's declining influence as new western states entered the Union. Wanted to eliminate the three-fifths clause to get rid of Southern power. Federalist party no longer existed.
He was the first president and his actions established the precedents of the office, many of which continue today.
Why were George Washington's actions so important?
New York 1602 Dutch, 1664 English
Began for a brief time as Dutch who created good trading w/ NA; very free & tolerant like RI
how did Lincoln and Douglas disagree on the issue of slavery?
Lincoln did not want it to spread to the Western states and Douglas wanted popular sovereignty.
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