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Andrew Carnegie
Summits with Grorbachev
November 1860
Presidental Election
When did Jamestown start
genocide(killing) committed against the Jewish people by Nazis
information designed to influence public opinion
other trasncontinental RRs
northen pacific
great northern
southern pacific
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
Political radicals who violently oppose all government
a request made of the government
Hostility toward or prejudice against Jews or Judaism
Tribe that had historically lived along the Missouri River, largely escaped European disease, ceded most of their land to live in the Oklahoma territory.
religious people who settled in Pennsylvania by William Penn
people who loudly profess their patriotism
Having George Washington, an excellent leader, was a _______ of the Colonists in the Revolutionary War
First Amendment
safeguards basic individual liberties including freedom of religion, speech, the press,assemble peacefully and petition the government to cahnge its policies
Rosa Parks
-female advocate for civil rights
-refused to give up her seat for a white man.
Henry Clay
person who proposed the American System to Congress
Joseph P. Kennedy
first head of the SEC
A radical form of political protest that advocates the use of labor activism to over throw the capitalist system.
national womens party
alis paul and lucy burn
War of 1812
(JM), 1812-1815, Resulted from Britain's support of Indian hostilities along the frontier, interference with American trade, and impressments of American sailors into the British army (Leopard on Chesapeake) (1812 - 1815), Embargo Act
What political party did Nixon belong to?
Woodrow Wilson campaigned in 1916 for reelection on the platform that the United States should go to war.
-Rebirth of culture (Greek and Roman traditions)
-Arts, literature, Music
Stimulates intrest in Astrology, Geography and Navigation
Chester A. Arthur
Which vice-president succeeded James A. Garfield after he was assassinated?
rural estates in spanish colonies in new world; produced agricultural products for consumers in america; basis of wealth and power for local aristocracy.
Stamp Act
First direct tax on the colonies
thomas edison
American inventor best known for inventing the electric light bulb, acoustic recording on wax cylinders, and motion pictures.
Where did the American's Industrial Revolution begin to take root?
New England
James A Garfield
presidential candidate in 1880, good standing with the republican party, assassination attempt in July 1881, dies later
Vladimir Lenin
Russian founder of the Bolsheviks and leader of the Russian Revolution and first head of the USSR (1870-1924)
to kill or injure someone or something without them noticing it
Convention of 1818
This agreement set the official boundary between the United States and Canada.
french emperor who sold us the LA purchase
(TR) law must be signed by designated percentage of voters then submitted to state legislature
What three commodities caused trucks to be hijacked?
Liquor, Shoes, Rayon
Amendment that protects you if you are accused of a crime
New Nationalism
A system in which government authority would be balanced and coordinate economic activity. Government would regulate business.
an economic system (Europe in 18th C) to increase a nation's wealth by government regulation of all of the nation's commercial interests
Los Angeles
Which city witnessed riots and looting in 1992 after tensions snapped over an episode of police officers beating an unarmed African-American man?
New Deal
It improved banking in the United States. The federal government played a more active role than before. New legislation meant increased regulation which resulted in significantly fewer bank failures
A defence agreement among nations is called an
alliance system
Sam Houston
American living in Texas who hears about the massacres at the Alamo and Goliad. Organizes his own militia unit to battle Santa Anna at San Jacinto.
The U.S. military would intervene in Latin American affairs when necessary
Roosevelt Corollary
sherman antitrust act
outlawed any combination of companies that restrained interstate trade or commerce
Underground Railroad
a system of secret routes used by escaping slaves to reach freedom in the North or in Canada
a city in Southern Vietnam that was a transportation hub that enjoyed rapid growth and cultural prestige as the capital of French Indochina in which American and South Vietnamese forces were headquartered during the war
The belief that god had decided if you are going to heaven or hell
By the end of his life, Columbus had become.
A. A successful trader
B. A successful governor of Hispaniola
C. A veteran of four voyages to the Americas
D. A man of great prestige at the Spanish Court
Franklin Pierce
is elected president as a Democrat; he has a serious problem with alcohol; recognizes the pro-slavery faction as the basis for a Kansas Territorial Legislature
Reconstruction Acts
Three acts passed by Congress in 1867 which were the heart of Congressional Reconstruction and which divided the southern states into five military districts and required them to write new constitutions guaranteeing black suffrage and to elect new officials before being readmitted into the Union.
Tobaccos growth
a solid economic base that was bought by England and helped Jamestown eventually renamed the Virginia Colony.
the bessemer process
a cheap and efficient process for making steel, developed around 1850.
Chisholm Trail
the major long drive route north from Texas to Ablilene, Kansas, where cowboys drove herds of cattle to the railroads to be shipped back East for huge profits
Kellogg-Briand Pact, 1928
In 1928 fifteen counties signed the Kellogg-Briand Pact, initiated by French prime minister Aristide Briand and U.S. secretary of state Frank B. Kellogg. This multinational pact "condemned and renounced war as an instrument of national policy." These signing states agreed to settle international disputes peacefully. Often seen as idealistic nonsense because it made no provisions for action in case of war actually occurred, the pact was still a positive step.
____ is a form of gov. that stresses nationalismand places the interests of the state above those of the individual.
Muster Day
the annual day for enrollment in the militia of all able men aged 18 to 45, according to a law established in 1792 in effect until after the Civil War
Battle of San Jacinto
Battle that lasted 18 minutes & resulted in Santa Anna being forced to sign a treaty for Texas' independent
Lincoln Douglass debates
lincoln was a member of the republican party. faced off against democrat Douglass rounning for the state of Illinois. Lincoln opposed slavery and stephen douglass stood for popular sovereignty. Lincoln lost but issued a warning that "house divided against itself cannot stand"
Committees of Correspondence
Groups organized in the 1770s to keep colonists informed of important events.
Chateau- Thierry marne river
the Aefsaw its first serious fighting in France at _
Ice Age
Period of time when huge sheets of ice covered much of the earth's land, formed from ocean water, leaving ocean levels lower than they are now which exposed dry land that connected the continents.
House Un American Activities Committee (HUAC)
where investigations for potential communists happened
poll tax
you had to pay so you could vote this requirement was beyond the financial reach of most African Americans
Margaret Sanger + birth control
In 1921 founded American Birth Control League; which became Planned Parenthood in the 1940s. Advocated birth control awareness.
The center of the World
Pope Urban ll declares that Jerusalem is located where?
What did Black Panthers carry on them at all times?
-guns to intimidate people with
-automatic weapons
Give 3 major reasons why imperialism grew?
industrail nations in Europe needed raw materials,racism, and competion
For what is the Spanish Explorer, Vasco de Balboa famous?
He is credited with "discovering" the Pacific Ocean. With help from Native Americans, he made his way through the Jungles of Panama to view what the "Indians" called the GREAT SOUTH SEA.
In the presidential election of 1864, what was the "Union Party" and what was the major issue in its platform?
Abe Lincoln & Andrew Johnson- issue was a constitutional ammendment to abolish slavery
Ethan Allen (Green Mountain Boys) (of Vermont)
end up capturing a key British fort (F.T.); orders men to go up to Canada and he asks them to come join up and Canada says 'No thanks.'
According to the Constitution, what is the vice president's role in the legislative branch?
As president of the Senate, he casts a vote only in case of a tie.
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